Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes

February 22, 2017   3 Comments

These Weight Watchers’ dessert recipes will help you keep it together.

Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes

The Smart Points program is famous for limiting sugar intake. Many have complained that their reasonable sweet treats under Smart Points are now too high in points to enjoy.

Obviously, the best option is to stick with fruit. I happen to love a perfect peach for dessert but that isn’t going to happen with 2 feet of snow outside my door. What if fruit isn’t working for you?

Below is a list of desserts – all under 4 SmartPoints to keep you on track. I happen to love these as they are easy to make and don’t use artificial sweeteners to achieve their flavor.

I do use a lot of fruit in my desserts since it makes them healthier and lower in calorie. You really can’t go wrong with a dark chocolate dipped strawberry.

I find that the real key to eating less sugar is to slowly cut back on the sweets. When I go "cold turkey" I get cravings that make me grumpy. Over the years, I have slowly cut added sugar from my diet and I don't crave it hardly at all. I try not to obsess over it.

What do you eat for dessert to keep you on the healthy track? Please share.

  1. Chocolate PB2 Smoothie - 2 SP
  2. Vanilla Meringue Cookie Recipe - 1 SP
  3. Simple Homemade Apple Pie Filling - 4 SP
  4. Chia Seed Chocolate Pudding Recipe Chia Seed Chocolate Pudding Recipe - 4 SP
  5. Disney Dole Whip Recipe **VIDEO**- 4 SP
  6. Rainbow Fruit Skewers - 0 SP
  7. Apple Peanut Butter Nachos - 2 SP
  8. Time for Strawberries - 1 SP
  9. One Minute Waffle Iron Baked Apples - 0 SP
  10. A Cookie You Can Feel Good About: No Bake Lemon Ball - 2 SP
  11. Ice Cream Without Added Sugar: Only 2 Ingredients - 4 SP

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Hi Snack Girl - thanks for all of your recipes and info to lower sugar and fat. Do you have any tips for cutting out salt? My husband must now follow a very low sodium diet and it's harder than you would think. EVERYTHING contains so much sodium!

Carol, I am going to jump in here with a suggestion for lower sodium. Cut out processed foods as much as you can. When you cook from scratch, you can control how much salt you put in.

Thank you for this list. I'm reasonably content with apples, clementines, or blueberries, but for something more indulgent, I'll occasionally select from the following (I look for things 0-2 SP and will not sacrifice more than 4 SP on a sweet indulgence):

Funnbar protein chews (0 SP for one piece; 1 SP for up to 4 pcs)

Yogurtland no sugar added French vanilla fro-yo (3 SP for 112 grams)

Jayone crunchy rice roller (1 SP for one stick)

Greek nonfat yogurt (1-2 SP, depending on brand)

Jell-o sugar-free mousse temptations/puddings (2 SP)

(I eat healthy foods in general, but haven't given up the dreaded, ostracized artificial sweeteners. I steer clear of aspartame, but will use stevia or sucralose.)

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