Top Ten Vegan Snacks 2011

November 22, 2011   7 Comments

Snack Girl thought as we headed into Turkey day that we should honor the vegans of the world with some snacks.

Top Ten Vegan Snacks

When vegans face Thanksgiving, they have quite a challenge because of the turkey, butter, cream, bacon, etc. that is used to create the typical holiday.

In case you didn't know, dietary vegans do not eat ANY animal products including eggs, milk, and anchovies. They seem to be onto something because the consumption of meat has been linked to heart disease and isn't very green.

I am not a vegan, but I am trying to decrease my meat consumption and increase my fruit and vegetable consumption. This change is better for the environment and better for my waistline - a win-win!

Here are my favorite vegan snacks that make me forget I am a meat eater:

1. veggieburgerb Veggie Burgers Can Be Better Than Meat Burgers (Seriously)

2. vegancupcakeb Vegan Cupcakes Have Taken Over The World

3. avocadotoastb Try This: Vegan Toast

4. peanutbutterballsb Wow Your Friends With The World's Simplest Cookie Recipe

5. roastedbroccolib My Friends Use To Laugh At Me...And THEN I Made This Broccoli Recipe

6. cookiedoughb Dress Up Your Apple Slices With Cookie Dough Dip

7. vegancookieb A Cookie Without Dairy or Egg (It is STILL Delicious!)

8. kettlecornb Makeover Kettle Corn Into "Can Do" Corn

9. tofuscrambleb Better Than Real Eggs

10. brownieballxmasb Give the Gift of A Healthy Snack (Your Friends Won't Even Know Its Healthy!)

What are your favorite vegan snacks?

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Just remember that being a vegan or even increasing your fruit and veggies consumption is not necessarily "better for the environment."

It is still greener to buy sustainable, grass-fed meat from within your own state, than to purchase produce grown and shipped from halfway around the world.

Oooo and IMAGINE THIS! It's EVEN MORE sustainable and environmentally friendly to buy fruits, grains and veggies from local farmers than to buy the "sustainable" grass fed ANIMALS... ;)

I'm quite the locavore vegan @christina... >_>

Of course your comment was probably located to those vegans whom have access to a Whole Foods Market and not a year round(green houses) farmers market.

Obviously, yes, I was.

Thanks for the great vegan ideas! Some of them need to be modified to be vegan, but with agave nectar instead of honey (not vegan) they would be equally delicious!! Thanks again, can't wait to try them

It's me again, also forgot to mention that most vegans do not eat white sugar bc of the way it is filtered. Cane sugar usually gets processed through charcoal made from animal bones bc it is the cheapest charcoal. To stay vegan opt for raw sugars that have not been refined :)

Agreed Veronica! But also remember, many vegans do not worry too much about that particular thing when eating out(simply because it puts most omnivores off to veganism by making us seem like crazy people xP)

That said, for home made recipes, definitely! I will note this is a thing most vegans know already and they already buy vegan sugars, and any self respecting vegan would not attack someone whom is trying and doesn't know to not eat em. :P

I just wanted to point out that Cristina's comment about buying local meat being more environmentally friendly than buying "Whole Foods veggies" isn't necessarily true. When you consider how these animals are raised and the amount of resources that it takes to feed them, you can't equivocate the two simply based upon their origins, without taking those other factors into account. I think this picture will help illustrate my point.…

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