Why Did Weight Watchers Change Its Points Program?

January 14, 2011   330 Comments

You probably all know by now that Weight Watchers revamped its famous "Points" program into "PointsPlus".

Weight Watchers Points Plus

Check out my list of Smart Points Recipes for inspiration! The recipes are listed by Smart Points value to help you in your quest for staying on plan.

Snack Girl tried Weight Watchers about 5 years ago. I found it helpful because it woke me up to the amount of calories in my favorite treats. A donut was counted as 6 points and I only had 24 points to eat in a day!

It became much easier to avoid donuts when I realized that 25% of my daily calories were going to go to that donut.

But, one thing mystified me about the program.

Weight Watchers would allow me to eat 4 donuts for my 24 points. As long as I remained below their calorie limit for the day, it didn't matter what I ate.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview Karen Miller-Kovach, MBA, MS, RD about the new program. She is the chief scientist and general manager of research & development for Weight Watchers.

Snack Girl: Why did you change the POINTS Weight-Loss System?

Karen Miller-Kovach: We’ve learned so much more in terms of weight management since the original POINTS system was developed 13 years ago.

It was critically important looking at 2010 and beyond, that are our current methodology reflect the latest research.

Snack Girl: One change that I noticed is that a banana (100 calories) is now zero points. A 2 ounce Deep Chocolate VitaMuffin is now 3 points (also 100 calories). How are the calories in a banana different than the calories in the Vitamuffin?

Karen Miller-Kovach: Most adults don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. So our strategy was to assign these foods a PointsPlus value of 0 to encourage more consumption of these very nutritious foods that are also very filling.

That being said, these foods do contain calories so we’ve factored that into the calculation of a member’s daily Target (the number of PointsPlus values they are assigned per day), so that a PointsPlus value of 0 can be assigned and member’s will still successfully lose weight.

Snack Girl: Is this program going to help people lose weight AND eat healthier?

Karen Miller-Kovach: PointsPlus is a guidance system that makes the healthy, satisfying choice the easy choice.

While the environment today makes it hard to make the right food choices, the new PointsPlus program guides people towards making smart, healthful and satisfying choices to lose weight without having to think a whole lot about it.

Snack Girl: What is the Weight Watcher's philosophy about snacking?

Karen Miller-Kovach: The Weight Watchers approach does not say what you can or can't eat but provides information, knowledge and tools to help people make healthy eating and activity decisions that are right for them.

The PointsPlus program leaves room for indulgence, making the program livable and flexible to ensure members do not feel deprived.

Snack Girl: What is your favorite snack?

Karen-Miller Kovach: Sliced apples with peanut butter

Mine too!

I decided to calculate the PointsPlus value for some of the snacks on Snack Girl:
Homemade Kettle Corn Recipe - 2 Points+ per serving
Fudgsicle Review - 2 Points+ per popsicle
Pickled Carrots - 1 Points+ per serving
Apple Peanut Butter Oatmeal Recipe - 7 Points+ per serving

More Healthy Snack Ideas

These recipes are developed by Snack Girl and are not endorsed, sponsored or approved by Weight Watchers International, Inc. Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only.

If you want to learn still more about PointsPlus, my pal Danica of Danica's Daily does a great job summarizing the new program here: Weight Watchers Points Plus - The New Program.

Have you tried the new Weight Watchers? Please share. Do you want me to include the PointsPlus number on my snacks?

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I too have used weight watchers before and quickly signed up for the new program.

It is far more challenging to use (not user friendly) before I could look at a label and know very quickly what the pt value was (ie. 100 cal =2 pts)

I think it is in part, to encourage purchasing new items from WW and to try and fix something that was not broken.

I wish I could switch back online to the old point system.

@Juliette - thanks so much for sharing your experience. They sent me this cute little calculator to figure out the Points - do you have one? or do you find it too onerous? You have to type in calories, fat, protein, and fiber.

I started on the old program, and after 4 months was switched to the new program, and to my surprise; didn't find it difficult at all to make the adjustment. I think its a matter of figuring out your shopping list in advance (so you are not trying to guess points on labels at the store) and well, not eating a ton of pre-packaged foods to begin with - which the new program is designed to wean people off from. I know most of the people in my meetings have been loose weight much more consistently in the last few months as well, which is great.

I did the old points program (online only) 4 years ago to successfully lose about 40 pounds. I kept it off, mostly, but over the holidays got to the point at which I either have to watch what I eat or buy new pants. So I decided to do WW again just for 3 months or so, to remind myself (again) how much I should eat. The new system seems to work just as well, it's just not as intuitive. It does seem to encourage choosing healthy foods much more than the old version, which is great.

@juliette ... I have to jump in here.

I'm really sorry to hear that you think the program change is simply a marketing ploy. It's really not. This is the 3rd time I've been on WW in the past 10 years, and it's the FIRST time I feel that they are encouraging their members to steer away from processed, packaged foods. They are encouraging their members to eat fruit, veggies, BUTTER (instead of margarine), real sugar instead of artificial sweeteners, and on and on.

I realize that sometimes change is hard to accept, and yes, it's less intuitive until you figure out that carb-laden foods are the ones that are going to have higher point values. I, personally, find the new program amazing, and if I don't get off here right now, I'm going to be late for my meeting. ;-)

I hope you take another look at the program. It really is just healthy eating accompanied by a cheering section.

p.s. I've lost 7 lbs since T'giving ... not counting what I hope I've lost this week!

I think it's great that some of your snacks work awesome with the new points+ program - YES, you should include at least the nutritional information for us to calc the points+ and points+ values if you have those too :D

Great Interview!


I just started the new program last week and I am already down 5lbs. I love it! While its not easy I do find that I question the things that I eat. I have 100% given up soda (which I LOVE)and have started cooking much healthier. My wedding is in less than 8 months and I find it to be a great motivator. Can't look like a white blimp on my wedding day :-) I have the pts calculator on my DROID and use it at the grocery store to make healthier decisions when it comes to packaged items - very rarely are they WW endorsed items

I have to agree with Julie, I don't think it's a marketing ploy. If so, they've screwed themselves because all their bars and foods have gone UP in points with points plus. They do want us to make better choices. After a couple months of doing it, I am really happy with it. I'm disappointed that my 4 oz glass of red wine has gone up in points but it's nice to know I can still have one occasionally. It definitely pushes me toward eating more fruit!! I think it's great.

I love your site and recipes, and I just started WW a week ago. I would love for you to post points :)

Thank you!!

I would LOVE you to include the WW points on your recipes!

I started WW Points plus 3 weeks ago. I still fall within a "healthy" weight but my clothes weren't fit and I knew I wasn't eating healthfully i.e. not enough fruits and vegetables. I joined to loose 10 pounds but my main focus was to retrain myself to make more nutritious choices. For example, I have to REALLY want something for me to spend points on it which means I'm choosing more salads and lean protein for lunch, fruits for snacks, and side salads at dinner before the main entre in order to help manage my portions. It was really important for me to not feel deprived. I still wanted to be able to have wine, chocolate, beer, and the occassional cheeseburger and points plus lets me do that. I haven't purchased a single WW meal item and don't plan on it. I use the online tools, the calculator on my blackberry, and the tracker on my husband's iPhone when we're out to dinner together. Finally, the ability to swap points for exercise has encouraged me to exercise more too. I love food. I love to eat and this system provides me with options to continue to do that!

I feel better in my clothes, have more energy, my moods are more stable, and I'm still satisfied... in fact, I probably feel more satisfied than I did prior to WW because if I treat myself I no longer feel guilty about it afterwards because I'm sure I'm doing it in a balanced manner.

Now that I've been doing it for 3 weeks I can estimate in my head (if I can't use technology for some reason) and am pretty accurate the majority of the time. It just takes time to develop new habits. 4.5 pounds down and 5.5 to go!

@Melanie - Way to go! That is really amazing news - you convinced me WW Points Plus will be added to my snacks. I will announce it when I am finished reviewing the site.

Thanks Snack Girl! Your post made me decide today is the day... Well maybe tomorrow. I'm going to do WW with my mom. I'm really excited. I gained 5 pounds over the holidays and would love to get those off and any additional would be a bonus. I'd really just like to eat a healthy well balanced and well portioned diet for me and my family.

I did the WW points plan 6 years ago. It was great. I lost 13 lbs and then I got pregnant with twins so had to drop it.

I love for your recipes to come with the PointsPlus listed. Thanks!

Wow, this is serendipitous! I have been thinking this week about joining Weight Watchers online. I know what it means to eat healthy, I just don't always make the food choices I should, I usually go for easy. This really makes me want to give in and do it so I lose 15 pounds for summer. It would be awesome if you include the points.

I started the new WW program on Dec. 30, having also been a WW member before. Before, I lost 40 pounds (the same 40 pounds that found me again and now I have to lose them again!). I have been on the program 2 weeks, and have only lost 0.2 pounds. I'm terribly discouraged, but they keep saying that it doesn't work like the old program and that it WILL come off, it just takes your body time to adjust. I'll try it for a month, but if nothing happens, I'm going to quit. I have been RELIGIOUS about tracking everything that goes into my mouth, weighing, measuring, etc. So I'll let you know what happens if you're interested!

Hi all,

Back in 1981 I read an article in Reader's Digest about dieting. The article stated that one should "portion" and eat slowly and enjoy. I did that and went from 240+ pounds to 140 pounds within a year.

My sisters who are overweight still... insist upon sending L and XL clothes during the holidays...

I wear medium shirts and size 36 pants...yes I've gained some weight over the years but I'm still 6' 1" and considered slim.

It is nothing but WILLPOWER.
Rant mode off.
p.s. been there done that...
p.p.s. snack girl; way to go!

p.p.p.s. I only eat when I'm hungry...

Robert, congratulations for your weight loss. However that does not give you the right to be so judgmental of others. If it was that easy, we'd all be thin, and there's much more to it than just willpower.

In other words, Robert, if you can't be supportive, please don't post comments like that. It only tears down people's self-esteem, which when you have a weight problem is low enough.

I would *love* for you to include PointPlus for your snacks! I've been doing WW for years now off and on... and the new program has me motivated to lose the pounds that I let sneak back on after I lost them the first time!

Yes, PointsPlus please!

Love the new PointsPlus program. So much easier to track food with fruit and veg "free". Have done several incarnations of the WW program and I like this one the best!

Another vote for including pointsplus values, please! I'm a Lifetime Member (lost 100 lbs about 15 years ago), currently on-program to lose baby/cookbook-writing weight. It does work, but this is definitely trickier. Fruits & vegs are zero points when eaten plain, for example, but use them in a recipe and they count! It's become more challenging to cook from scratch, in a weird way. I can't walk into the kitchen and guesstimate what the points will be anymore. Buuut I'm thrilled that WW is finally addressing whole foods vs processed foods, so I won't complain. Much.

I'd be psyched about the points plus caculations as well! I terminated weight on the old program as well and am currently doing PointsPlus. I'd say lost, but I have no intention of finding it again! LOL

Congats on the healthy life styles everyone is working so hard at! Its really easy to develop bad habits and as you all know, super hard to break them! Kudos


Please include points plus values!!


All I said was is what I what I posted, don't infer what you think I said.


p.s. how do I quit getting these updates?

p.p.s. no one is forcing anyone to eat...

@Robert - there is a "unsubscribe from comments" button on the bottom of the e-mail that you receive with new comments. Hopefully, it will work :)

I think the PointsPlus is much more realistic and encourages healthier eating. I would LOVE for you to include those totals on your blog! That would be a giant KUDOS to you. :)

Love your blog and one more thing: I am having my AP students research eating and food ethics this entire semester. I showed them your "What is this?" pink grossness photo! Could my students interview you at some point? Perhaps you could share some good blogs or sites with them? We will have about 9-10 blogs going on all aspects of food ethics.

@Debbie Koenig: I was befuddled by the way recipes are calculated on the web site, too, and I started hunting around for an answer. Apparently, the recipe builder on WW's web site doesn't know about leaving fruits and (most) veggies out of the equation. So, some of the members and moderators have suggested that you either calculate the points manually using the individual item points on the right side of the recipe, or you can enter the ingredients as a "meal," and they will be calculated properly.

In short, the fruits and (most) veggies shouldn't be counted in the recipes, either, it's just a technical issue! Yay!

@Julie, I think it's intentional. They were pretty explicit about it when rolling out the new program--there were a ton of complaints on the CEO's blog when people first started to notice it, and the response was, essentially, We planned it this way. From the web site: "Is the PointsPlus ™ value of your recipe not exactly what you expected? That’s probably because the PointsPlus program uses a different method for recipes than for foods and meals. The nutrition information per serving for the entire recipe, instead of each individual food, is calculated and then the PointsPlus formula is applied. To try for a lower PointsPlus value, try removing or changing some ingredients, or increasing the number of servings in the recipe."

@Debbie ... Ah, yes, I've seen that. I do NOT use the calculated points for the recipes. It just doesn't make sense. I've lost 9+ pounds since T'giving doing it this way. So, I think I'll just stick with what I'm doing. ;-)

Thanks for the clarification, though!

BTW ... I checked out your blog. Very nice!

I would LOVE if you put points values on your stuff! But also, we can still figure it out ourselves if it adds too much to your day!

I like the article on WW. I'm a lifetime and I'm trying to find the pointsplus for crabcakes. I will be back to your site to try out the recipes.


I've tried WW several times, and it never works for me because I have a hard time not eating junk food on it: I don't eat that much in volume, so it's hard for me to not have 5 points + my flex points and just blow it on junk food. I bet this new system might actually work. I may try it out!

I was successful on the old points program and lost 95lbs. However, I gained it all back. I did not continue to go to meetings once I reached Lifetime Member status and that was a mistake.

I am starting again with the new Points Plus program. I was open to it, but the weight is not coming off as it did in the old program. I have figured out the points of all of the fruits and veggies that they are calling zero and I am going to start to count them. The fact is that grapes have do carrots. A cup of grapes should be 2 points and not zero.

They have also made the daily points allowance much higher. Why would it be higher if they are counting fruits and veggies as zero. It should actually be lower. I worked out the calories and my daily calories are much higher on the points plus. The fact is that fewer calories equal weight loss. If you look into all successful diets, they all have one thing in common...calorie reduction.

I started WW a week ago, so only know the Points Plus method of eating. I have never eaten so healthy and I am a healthy eater in general. It really encourages more fruits, veg, and lean meats and less white bread, pasta, and other carbs. I'm excited to discover new products and ways to cook them and my husband, who doesn't need to lose weight at all, loves my dinners that I am cooking. I lost 4.4 lbs so far and am looking forward to a lifestyle of healthy eating started with WW.

I would love to see Points on your snacks. But it's important to mention how big a serving it is next to the points.

@Kendra --

You should talk to your meeting leader about the changes you're making. Also, how long have you been on the new plan? Some people don't lose the first week or two, and then it starts coming off.

The reason they upped the points values is because the point value of a lot of the foods went up. They have built in about 5 servings of fruits and veggies for the day. So, while fruits & (most) veggies are 0 points, you shouldn't go gangbusters with them.

Also, as you get used to the new program, you'll start to notice which foods are going to have more points -- white bread, white rice, anything with lots of carbs, and you'll find that the choices you're making are keeping you full longer.

It really is eating the way Lisa here on Snack Girl is promoting: Real food.

Good luck, Kendra!! You're going to do great!!!!

HI All,

I have been on PP for 4 weeks actually tomorrow will be 5. I also have gained weight and have not lost anything. If I do not loose tomorrow which is my weigh in day I am going back on Momentum. I never had a problem loosing with the Momentum program.

I am not new to WW and have been with them for years.

I know what to eat and what to stay away from. I wanted to loose 8 pounds before a cruise in March. Looks like that is not going to happen. I stay on program drink my water, have my healthy fats, vitamin, exercise etc. I am not loosing and it is very frustrating to say the least.

I think I am getting way to many points for me. I tried not using all of my daily points by dropping them by 5. I will see tomorrow if that helped.

Mickey's problem sounds like mine. I lost and kept off 52 pounds on WW Flex and then Momentum. Now I can barely stay on goal; tend to go over by .5, 1 and even 2 lbs. Have been doing all the right things but can't seem to lose. As a LIfetimer, I am very frustrated, and my leader won't give me any sincere one on one advice. She just tells me to cut down on drinking wine, but I con't drink wine every day, only once a week on weekends.I've even cut that down to only one weekend evening: two glasses with dinner. I drink light beer on the other days.

I'm at a loss of what to do and need helpful advice. Judith

Judith we never had that problem with Momentum giving up wine or limiting it to the weekends. You could always eat what you wanted and when you wanted as long as you counted the points.

I have now gone back to Momentum. I lost 1.8 pounds this week from going back to the old program. I think the problem is that if you don't have a lot to loose it just is to many points to use and hence the weight gain.

I think WW needs to address this soon. I think they are telling the leaders to come up with any ideas they can because of the weight gains that people are having. No one seems to want to address this problem and is blaming this on us for not loosing the weight. That it is something we are eating or something we aren't doing. I think not. WW will be loosing a lot of people because of this until they start addressing it soon. I will not continue my membership on etools after this month is over. I am just going to go back to Momentum and also there is a free site that offers calorie counting which I have been doing also. I loved WW but obviously they do not want to correct the problem with this new plan......

I'm brand new to Weight Watchers and stumbled across your site by accident. I just wanted to weigh in (heh) on the subject. I just finished two weeks on PointsPlus and have lost 6 pounds without ever feeling hungry or deprived of the foods I like. What PointsPlus does is force you to make smarter choices about what you eat. When craving sweets, eat some grapes or apple, for instance. It also really encourages activity of some kind which helps a lot, as well. I don't buy any of Weight Watchers food, it's too expensive and there's no need to, really. I did buy two of their cookbooks, though, and really like what they have to offer.

Also, I don't find tracking points difficult because they have an amazing app for the iPhone/iPod Touch that tracks your points, your weight and your activity. It has a list of tens of thousands of food items (brand name, restaurants, and just generic terms like "apple.") It has a points calculator for foods that aren't in their list of food, brands, and restaurants. It has recipes, too. It's an amazing app, really. And of course, the online tools on their website make it easy to calculate the points of a recipe.

The folks in my weekly meeting seem happy with PointsPlus, too, for the most part. There's one individual who has complained about not losing weight with PointsPlus, but I'm not sure how well she's actually following the program.

I joined WW because a friend of mine lost 120 pounds with them and is now maintaining his weight. He likes the PointsPlus system, too, and finds it easier to maintain his weight on it than with the old program.

It seems that Points Plus works well with people that have to loose more weight but it is not working for people that only have to loose 10 or less pounds. It is just to many points.

Ken I am happy that you are loosing on the plan and I wish you much luck. Keep up the good work.

Weight Watchers really has to address the issue of people that only need to loose a little weight or are on maintenance. That is where the problem is.....

I started WW five months ago with my daughter and we lost 27 and 40 lb each. So, we were very happy and optimistic to loose more this year. With the new WW we are having problem losing weight, and it really does not seem to matter if we eat the points, or eat less (we never used the extra points) but the weight loss became very slow. We are so discouraged and we wish we could go back to the old system. I do not understand how could banana that was 2 pt by old WW is now a zero pointer. It really does not make much sense. And how can people eat the extra points and still loose weight?

I too have been on WW (lifetime member) and have about 15 pounds to loose. I have been on the new PP program for 4 weeks and am down less than a pound. Previously my weight loss averages 1.5 per week. I don't eat bananas and am in range for fruit/veggie servings in the new program.

It's been a battle and am also discouraged. I also rarely use my extra points. I'm missing the old system and may go back to that.

All I can tell you is I went back to the old plan and I have been doing nothing but loosing. So something is up with the new PP. It is just to many points when you only have a little to loose.....

So we decided to find a compromise between the old and the new WW. We decided to go by new points, but count the fruits as we would by the old system (basically one cup=1 pt). I also found this website: and it works like WW but is free and gives you the allowance of calories, fat, carbs, and protein that you are allowed to eat daily in order to loose weight for your body frame, age, and height. We are combining these systems and will see how it will work. Right now it is a struggle, and I hate waking up and going on the balance because I don't know what to expect. Good luck to everyone and please keep on sharing because it really helps.

I also have been keeping track of calories on My Fitness Pal. I like it a lot. I also made a chart with the three plans. Point Plus, Momentum and My fitness Pal. When looking at the three it is showing me that PP is just to many points. You will see if you keep track of all three.

Best of luck to you in which ever plan works.

For those of you who are struggling w/ the new PP program, I would be interested to know whether or not you have been encouraged to cut back on refined carbohydrates. I am still losing on this program. I have found that the foods that are highest in points are things like bread and chips, even the low-fat versions. I think it's really important to make sure you get the right amount of protein in your meals to make sure you're not getting too hungry.

Just a thought. I realize we're all different. I hope all of you can find a way to accomplish your goals.

The whole idea of WW was you could eat what you wanted and you still could loose weight. I hear everyone say cut back on this don't eat this or that. It is turning out that the new PP is more like a diet not a way of life. I enjoyed what I wanted when I wanted on Momentum and always lost weight. Now I am being told to cut things out. So again this is another reason why I went back to Mementum. If I have to start watching what I am eating then it is not worth it to me. I love carbs and that is why I loved WW because I could eat as much of my carbs as I wanted and still lost weight. I guess you can not do this on PP. I will stick with the old plan.......

But, Mickey, I think the point is that reducing the amount of refined carbs in your diet is a healthier choice and *that's* what the new program is all about. It's not only about getting to a healthy weight; it's also about eating for optimum health.

I love carbs, too, and I still eat carbs. I just don't eat more carbs than I need, and I make sure I get enough protein and complex carbohydrates. If I had to give up all sweets and the treats that I love, I would never be doing this. I just keep reminding myself that I can have *some*, but I don't need to have it *all*.

I don't eat more carbs then I need. I do eat healthy. I have been on WW for years and I am a Lifetime member. I know what to eat and what not to eat. I just feel that PP is asking you to give up more. I can not loose on PP. I tried it for 5 weeks with gaining everyone of those weeks. This is why I went back to Momentum. I am glad it is working for you and wish you much success. It is not working for me.

I guess we all have a different way of looking at things. PP *is* the way I eat. So, I was thrilled when I saw the changes.

Oh, and this might not include you, Mickey, but I was wondering if people are trying to do the PP program without the new materials. The points values on foods have changed. So, if they're trying to eat according to old point values, they're definitely going to be eating too many points.

Just a thought and hopefully something that might help someone.

Good luck, everyone!

Thanks Julie for all your help but no I am not combining both plans. If you look at the WW boards you will see that many many people are not loosing on the new PP plan. Many people that are lifetime members that have been on WW for years are gaining. I think they need to just tweak it a little to help the people that only need to loose 10 or less pounds and those that are on maintenance. These are the ones that seem to be gaining on the new PP.

I am one of the lifetime members that have used the old program for years (and it works without fail). Jumping into the new program (and YES - calculating with the new points values) I am not being successful with the new program. I do not use my extra points allowance nor do I overindulge in fruit or eat excessive carbs. I just think the point allowance is too high for someone just needing to loose a few pounds.

I too have done research on the new program and I see that this is a common problem with so many members.

For me, I am personally going to drop my daily points allowance on my own (25 instead of 29) and increase my cardio a bit - but still calculation the new points ratios. Lets see where that takes me. Good luck to everyone else with the same struggle.

I'm just so disappointed to hear that people are having trouble with this, and I'm certainly not qualified to analyze it or make suggestions. But I'm really good at asking questions. ;-)

I just can't figure out what the problem could be. I started with about 30 pounds to lose, and I've taken off between 9 & 10 since T'giving ... all on the new program.

When I went to WW before on the old program, I would find myself loading up on things that were just not that good for me, and I never felt satisfied, and I didn't feel all that great, either. With this, I'm actually FULL a good bit of the time, and so I don't feel like snacking. I'm eating things like yogurt, cheese, fruit & veggies (of course), whole grain breads, BUTTER, low-fat meat, whole grain pasta, etc. It's just all good food, and I feel like I'm "cheating" part of the time!

I hope you can all get it sorted out for yourselves. Don't give up and good luck!

Julie it is wonderful that it is working for you I really wish it was working for me. I eat exactly what you say you are eating. I don't eat a ton of carbs but love them. I eat fruit, vegi's and I do not eat red meat of any kind. Turkey, chicken, beans and fish is what we normally eat. I don't get it either. I just wish that WW would comment on it. It isn't just a small amount of people that are having the problem of not loosing and gaining it is a good number. So something has to be wrong. I just don't get it either but for now until they figure it out I am staying on Momentum.

Thanks again for all your help and input. If you hear anything else please let us know.

Thanks again

It's been a pleasure, Mickey. I'm just as puzzled as you are. I know they've had this program in the works for several years in England and Canada. I have friends who have been on it, and they've been successful.

I'm on a mission now ... this is just so frustrating because I love the program so much, and I love that they're steering people away from processed foods. I just want everyone else to also have success with it!

The funny thing Julie is I never had a problem before this new plan. I always had success loosing weight before with WW. I love WW I have been with them for years.

Like I mentioned previously I did nothing but gain for 5 weeks. I did not do anything different then I usually did. I ate the same things I loved. I did not abuse the fruit I ate maybe two apples a day. So I don't know. It drives me crazy too. How could I be so successful before and with PP I just kept gaining.

Thanks again so much Julie please keep me informed if you find out anything.

Like so many people I am having a hard time with the new PP program. 1 gained 2 lbs & this is my 1st week when I should lose more! I have about 12lbs to lose & followed the old program with a 25lb weight loss. I knew last week when I joined it was too much food for me, but I trusted WW so I thought I'd give it a shot. In my head I questioned how I could have the same amount of points the gal next to me & she has about 50 lbs to lose. Also, PointsPlus doesn't take in account age. I am on the lowest amount of points & am 32. How am I to adapt this program when I am 50 or 60 & should be consuming less?

I rarly eat bread, pasta or rice. I cook everynight from the WW cookbook & make healthy choices all day. I stopped drinking, have not used any of my additional weekly allowance, eat 2-3 servings of fruit a day (apples & grapes no bananas) & gained. Makes no sense!

I was actually in tears until I read this website. I am relieved it is not just me. I signed up for 1 month & will go to the meetings but have to tweak the points. I plan on 24 points with counting all fruit 1 point per a serving. I hope that will help me!

Good Luck Ashely. I just wish WW would address this situation. They seem to be ignoring it and the leaders just seem to be making excuse after excuse of why we are not loosing on it. The people that are loosing on it seem to not understand and think that it is something we are doing wrong. We are all doing the right things. I just think again that if you only have a small amount of weight to loose the points they give you 29 is just way to many. I hope you loose with taking some of those points off. After 5 weeks and gaining I just decided to go back to the old plan. I wish you much success in your journey.

I started weight watchers with my mom 2 weeks ago and have already lost 7.4 lbs. I am only 18 years old i and i enjoy food very very much as we all do ;) The new program is amazing!!! I can still eat the things i love (like chocolate) and lose weight. They tell us its important to not deprive yourself from the foods you love eating! with the 49 extra points given to you every week (which i rarely use) and the points you get for exercising the program is very easy but also very effective even if you have a busy schedule! and for all those chocolate lovers out there light soy milk chocolate flavor gives you one of your servings of calcium for the day and is also the same in points plus value as fat free milk.(and its delicious!)


so glad to see Mickey's comments about Weight Watchers pp+ plan.

I am also lifetime since Sept. 2009 after losing 43 lbs. and LOVED the old plan. Never was on Momentum (before my time). The previous plabn TAUGHT me about portion control AND eating healthy. Did I reach for a processed bar over a piece of fruit for a snack before the new plan?? Nooooooo. And we all know that fruits are NOT they've re-worded this "carrot" in all meetings. Fruits are "ZERO" points, but trust me: they will count and add up if you overindulge during your daily points plus allowance. So, WW is penalizing those on maintenance or lifetime who found the old plan amazing and successful at the expense of those members who did NOT eat healthy and chose sweet over-processed foods to "fill up" their Points values. Maybe WW needed new members; quite a few observers of the new plan are saying this. There are also rumors that the new PP+ program is very similar to the South Beach plan. Mickey is so right: the new plan is skewed to help members who need to lose a HUGE amount of weight lose it fast, Those members who need to maintain or possibly lose only a few pounds (10 lbs....or so) they're nearly ignoring. This may be a brutal reality email, but I hear it from these comments and other members in WW mtgs. who are gutsy enuf to speak up as well. Myfitnesspal seems like a phenomenal website; have started it this week.


Thank You Deb......

I am doing Momentum and Myfitnesspal which I love.

I am canceling my membership this week to WW online as it isn't doing me any good.

I wish everyone on PP much luck with the new plan.

Thanks again so much Deb.


I am a 11 year lifetimer who has gained about 5 pounds that I wanted to loose. Went to a meeting and go all the new Points Plus stuff and have been doing it also two weeks faithfully. Have only lost .5 pounds. In the past I have been able to lose about 1 pound a week on the old system. I am considering switching back because .5 for two weeks is not enough weight loss to keep me on track.

So here is our update on our weight loss. We decided to ignore new WW PP system. My daughter went back on old WW, and I am doing myfitesspal. One thing that I noticed is that when you try to put even old WW and myfitnesspal together, then you always end up eating more with WW, even the old system. What I love about myfitnesspal is that it keeps your diary so you can easily review it and summarize and realize the mistakes you make with your food choices.


I really like myfitnesspal too. I like that it keeps track of everything for you and that you can add a recipe and it will give you the calories etc for that particular recipe for one serving and that you can save it.

I canceled my WW online and I am going to keep track of both the old WW Momentum and the myfitnesspal.

I wish you and your daughter luck. Keep us posted.

Hi! I was sooooo happy to find this forum! I was on WW back in 2007 and I lost 7 lbs the first week and a consistent 2 lbs a week after that! In 2 months I lost 20 lbs! (I'm a big girl and need to lose quite alot of weight)

I just weighed in for my fourth consecutive week at WW on the new PP plan and I came home almost in tears! I didn't even stay for the meeting because I was so discouraged. The first week on the new PP I didn't stick to the plan at all! LOL I ate anything I wanted and kept saying I would start tomorrow. I lost 1.8 lbs the first week on the new PP! So then I took it seriously and for the last 2 weeks straight I have not cheated at all and completely kept track of all my points. I only lost .4 last week and then today again another .4 !!! What the hec?! I asked the leader today and she said I should dial it back on my flex points! But I had just read online before the meeting that one of the main parts of this new plan is that they are encouraging us to USE all of our flex points! Stupid Stupid! The whole reason I loved WW before was because I could eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight, so this new system really stinks for me. If it's not broke, don't fix it!

I decided today to just go back to the old system starting now and lose the weight. I don't like the way that WW changed all this stuff either. Is this a money thing or what?

Totally agree wit Shannon.....if it's not broke don't fix it. I have maintained my weight for 11 years and now I have about 5 pounds to lose.....lost .5 in 2 weeks. NOT good. I have done WW on and off for 11 years to maintain my weight. I have NEVER had such small weight losses as I have had with Point Plus I didn't use even a third of the extra 49 points. If I had've eaten them too, I'd be a gainer. I am definitely sticking with the old plan. I a little hungryer because I am only getting 20 a day. With only 35 flex points for the week, but it will work and I know that. I can make that sacrifice if I some progress.

I am LOVING points plus. I have done WW in the past and I always found myself hungry. As a hypoglycemic, this new system gives me more options to have something that also helps my blood sugar. I've lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I'm already feeling the difference in my pants and my energy level is higher!

I think this is a plan I could do for a long time!

I have been on the new PP since 12/6/2010, and was about ready to start into new points with the old system. Then I started the new one, and have not lost one pound. I was down to 30 points, ready to hit 29 points, now I am back up to 36 points, and I am struggling. I have tried, and I am now going back to the old system. It worked for me, and I am going to start back with it. I liked where I was headed, and I don't now. The old program wasn't broke for me, but this new one, is breaking my spirit.

SOOO glad I found this site! I was getting so discouraged! I'm a lifetime member that got a little out of control the last few months, and want to lose a few pounds before a trip to Hawaii at the end of March. Figured, if I started in January, NO PROBLEM. I was wrong. Started the PP program and have not lost 1 pound yet! Broke out all my old points stuff this morning and am going back to it for sure. Perhaps I can still salvage part of my goal for Hawaii.

I joined WW using the former point system and was losing an average of 1.6lbs a week. Now I'm using the points plus and gaining an average of 2 lbs per week. For some reason it does not work for me. I am considering canceling my online subscription to WW.

Hi Terri,

I just canceled my online subscription today. I am following the old plan and also doing MyFitnessPAL Which I love.

I was gaining on the new PP also. They don't want to admit anything is wrong with this plan. They only make excuses for it not working. They tell you to stick with it. Sure and gain another 10 pounds in the process This is just crazy. I refuse to put on weight to try to take it off again.

I am not going back until they change something.

Good Luck to you whatever you choose to do.

I know I am loosing again since going back to the old plan.......

Mickey -- I don't think it's fair for you to continue saying there's something wrong with the Weight Watchers PointsPlus plan. I'm sorry it's not working for you, but you are probably steering people away from a program that can be a great benefit to them.

All of the comments about struggling with the new program are from people who are Lifetime members and "know how to eat."

I'd like to point out that you know how to eat according to the OLD program. Unless you address this like an entirely new plan, I don't think you're going to have much success. It's just not the same thing.

I know it can't be fun to start over, but that's basically what you've been asked to do. I can understand the resistance to change, but I can't accept the bashing of a program that is simply promoting a healthy lifestyle.

I'm not going to continue debating this issue. You all have to sort this out for yourselves, and if it takes moving to a new program, then do it. I just don't think it's fair to discourage people from a program that will ultimately do wonderful things for them.

Julie, I'm not trying to be mean but everyone has a right to their own opiniona dn they have the right to state it. Especially on a forum such as this. Some people may have success with the new system but there are a HIGH percentage of people that have had horrible results and are rightfully upset with WW for this obviously flawed system! You named one single group has had all the problem with PP but you couldn't be more wrong! I'm not in that classification at all and if you look on other websites there are hundreds and hundreds of people saying exactly the same thing tha Mickey, myself and a lot of others are saying here. This wasn't meant to be a debate. From what I can tell you're the only one debating. (Again, not trying to be mean) but I thik you need to understand that the new WW system DOES have major flaws and WW DOES need to admit and address them! BUT, I will be the first one to say that the OLD system does definitely work and I'm again losing now that I'm back on it for just 2 days! :) good luck to everyone!


First of all I am not bashing the program and I have wished those on it much luck and mentioned that it was not working for me and also said I was glad it was working for them.

I am a Lifetime Member and I gave the program 6 weeks which I think is enough time for it to work. I did nothing but gain weight. I know how the plans work and what to eat.

I am not afraid of CHANGE and never have been. This has nothing to do with change. There are more then just me that the program is not working for.

It seems to work for the people that have more weight to loose but not for the ones that only have a few pounds to loose.

It is crazy to give 29 points to someone who is 200+ pounds and also give 29 points to someone who is 135 pounds. It just is too many points and this probably the reason why we are gaining.

I am not the only one. Maybe you should look on other sites and see the other comments about the people who are not loosing on the plan.

AGAIN I never ever bashed the program. I just said it wasn't working for me. I loved WW and if PP worked for me I would of stayed on it. Picking me out of all the people that are saying the same thing is not fair.

I am glad it is working for you and wish you luck with it.

I just wish that WW would address the problem of the ones that are not loosing on the plan.

I never tried to discourage anyone and it is not fair of you to say that to me.......

Just wanna set one record perfectly straight with this new PP discussion not working. It is NOT just the pple wanting to shed a few lbs or the lifetimers. I weigh 273 and need to lose over 100 lbs and I am was not losing on the new plan for 3 weeks! I am now back on the old plan though and am losing again after just 2 days

Mickey -- I sincerely apologize, and if Lisa would like to remove my comment, I'm 100% OK with that.

I wish you luck, Mickey. I hope whatever changes you need to make work for you.

I'm new to the family I just started today 02-07-2011 my goal is to loose 107 lbs i'm 5'11" 302 lbs, I have a lot of mussles I used to rodeo and do weight lifting running 10 miles aday but I got injered and gained weight so I'm better getting stronger and going to loose this weight right with you also

I'm also new to the WW PointsPlus system as of today, and I think I'm hopeful I'm someone it will work well for. I'm 6'2" and am starting at 247, hoping to eventually go down to 195, although even 5% to 10% total loss will make me really happy.

The first day has gone really well, and hunger wasn't an issue, although I'm fairly surprised that I'm given 52 points a day to eat - seems a bit excessive but we'll see how it goes.

I used the old WW, but my problem was that, funny enough, it worked too well. I lost weight like crazy, up to 5 pounds a week but I felt like garbage the whole time....mostly ravenous hunger and almost getting deranged thinking about food all the time. Plus, I felt faint a lot and things would sometimes go black for a bit when I'd stand up and I was weak all the time. That was even eating all my daily points and weekly flex points and then even going over my daily points a I'm thinking that being able to eat more points will work well for me - especially considering I have quite a bit to lose.

I was successful on the Momentum system and lost the 15 pounds I needed to. 3 years ago. I gained back 12 pounds during the past year and have re-enrolled in Weight Watchers. I started 4 weeks ago and have lost 2 pounds. I was in tears this morning when I got on the scale to see that I've gained 2 pounds in the last week, eating 29 points--never more than that--and exercising 30 minutes a day. This plan is not working for me at all. Fruits do have calories. There is much evidence out there to show that calories are calories and from the beginning I thought there was just too much food on this program and very limited options for fun! I've read all the comments about going back to the Old Plan, but of course I threw away my old calculator. I will go to the meeting tomorrow and if I'm as unhappy as I am now I'll cancel my monthly membership. I'll look at as I need a support system but WW is no longer it.

I lost 35 pounds last year on the old system, eating very well (ie very few processed foods and lots of fruits and vegetables.) Regained about 12 pounds over the course of a year and decided to rejoin ...and this PP is not working well for me at all. It's too confusing having to calculate the carbs/fat/fiber etc rather than calories, and it's simply not working though I'm staying within points and exercising a lot. I don't think they're doing it for financial reasons, but I DO think they don't trust us to make reasonable choices about what to eat. (In other words, if they don't make fruit "free," we will go out and eat nothing but twinkies.) I wish I still had my old calculator! Instead, I'm just counting fruit under the old system (most fruit = 1, bananas = 2) and hoping for the best.

Hello I am writing out of shear disappointment!! I am new to Weight Watchers. I was very excited to start the new PP program. I had lost 40 lbs on Atkins 3 yrs ago but gained it all back after losing my Mother to M.S. and started emotional eating. I found that Aktins was hard on my kidneys so I decided to start WW. I have been on it nearing 2 wks but have only lost 3 oz's. I am very upset. I agree that too much fruit is not allowing me to drop the weight and would like some info on the old points program. I know people who have been on the old points program and lost. Just frustrated about this. It really takes away your desire to continue when the scale moves at a snails pace. I believe that too many points equals extremely slow weight loss! Btw I have alot to lose. I would like to add that I feel that WW's new "scientific" research was all about how to keep people from losing too fast and to stay a paying customer of WW. When i signed up they didn't even give much of a start-up package! Can anyone help me get the old points please. I really need to lose enough by my 20 yr high school reunion. Any advice would be appreciated.

I tried weight watchers last summer for the first time and went from 135 lbs to 122 and felt great! I maintained weight throughout the fall, but when the new points plus program changed, I stayed within and sometimes significantly under my points goal and slowly, over the course of 6 weeks, gained 6 pounds back. I exercise 6-7 times a week at a high intensity and eat a lot of fruit and veggies. I think that if you already make healthy eating choices in terms of choosing a lot of fruits or veggies the new program doesn't work well. The 0 points values are misleading. I went from an 18 point value day to a 29 point value day but a lot of my normal snacks are now worth no points allowing me to consume A LOT more calories and still be under my points value. I liked the old system much better.

Stephanie. I have my old literature on the old program. I will look it up for you and write you with what they say your point count should be. The problem is that you will not have the books to help you determine the old point counts. I am happy to at least get you the threshold you would have been given on the old system. Hate to ask, but how old are you, how much do you weight and what is your height. I think that is the way it was calculated if I remember correctly.

Stephanie...I found my old book with the TurnAround program that works so well for me. You need to do the folowing equation to get your correct daily point count to lose weight. You have to score as follows:

1. Female (2 points)
2. Which are you:
Age 17-26 give yourself 4 pts
Age 27-37 give yourself 3 pts
Age 38-47 give yourself 2 pts
Age 48-58 give yourself 1 pt
Over 58 give yourself nothing

3. what do you weigh...use the the first 2 digits of your weight....if you want 175, that would be 17 points, if you weight 250, that would be 25 points.

4. How tall are you:
If under 5'1" 0 points
If 5'1" to 5"10 1 point
If over 5'10 2 points
5. How do you spend most of your day:

If you spend of most of your day sitting, give yourself a 0.

If you sit some, but mainly stand, give yourself 2 points.

If you walk alot give yourself 4 points.

If you do physicial work give youself 6 points.

When you have all of the numbers from the above-questions, you total them up. That is your daily points target.

Hope this helps.

I started the new program about 3 weeks ago, and just received my 10 lb star. I think it is just amazing and so easy! I have never been so healthy or aware of my food choices. I love the the extra helps me just knowing they are there if I should need them. I would surely recommend the new program to anyone considering joining a weight loss program.

Just wanted to update everyone. I went back on the old system. Its been almost 2 weeks and I've lost 4 lbs already! Yay!!

I have a doctor's appointment to try and figure out why I am not losing on this new PP program and decided to check online for any reason why this is not working. I was on WW for almost 4 yrs about 4 yrs ago and did great. I was only online then as well. I was losing in order to have a baby and resolve some health issues. I got to within 10 pounds of my goal and felt great! Now that my baby is 3 I need to lose the weight that I gained. My sister joined the new PP program and was telling me all about how great it was. I tried looking it up a couple of times and just couldn't wrap my mind around it, but in the end knew that I had to do something and WW was the only thing that had ever worked for me in the past. I have been on the new system for 3 wks and just weighed in to find that I have only lost .2 pounds this week. I was in tears! I have only lost a total of 3.7 in 3 wks, when I lost 2+ a week for the first 8 wks on the old plan, and at least 1 every wk after that if I was working the plan. I am using an average of 25 points a day and no wkly points or activity points. I never did much excercise on the old plan and have an injury that makes exercise difficult right now, but have been doing some activity a few times a wk. I just don't get why I am not losing at a better rate! I am so discouraged because it took a lot for me to get the willpower up to do this and I even have my husband on with me. This is my only hope, so I have to stick with it but I have 50+ pounds to lose and it is so hard to stay motivated if the scale just doesn't move. I was so upset until I found this post and now I know that it isn't just me. I have been reading the boards on the WW site and those that were on the old plan are really struggling with the new one. They try to stay positive, but you can tell that many are not happy with the lack of results that they are now seeing. I really hope that the doctor can give me some answers or some help. I am hypothyroid, but treated. This can lead to a very resistant metabolism, but with my being so strict I just can't see why it isn't working for me!

I am starting to wonder if something that I read here might not be spot on. I know that the new system encourages better choices, and that the increased points are because the points for most things went up on the plan, but if everyone loses slower than before that does mean that WW will have customers for a longer period of time before they feel like they can move on to do the rest on their own. What they don't seem to see or to care about it that so many are getting discouraged very quickly and are looking for other options, many of which are free online. Why pay if you can get better results elsewhere for less? WW needs to address these issues instead of just pointing fingers when you ask why. I don't mean to be negative, but I am so upset right now and hope to see more results soon.


Now you are getting it. Your last paragraph is point on....

I went back to momentum after gaining over 5 lbs on PP. I was on PP for 6 weeks.

I have now lost 5 pounds since going back to momentum which I have been on for about 4 weeks.

Your statement about WW having more customers for longer. What I am reading and seeing more customers are leaving WW and just going back to momentum and doing it on their own. So WW is just sticking it to themselves. Just Saying.......

I just started the PP plan in hopes of losing 30 lbs before the end of May. I know it is not impossible. I have never been on weight watchers, but know people who have and have been successful at losing weight quickly, and that was my inspiration. They were on the old plan. My first week I lost 3.4 lbs. I actually had to make myself eat regularly since I could go all day without eating until dinner. I feel much better, but will weigh in in 2 days for the second week. I don't feel like I've lost anymore weight, but we'll see. I always have points left over, don't ever use the extra and eat a lot of fresh fruit (fresh pineapple, blueberries, cantaloupe, melon, strawberries) and nonfat greek yogurt, and fresh veges. Is there somewhere I could get the old point system so I know how many points these used to be? I hear people say don't cross the plans, but I don't want to be discouraged if I don't lose this week. Please advise. Thanks. And good luck to all in whichever way it is that helps you lose.

I just started the PP plan in hopes of losing 30 lbs before the end of May. I know it is not impossible. I have never been on weight watchers, but know people who have and have been successful at losing weight quickly, and that was my inspiration. They were on the old plan. My first week I lost 3.4 lbs. I actually had to make myself eat regularly since I could go all day without eating until dinner. I feel much better, but will weigh in in 2 days for the second week. I don't feel like I've lost anymore weight, but we'll see. I always have points left over, don't ever use the extra and eat a lot of fresh fruit (fresh pineapple, blueberries, cantaloupe, melon, strawberries) and nonfat greek yogurt, and fresh veges. Is there somewhere I could get the old point system so I know how many points these used to be? I hear people say don't cross the plans, but I don't want to be discouraged if I don't lose this week. Please advise. Thanks. And good luck to all in which ever way it is that helps you lose.

Here is my update on using old WW. After I switched back to the old system, I lost 7 lb, and I am so happy. I saved all the data from the old system and the point calculator, and I also track my food through So, good luck to all of you, and I hope that WW will do something to earn back their name, because the new system is really not working, it is actually working against its own science.

I did the old WW about five years ago and lost about seven pounds. But then I was already thin and didn't even need to lose weight. Now I am heavy and need to to lose about 20 pounds to be healthy. I am currently doing the new WW and am on the pointsplus plan. I started a week ago but actually got serious on my points 4 days ago. I already dropped 3 pounds. The hard thing for me is not eating chocolate. I have a major sweet tooth. I used to skip real food to eat candy bit I can't do that anymore. On this program I realized that I cannot eat junk to stay full. If I choose to eat my points foolishly on candy I will be starving at the end of the day. It works and teaches you how to make better choices, that is a fact. Good luck everyone.

Just started this program on Wednesday. After reading everyone's comments I am really nervous that I may actually GAIN weight on this program. This program does have me eating more than I normally would. I am thinking of lowering my points myself and counting all my fruits and vegetables as 1 point. Any suggestions?

OK I lost only .2 more lbs and was told I am not eating enough and to increase my carbs. Doesn't fruit contain carbs? I am a little disappointed but will continue for another week and see what happens. I certainly ate a breakfast, lunch and dinner but we'll see. I have the old points ready just in case.

The thing that EVERYBODY needs to realize is that Weight Watchers has ONE goal, and one goal only: to make WW as rich as possible. I have been on the old points system, and it worked pretty well. I see that the new system renders all your old materials, cookbooks, points slider scales et cetera COMPLETELY useless. How convenient! And how nice of them that they will sell us replacements with updated information! You think that's because they wanted to make it healthier? They just wanted to monkey with the formula enough that people couldn't figure it out, so they'd have NO CHOICE but to pay $$$. I've got the old formula in a Word document on my computer. I easily found it on a website years ago. I did the program completely for free for years, and I lost over 50lbs doing it. I'm not hating on anybody here, if you like WW, go for it. But my opinion is that this is a money grab. The new guidelines don't even make sense. Avocados are regarded as a superfood, rich in healthy fats. But they are arbitrarily deemed a no-no on the new plan. Yes, fruit is healthy. But it still contains calories and sugar. And who here can curb a chocolate craving with an orange? If you could, you wouldn't need WW at all!! The thing that attracted me to weight watchers was that you could eat anything, just watch your portions. Now, as one poster said earlier, this feels like a restrictive diet that tells you "NO!" at every turn, often without merit. Did a registered dietician think this stuff up, or was it a marketing executive? That's why I will stick with the old system or just plain common sense when I need to lose weight.

I KNEW I wasn't the only one who was having problems with the new PP program. I've been following as close as I can (yes I slip up once in a while, but I continue to soldier on) since October. I got the plans at the new plan roll out in Alberta for employees.

We were all so excited with it when we got it, and while my leader has lost 17lbs or more, I have really lost exactly Zero.

I haul my butt on my elliptical or treadmill nearly every day, and watch what I eat, but nothing. My co-receptionist gets mad at me when I say that I eat my five "free" foods and then count anything else after that as a point a serving, and I can't eat any of the extra points without gaining. I was having problems on the old plan too, so I'm at a loss.

We were told at the roll-out that "if you rock the program, it will rock you", but they really don't know that for sure. I've found that people who eat a normally healthy diet (little packaged food, small treats of say, chocolate) seem to have the most problems with this program. If you're eating unprocessed food, you can eat A LOT of food and be so stuffed that you can't always finish your points, let alone any extras.

Heck, we got an email from our Head Office the other day saying that in order to give out recipes we have to know how to calculate them with the veggies in them. When I asked if I was supposed to go online, get nutritional info for broccoli, use the calculator and figure out what the "not counting it as free" points were (which is how the email was worded) the lady who sent out the email realized that just quoting WW Corporate wasn't going to work and still hasn't gotten back to us. There's a lot of stuff they still haven't worked out correctly yet and many errors in the book. For instance 2 Easter Chocolates are 2 PP, yet the same amount of Christmas Chocolates are 4PP.

I'm not going to my meetings lately, mostly because as a small town group, they are getting to be a group of gossipy know-it-alls who have no desire to support people who are having issues with the programs, whether they are on the Points or PP.

I'm wanting to follow the Clean Eating Diet, but just haven't had time to make up my menu and buy groceries for it.

okay. im about to give up. i weighed 204 lbs. when i started the program one month ago. i have been allotted 30 daily points. PLUS PLUS PLUS extra points every day because of the way I work out. Trust me when I tell you please I have been killing myself at the gym, and wishing I hadn't now. I do anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes twice a week on an eliptical and about two total body workouts which takes me an extra hour and a half at the gym twice a week. Guess what? After a month, from Feb 4-Mar2, I've only lost THREE count em 3 silly pounds! What am I doing wrong, and for those of you who are losing weight, how are you doing it without having to kill yourself at the gym?

Thank you for your thoughts on the recipes and fruit. I have been so confused as to Why fruit would add up to points when I entered them. Now I know.

Like many of you, I am a lifetime memeber, that has tried several of the plans. It has chenge soooo much since I became a lifetime member. Back in the day when everything had to be weighed. There were no points. Well, after all these years I was at my heaviest I have ever been and FINALLY made the choice to really do something about it. Points Plus works for me. I started on the 2nd of January and have lost a total of 12 lbs. Think about it, how long did it take you to get to your highest weight? For me it has been 14 years. I am ready for it to take some time for the weight to come off. I am so happy about my 12 loss. Why would I expect it to come off faster? So my suggest is to relax, breath and let the program work. sometimes you may lose 2 lbs in a week other times it may only be ounces and sometimes we may gain. Don't give up. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!I

I encourage you to talk with your leader if you are gaining or just not losing at all. There may be a simple fix.

Good luck to all of us.

Why should we have to wait for the weight to come off and say it is ok if we gain. The old plan you always lost weight and never gained if you stayed on plan. So why on PP do you have to put up with just loosing a couple of ounce here and then gain then loose a couple of ounces. That is like taking one step forward and three steps back. PP is not working for some people and if you continue to stay on it if it is not working you will have more and more weight to loose. I think after 6 weeks which I gave it and I put on 5 pounds that I should of seen some results. So you are telling me that I should of stuck with it. If I was still on it I probably would be up 10 pounds. Since going back to the old plan I am now down 6 pounds. So I lost the weight I gained from PP and then a extra pound. So to me it seems pretty silly to be on a plan that you gain weight on. Just sayin.......

I commented over 1 month ago about my disappointment w/ the Points Plus program. I have a love/hate relationship w/ it & truely miss the old program. However, I have tested several different theories & finally found a way for it to work for my body type.

I joined WW 6 weeks ago with the goal of 12-15 lb weight loss. If you need to lose more than 20 lbs this may not work for you. 1st off you must MEASURE & WEIGH & JOURNAL every single thing. I did this & quickly found that 29 points daily made me gain. SO I cut back to 22 points daily & lost. Then I thought that if I went down to 16 points daily I could lose quicker. I was wrong! I didn't lose anything & was hungry all week. SO what I have found is that I stick to 22-23 points daily, count ALL fruit as 1 point per a serving (I allow 1 free fruit daily which I eat at night since I have a sweet tooth). I NEVER use the weekly allowance & I workout. I don't do anything crazy, just 30mins cardio 4 times a week. AND I don't eat my activity points. My point in sharing all this is that you may need to tweek the program to see results. AND make sure you are moving your body even if it is a walk around the block.

I also have found that 1 week I don't lose the next week I do then the next I don't lose. So frustrating! Weight loss is a true test patience & not getting discouraged.


Why should we have to tweek the program that is why we join WW not so we have to figure out what will make us loose by trying to figure our points. Isn't that what we pay them for. This is just crazy. They need to take a good look at this new plan and figure what is wrong and why so many people are not loosing on it. So we are paying to figure this plan out ourselves. I will stay on the old plan until WW figures something else out.......

At least I know I am loosing on the old plan without trying to figure what works. Don't fix what isn't broken.

I agree with likeing the old program better, but it isn't here anymore so I HAVE to mentally move on. I NEED the meetings as a motivator so I am making the PP adapt to me. I understand how you feel Mickey about tweaking the new program. Why pay to change it? Well, I NEED the meetings. I lose 3 times as much when I am held accountable at weekly weigh ins & the meetings inspire me.

The WHOLE point of my previous comment was to HELP people, not back up WW. I was sharing what has worked for me in the hopes that people don't give up on their weight lose journey completely. Not everyone who has commented has tried the old program so they will have to tweak it if they want to lose.

Sometimes in life we are called to show perserverence in order to get what we want. If WW doesn't work try other programs. The worst decision is to not take care of our health.

I have been a WW lifetime member for 8 years and have done well maintaining my weight. I felt like the old program was great! What I don't like about the new program is that you have to buy their points calculator. Why should I buy something when I have been loyal for so many years? I don't think it is fair. I am a person that hates change so I will do everything possible to avoid having to go to the new program when the old works just fine.

I'm a Life Time Member of WW having lost 30 pounds five years ago. I've kept off the weight by being mindful and tracking using the old point system off and on during those five years. I know how to eat healthily. Just recently in the past few months I've started to gain because of a lot of holiday eating and entertaining guests. I started back at WW meetings four weeks ago and using the new system I've only lost 3.6 pounds. The total amount I wanted to lose was just 7 pounds. There's no doubt that using the Points Plus System one doesn't lose weight as quickly as with the older system. Also it seems to me that as a small person 29 points is too much. A calorie is a calorie. The new Points Plus Program may be good for those who have a lot to lose but not for us Life Time Members or people that have 10 pounds or less to use. I'm going back to the old program. My leader doesn't seem to understand the problem with giving a person who needs to lose a little so many points. And fruits should have point values.

I think the WW Points Plus program is much better than the old program. I'm glad that WWPoints Plus takes into consideration the protein as well as fiber, and carbos! Change is good as we find out more about weight control.

I agree with the comment regarding the calculator for PP...the package you receive when signing up is so have to buy so much to really get what you need...they tell you we have this for sale...that for can only access the website if you set-up on automatic billing...honestly Weight gotta make money but please...being obese in a recession is hard enough...we can barely afford the healthy stuff...i.e., veggies, fruits...they make all the healthy foods so expensive you can barely afford them!! WW is gouging us too...give us a break!

I have done the old system and liked it alot. I like the science behind the new system. Although yes it is a bit more difficult to figure out points. You really need to start with a clean slate. And if you have been doing WW for years you just know the points of a lot of food. I think it would be soooo helpful if you included the points plus. As I did a search for "simple points plus snacks" and your blog popped up.

I just signed up for the new program. I am a male who weighs 280 pounds. So I did this a few years ago and lost weight, went from 330 to 260. So it worked!!!! Gained some back, but now I am back. However, I just looked and it is giving me 60 points.....60? How is a piece of salmon now 9 points, but a big mac is 12? I am going to cancel this. It is simple to lose weight its calories in vs. calories out. That is what my Dr. and nutritionist said. I thought I would use WW as a way to easily monitor my intake. This just seems crazy to me.

I did the old WW about 8 years ago with some success and have gained it all back so now am on the new PP program online. I LOVE IT!! Am down 3 pounds in the first week and I love the sight. Have most of my foods already in favorites and will have the points memorized soon. Love that I can have a piece of fruit if I am starving and not blow my points..also am eating a low more veggies and much less processed foods..I think they are on the right track here.

Oh, thank goodness. You guys have just absolutely made my day. The new PP system has me tearing my hair out. I had lost close to 25 pounds on the old Momentum system, dropped the ball when we went on summer vacation last year (no access to a computer), and took it up again in November, right after PP had been announced. I have followed the program to a T, and since then I’ve gained back 15 pounds. I’ve never understood why we are allowed so many points – holy cow, my husband is allowed 70 per day?!? – and this whole “fruits are free” business is fishy. My endocrinologist says he no longer endorses a system that says fruits – full of carbs and sugar – are free foods. That's just nonsense.

Now I’m happy it’s working for some people (Julie above, in particular). That’s terrific, and I wish you much success in your endeavors, by all means, keep doing what you’re doing. But this just isn’t working at all for ME. I was so upset on Tuesday (my weigh-in day) to see that I’d gained yet another two pounds that I was almost in tears. All of my favorite WW foods have gone up in points, I've cut my meals almost in half and I'm so hungry I'm nearly out of my mind, and I’m digging into my weekly points nearly every day, and I’ve never done that before. And there are absolutely no results whatsoever to show for this. I proudly got rid of a ton of my old 2x clothes last year; at this rate, I’ll need them all back.

I’m with Mickey. I will give this one more week. If I don’t see a tip for the better next Tuesday, I’m going to go back to the old program, which DID work, and allowed for my old favorites, filled me up – and counted fruits!

I am very glad that I found this website while looking for a recipe to make for dinner. I joined WW in January of this year. I want to lose a total of 70 lbs.

The first week was fantastic and I felt great. Even more so after my weight (I lost 5.8 pounds). I know that I cannot expect to lose that much weight every week. Since that first week .6 lbs is the most I have lost in a week.

I have started going to the gym. Drink far more water than they state that I should (I have a kidney issue that requires it). The response I get from the leader at my meeting is that I need to give it time to work. much time? It's been 10 weeks. She can't answer that.

I have been working out 4-6 times per week and am pretty anal about mesuring EVERYTHING that I eat. I write down every single thing that I eat. I have only used some of my extra points once since I started. It was my birthday and I planned it that way.

If ANYONE has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I can't afford to dole out money to go to a meeting that is supposed to help me when I can't even get any answers when I'm having trouble.

Thanks everyone!

I lost 60 lbs on the old weight watchers program. My husband now needs to lose about 50 lbs and thought he would go WW. I am going with him and would like to lose 7 lbs. I don't like the new PP program. It was so much easier to calculate points, this way I have to use my husbands android phone or get a points calculator (which are back-ordered until who knows when). I really do think it's a marketing device to keep people coming to the meetings for a longer period of time because I don't think you lose weight as fast as the previous program. My husband can stay on the new program, I am going back to the old points program. I don't have the time in the day to try to figure out points and with the 29 points I was given I usually have points left over each day. It's not for me.

HI Melissa,

I'm sorry you are so frustrated with your plan. I felt the same way when I first started. The weight just didn't seem to be coming off the way I wanted it to, despite the fact that I, like yourself, was fastidious about going to the gym and worked myself to death on cardio and weights. What I discovered after much tweaking was this A. It matters SO SO SO much about how I view myself and my program. I realized that if I brought uncertainty and negativity to the gym with me or towards having to lose weight, my spirit actually seemed to weigh more. Now, I love my body the way it is, and though I still want to lose another 30lbs. I'm saying I want to, not I need to. I've also stopped using the weights, and only do 40 minutes at level 3 on the eliptical everyother day. Also, I've cut down my intake of points from 30 to 24. Also, I'm not looking at it as I have to lose 30 lbs. I'm looking at it as I have to lose 1 lb 30 times! It really has changed my entire experience. I went from 202 to 196 in about a week and a half! I'm proud of myself for sticking with it and found out I can't compare myself to others and their plans because I'm not them. I have my own wonderful experiences to experience on this journey, and I refuse to bring any more frustration to the table. Good luck!

I've gotten out my old materials and am going to return to the old points system I used when I lost 30 lb. 5 years ago. Just recently I needed to lose a few lb. before a vacation. Since the beginning of Feb. I've only lost 3 lb. I figured if I'd been on the Points Plus Program back 5 years ago it would have taken me 9 months to lose the weight I'd lost instead of the 5 months it took under the old system. My leader gave me a hand out from WW which states that people like me who are small and don't have much to lose have a hard time losing with the new Points Plus Program so even the WW Company knows it's not so good for people who don't have much to lose.

I was on the old weight watchers program 2 years ago and lost 15 pounds, of course within the last 6 months winter weather holidays and not following my pointss, I gained 10 of it back, so decided to go back to weight watchers. I tried the new weight watchers plus program for 3 weeks and lost a total of 1 pound...I was not working for me. The new program allows you to eat fruit (zero points), I'm not a big fruit eater but didn't feel like I was loosing. So about 2 weeks ago went back to the OLD version of weight watchers and so far have lost 3 and half pounds. Sticking with old weight watchers. Don't know why they changed it.

Ok, here's the deal as I see it. I go back to 1969 w/ WW. We're talking weighing EVERYTHING, liver once a week, very restrictive eating plan. It worked great for me (it helped that I quit drinking beer!). I became a lifetime member. However, the target weight (165 pounds)which I did achieve, was completely unrealistic for me. I can maintain about 190 comfortably (64 year old male, 5' 10". I fell off the wagon for 34 years...yes you read that right. It was completely my fault. I went back last year and did pretty well. Fell off again. Now back, maybe for good I hope. Have reduced by 21 lbs. since Jan 1. I'm very comfortable with the new plan.

The program has been through several iterations over the years. It HAS become a corporate deal, but here's what I believe: As the consumer/patient, you have to stop looking at this as a "diet". Diets are gimmicks no matter what you call them or how they work. When you do it for yourself, who cares what they say? Use the parts that work for you, change it up where you need to and stop trying to "lose" weight. Losing implies that you are trying to find it again. Personally, being able to do "all you can eat fruit" (which is assigning fruit no points)works great for me. Don't fixate on food. Don't go on a crazy exercise plan you can't keep up. Have a "prayer meeting" with yourself and understand that this about YOU, not WW, not Atkins, South Beach or anything else.

I'm not trying to gross anyone out, but if you put processed foods in your body, you're giving your system nothing to work on. You have to put your digestive system to work. We all have weaknesses for junk food. You need to understand that if the digestion is done for you, as in processed food (really pre-digested "food" with unidentifiable chemicals) you are going to have weight problems. I'm doing this because I am facing my own mortality and I want to live to see my great-grand children. Stop looking at pizza as cheating and know that it's not healthy for you. Have some once in the whole thing. But understand that the piper gets paid sooner or later, and there will be no later if you don't stop eating junk. Counting a donut the same as real food is RIDICULOUS! This is all about YOU! We would never think of putting something other than gasoline in our would ruin that $40,000 vehicle. Yet we will pig out at Dunkin Donuts and delude ourselves into thinking it's worth so many points. However, very few people today can completely swear off processed food. I believe that was the thinking behind the original points system. Sorry for the rant, but I love what I see here and wanted to offer my humble thoughts.

Hello all I've been reading all the comments about the pp. I joined in Jan and had great success with the plan until this month and today I weighed in and only lost .6 when my scale said over a 1-lb I thought. With that being said I didn't journal this week at all and when I went back I realized I ate pizza mexican food plus soppilas, chick fil-a twice this week. Even had the nerve to go back and get a anthor free chicken biscut Wednesday because I could'nt beleive that tiny pc of 2lb meat was actually worth 12 points as stated in my book. (Normally the chicken pc is bigger). So I had to take a real look at myself and feel blessed I had a weight loss at all! Now what has worked for me if I keep the eating out to places where I can find the nutrien I have a good week other wise I have to pay the piper and have a slow weight loss. I don't pig out on fruits and I walk and do dance Wii games with my daughter. I have done all the plans since 1985 and the 20-22 points a day don't work for me as I was always eating out at fast food places and was always starving. I always felt deprived on momentum. I am happy about the plan because it forces me to chose better choices if I don't want to be starving all day. I am short 4'9 and need to lose 65 lbs let ww tell it. But I am ready so no matter what diet I chose today I have to tweak it to work for me and belive me I have tried them all. I understand it may not be working for everyone but as I realized this month that I've only lost 1.6lbs what have I done to my body that caused that. And amazing enough I forgot about this day and that day when I didn't journal and ate out. Did I measure my food or was I eyeballing it. So at this time I am not going to bash the plan I am going to be honest with myself as I am the one who has control over what I put in my body. Everybody wants to be able to eat what they want that's why we are joining ww in the first place eating what we want. So I feel the pain of both sides but ask yourself is ww teaching you anything you didn't already know, and learn as a child and in school?? To eat your fruits and veggies. Stay away from sweets unless on special occasions and stop stuffing yourself, and can you really be hungry for that piece of candy or cookie after you just ate! I thought I heard my mom or aunt say that once or twice as a child. And I find myself repeating these same things to my daughter when two months ago I was right there with her.

I'm on day 6 of the new points plus program and I feel like it's been incredibly easy. I do use the ww foods for work mostly. I work in a doctors office that is crawling with junk food from drug reps and such.. so I like that I know what my points are at lunch. And I bring all my snack for the entire day. I'm eating more fruit and veggies consistently. I've dropped regular cola and the 2 times I have had soda it's been diet and a smaller amount. I have the ww app on my iphone and I use it all the time. One thing I have noticed is that some ww pre-packed foods have the "points" listed on the front.. but I always go into my calculator and enter the fat/carbs/pro/fiber.. the points are usually higher because of the change. Anyway.. I say it's been easy.. but I also do not have children to cook for or feed. It's just me. At any rate, I feel like this is a good program if you are truly ready to change your lifestyle.

I lost over 50 pounds on the old system and maintained that for 3 years. When the new system came in, I basically stopped tracking and have put back on 10 pounds. My fault, obviously. But the reason I stopped tracking was because the new system is too complex in terms of calculating points. I got very good at accurately estimating points based on the nutrition label. That's impossible now. I also found the slide rule much more user friendly than the calculator.

Clearly, WW makes money selling calculators and all new cookbooks, points guides, etc. There is obviously a business side to this. But, it's also clearly a better system in terms of differentiating between types of calories. It was a bit silly under the old system that an apple and a cookie were somehow equivalent.

I'm going to give the new system a shot. However, based on above comments, if I find that I can't take off these 10 pounds, I'll just go back to the old system on my own. The only real problem there would be having the new PointsPlus values listed on everything--but, except for fruits, they're always the same or higher than the old Points, so you won't be eating too much, just possibly too little.

Hi all, I've been reading all of the comments, and have to agree that the PP program needs to be looked at.

First let me say, I believe that if you are coming into weight watchers after a long hiatus, or walking in the door for the first time, this program may work well for you. This is evidenced by a lot of the newer members even who have commented here saying how well it works.

BUT, I don't think this program seems to be working well for those of us who are longtime WW members...I personally, am NOT a lifetime member...haven't yet hit my goal, BUT, I've been a faithful WW member for the last 3.5 years. I tried for about 2 months on the new plan, and after being what I felt like was a "comfortable pace" having to erase everything I ever learned, and relearn every point value threw me for a loop, and I lost all of my WW mojo. In those 2 months, I gained back 5 lbs, and not lost any. I have since switched back, as others have mentioned to the momentum plan 2 weeks ago, and I have lost close to 6 lbs...undoing 2 months worth of damage from the PP plan.

Now, if you need evidence that momentum really worked, I am EXTREMELY hypothyroid...I lost 50lbs on the momentum plan before I was ever on any medication! Now that I've switched back to momentum, and my thyroid levels have been normal (since before I even tried the PP plan) I'm doing great.

My sister also lost 80lbs and made lifetime status on momentum, and when trying to maintain on the new PP, gained about 5lbs back too. She has also since switched back to momentum, which is what worked for her, and is back at her goal weight.

One thing I really don't like about the new plan, is that you are dependent WW to know what your points target should be. You either have to go weigh in at a location, and it's printed on your sticker, or enter your weight into E-Tools, and that will tell you your points target. On your own, you have no formula in which to keep track of this yourself...As someone else previously mentioned, you need to buy their calculator in order to determine the points values...unlike the old plan, you could look at nutritional info, and figure it out easily based on the cals, fat, and, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how it's figured (i.e., bananas are Zero, but Carrots have points...)

no matter how you slice it, this new program, with some of the details like this, keep members having to pay to go to meetings, or paying to use e tools, paying for all new cookbooks, because the old ones are now invalid, etc...

Just my 2 cents.

Hi all I'm the sister Bree mentioned. I started WW in 2008 on the Turnaround program and started having success right away, the success grew as I started doing the momentum program and after 2 years I'd lost 83lbs and reached my goal and earned lifetime status. Now I've been a lifetime member for about a year and up until December I've had no problems staying at goal. Just to be clear, I love weight watchers, it has undoubtedly changed my life. The meetings are invaluable as is the support you get from the people there, staff and members alike. Now like everyone else, I'm not perfect I have my slips around the holidays and such, but where I've succeeded before in losing the small gains along the way, after PointsPlus began and I started the new plan the weight would just not come off. Like with anything new I'd expect a period of adjustment, and it took me quite a while to delve wholeheartedly into the new plan. I fully admit there were many weeks where the gain was fully my fault for having not tracked carefully enough or eating at or above my extra weekly points, but there were also many weeks I stayed on plan not touching the extra points, and sticking to my 29 pointsplus daily target and still either gained or stayed the same. As my weighed creeped higher I started to get nervous, so last week I went back to doing the momentum plan (since I know first hand how well it works), and when I went to weigh in I'd lost 1.6 lbs. Now I still have about 3-5 lbs more to lose to get back to my goal, so I'm going to stick with momentum for a few weeks before I give pointsplus another go. I'm relieved to hear that others are having issues too, maybe there is something to this. The thing that worries me if so many others are frustrated and switching back to the old plan (kind of crappy after we've all bought the new stuff) to lose weight, that those losses will be counted at the scales and WW may think that their new plan is working great in some cases where it is not.

UPDATE - I'm back after writing on March 15, 2011. Ever since I lost a total of 6.5 pounds on the old weight watchers.

I have to be honest and say that I have not read all the previous posts. There are a lot! But I wanted to chime in here and say that I LOVE the new system. I agree that having to purchase a calculator stinks. That is the only bad thing that I have to say about the new system. Oh, and the fact that they are out of stock online - stinks! I have lost over 20 pounds since January 17th. And I still eat out occasionally and snack every day. (I love my mint chocolate chip ice cream!) I eat all of my weekly points and have still lost!! I've done WW numerous times in the past and I think this is the longest that I have stuck with it and the most that I have lost. I still have about 60 pounds to go and I am determined to stick with it this time. LOVE IT! One more thing--I am doing this online this time. I don't go to meetings. Seeing the weight come off every week is my motivation!

I re-joined WW Feb 1 and have lost 13 pounds on the NEW system. Started at 167, now 154. I love being able to eat all the fruit I want. I truely think that if you follow the guidelines, you will lose. Good Luck all!

I am looking forward to it especially because I love fruit and am not much of a veggie fan..

I haven't read all of the comments but my experience hasn't been great on the new program. I was 7 lbs. from goal and I'm now 12. I think they need to bring back the system of taking away a few points as you lose. 29 is too much for me. My leader has told me that if I eat 25/26 that's fine, BUT, the problem is that 29 is in my head and so I'll often eat a little too much when I know I shouldn't because, "hey, I have the points." Also, 49 is way too much for Flex in a week for me.

I'm one of those annoying people who genuinely loves fruit and veggies and tries to stay away from a lot of packaged crap. My problem is and always will be portion control and unfortunately the new program has me going a bit backwards on this front. Moeover, the suggestions that multiple leaders have given me haven't seemed to do much. As far as I can tell, this is a great program for those who have a lot to lose, but if you have under 10 or maybe up to 15 lbs., I'd be weary OR adjust the 29 points accordingly.

@ Allie:

I feel your pain! I am in the EXACT same boat! I started w/ 15 lbs to lose & am down 10 lbs. 29 has always been way too much for me so I give myself 23-25 points a day. I always plan for 23 so if I go over by 2 I am ok. Like you I eat a lot of fruits & veggies naturally. I don't like my food fresh & not processed. I DO count fruit. I count all fruit as 1 point a piece (or serving). The last 2 weeks I have been plateauing & am not sure how to get out of it. Been working out 4-5 times a week. Losing weight is hard whether on WW or not. Good luck!!

Glad to have found this site. My family made a group decision to start weight watchers. Six cousins, two aunts and an uncle. We are really excited to see where this venture takes us, and who decides to jump on board as they see our success. We are accountable to each other. Some started last Monday, and I just got my kit today so starting tomorrow. We have set days of the week where we will be walking together, and also we each have our own excersice plan for on our own. I will keep you up to date on our progress! Wish us luck... :)

I am so glad I found this site. I am so discouraged with the new plan. My first week I lost 1.4 pounds but the following week I gained, then I gained some more and more. 5 pounds now I am up. I only have about 18 pounds to lose to get back to goal after having my second child. In the last 2 weeks, I followed to the T and even incorporated P90X for 2 weeks and lost nothing. I cant do this anymore, I am eating way too much and have decided to go back to the old plan today and continue my workouts.

I have posted on this site many times. I am a Lifetime Member of WW. I tried the new plan and just continued to gain weight so I went back to Momentum and have lost weight with no problem.

I guess I don't get why all of you think the new plan is so wonderful when you have to tweek it to fit so you can loose weight. Isn't that what we pay WW for? I think it is crazy that most have to tweek the new program for it to work. Why pay WW then. Aren't they suppose to be figuring this out not you? It just frustrates me that so many people are paying the money every week and WW is collecting it but you have to change the plan for it to work. There is a problem with the new plan and WW is not doing a thing.

I loved WW because I could loose on it. Now it just seems like a way to make more money for them and this is why they changed the plan and added a new calculator, scale etc. Good Luck to all that think this new plan is so great.

I am sticking with Momentum because you can actually loose weight with that plan.

JUST SAYIN........

I have lost 16 pounds on the new PP program, starting as a newbie who was not on a previous WW program. I have at least 40 more to lose. I have found a key is to make sure I get all of my HGH foods in (2 fruit/3 vegetable, 2 oils, 2 dairy, 6 liquids, etc.) as part of my count. I cannot just arbitrarily make sure I have the right number of points and ignore the required foods. Those are not optional. For example: 5 fruits and no veggies, no dairy...but having all my points will not give me the balance my body needs in order to lose weight.

Oops...sorry, I mean GHG foods, not HGH. (Good Health Guidelines)

I'm back after posting on March 18th. After taking a good look and what didn't work for me and followed the plan no tweaking just tried some diff recipes. The following Friday lost 3.2lbs that week funny thing was I worked out less during that week and since then I'm down a total of 5.6lbs. So maybe I was was wrong by saying I had to tweak the plan because honestly I don't. I just tweak what I eat. WW is not one size fits all. My mom is also doing the plan with me and yes she is older but she also still eats a lot of sweets and I honestly don't think most days she eats her target points and she hasn't tracked a thing. Her weight is coming off put at a slower rate. So I stand by my statement I am not going to bash the plan on my not so great weight loss weeks and look to myself and I will praise myself when I have great weeks. WW is a tool its not a magic pill. They can give u the tools to get to the well it's up to you rather you drink the water or not!

One more thing. I agree with AJ's post on April 8th. I also try to make sure I eat my Proteins, Veggies, fruits, good health oils etc. on a daily basis. I'm not pefect but if I do that I have a great week my body feels so much better and best of all I lose weight. It's funny for someone who rarely ate Veggies, I'm talking 1cup a month if that until Jan 15th I have to say now I crave them most over everthing if I go a day or two without. So if nothing else I am grateful to WW for that!

Well, I have been on the plan for 4 weeks tomorrow. And I am steadily losing weight. Actually more than the required so far. The last two weeks I have lost 3 pounds. First week was 5. I am hitting my target. But my overall food choices are so much better than what they were in the past. Im not craving that big mac.. or that huge chocolate chunk cookie. It's like my brain has adapted and my body is following. Another thing for me is.. I do not eat past 6pm at all. If I feel hungry.. I head straight for the water. I am finding that I am more thirsty than anything. And I count everything, right down to the 1 tbs of Ketchup or whatever it may be. Sometimes I do feel like "eye balling" my portion or adding my points after I eat.. but I always stop and just do it. It's taking discipline (and I am not a person who's ever had much of that) .. but I like the pay off. Foods, in general, just taste better. I guess because I am truly hungry now when I eat.. rather than it being an all day grazing affair. Anyway.. I hope everyone finds their success with health and all that jazz.

I started the PP system 4 weeks ago with my daughter and we are following the program to a T with very little success. I have only lost a total of .8 lbs! My daughter has lost a total of 3 lbs in 4 weeks. I've used WW before and had great success with it. I think its a good healthy eating program but I really don't think its a very good weight loss plan. I'm very discouraged.

@ ToniT -

Glad you've got the program working for you, though to be fair, that doesn't mean it's going to work for everyone...the biggest issue is for those people who've made it to goal, or are in a low points target range...this is where the bulk of problems are occuring...

here's an article where WW finally seems to admit the problem with the new program:…

Good Luck to All

I posted on here a while ago and I am still struggling. In 13 weeks I have lost only a total of 15 pounds. I stayed exactly the same for 3 weeks of that time. I pay WW $18.07 of my money every week, therefore it has cost me over $16/lb that I have lost. That's a lot of money to get no assistance when I am having trouble. The leaders look at my tracker and say it looks great. I went so far as to try a different meeting and still get the same answers. I wear the same thing everytime I go to get weighed in. This week when I gained 1.6 (after changing NOTHING) I was told it was probably my clothes. The lame excuses and the lack of help are driving me mad. I made the decision to do something for myself and if it was a least working I could stick with it.

During my 'plateau' as they call it I said that I would stick around to my 16th week. I have now changed my mind. Weight Watchers will never get another cent of my money or my time. The lack of assistance or even suggestions when I am having trouble is not right. I have spoken with my personal trainer as well as my brother (who is also a personal trainer) and they can't figure it out either. We have now come up with another system that I will try and see how that goes. At least then the only money that I will have to spend will be on a scale at home and my groceries.

Good luck to anyone that chooses to use this program and Great Job to anyone that is successful but in my experience it is not a good program which is rather disappointing because I did a lot of research before I chose this program.


I am having similar issues with weight watchers and am now trying the tracking tools at I just started Monday so the jury is still out but it really is FREE. There is a nutrition tracker and an exercise tracker. I would be happy with 15 lbs though! I've lost .8 in 4 weeks on Weight Watchers. I would have thought I'd at least be at 4 or 5 lb loss by now.

I am having a similiar issue to several of you...I too have gained weight on the new ww pp! Yikes. I went back to the old program today because all I wanted to loose was 7 I need to lose 10!

I called ww to ask if my situation was unusual and they were useless on the phone. She said I need to track for 3 months and bring my tracker to my leader...If I wait that long I'll be upto 125...can't do it! I was so excited about the new program - what a waste of time and money.

I'd commented before, but I feel like I have to again. Yes, the program works for a lot of people, but as we can see there are a lot of us for whom it doesn't work.

I've been fairly faithful this year to my exercise equipment average 5-6 days a week. Total loss - less than a pound. Low enough that if I get bloated or anything, I'm back up three pounds and it doesn't look like I've even been trying.

I work(ed) for WW and even we don't get any free stuff. Sure we got a bit of a discount on materials, but not really. My favorite part right now is their "find it on our website" mantra. Sure, if I want to pay ANOTHER $17 a month to get into the locked access part of the site. Their recipe builder, IMHO, is rediculous. I'd rather calculate out the ingredients on paper, then I don't have to count the vegetables I use.

I've been using SparkPeople and that's motivated me a lot more than the leaders at my meetings - who have not offered support at all to me. In fact, they haven't even called me to work since I got busy at Xmas and haven't had time to just go sit at a meeting. I think they're scared that I might commiserate (quietly and out of the way) with other people who are having difficulty on the PP plan.

I am two and a half weeks in to the Points Plus WW program. Never having done WW before I didn't know what to expect but have to say I am pleasantly surprised. If you have the calculator or iPhone App it's very easy and the website is awesome too (helps I have a fabulous weekly mtg leader who brings us great food ideas). I've lost 11.4 lbs in 2 weeks and am NOT hungry. I find that in addition to the points if I mind the carbs w/in my Carbs I can make really good progress. I also can't say enough how good I feel and have great energy. I love the new program but can't say enough about the App and how valuable it is. For those w/out and iPhone you could also use the iPod Touch.

Good luck all!

I, too, lost a lot of weight with the old program. I started in July of 2010 and lost 18 pounds by October. In October, I became very sick (no big deal) but it through me off a bit. When I got back on track in December, and the program changed, I haven't lost much of anything. So, I find I am now not following the program because when I did, I didn't see any weight loss. I am thinking about using the old program for me, but what is the sense is paying weight watchers at this point? I know others who noticed immediately that they were not losing pounds either. It is frustrating. Some of us cannot eat all the fruits and veggies that we want. We do not lose the weight. I am very, very discouraged.

So as I sit and read all these posts I am torn in how I feel. I started WW in January in 2005 and was at lifetime in June of 05 with a 30lb weight loss. I did WW M-F and ate what I wanted on weekends and maintained until 2009 when I was very sick with Lyme disease and both my parents were diagnosed with cancer. Durning that time I put back on 20 of the pounds I lost. I returned to WW the week they rolled out the program, after doing Flex (what I originally lost on) on my own for 2 months and the scale was not moving- The first few weeks on PP I lost a small amount but knew it would not be like starting from scratch with dramatic food choice changes. So I took the small changes until they were no more I went up and down 2 lbs for weeks and was loosing motivation. I was getting ready to give up until I brought my etools printout to my leader and she went over it with me. In the first 3 days I had spent 19-22 pp on carb based foods each day. She was like a school teacher with a red pen highlighting the error of my ways :) I define carb based foods as any that have 10 or more carbs. So do the math 190 to 220 carbs a day!! Wow!!! Now WW does say you can eat what you want but they want you to be healthy. I immediately lowered my carb based point to no more than 8-10 and WHAM, the scale is moving down!

Here is a few things I have come to realized,

1) Everyone knows High Protein, low carb, low fat, high fiber is the way to go with weight loss. I am glad they made the program healthier.

2) While on any WW program they allowed anything to be eaten they encouraged the healthy guidelines which many many people did not adhere to because on 20 pts a day who would waste them on fruits and veggies.

3) Your points plus values went up but so did the pp on food, certain food! Foods that fit into the GHG and that are healthy stayed the same.....hmm forcing us to eat foods that are better for us.

4) The fruit and veggie frenzy, yes they are free PER SERVING. It is not a license to go crazy!! A cup of grape, an apple, a banana, a cup of cantaloupe. Not a bag of grapes, 3 bananas, 2 apples and a whole cantaloupe.

5) What I have learned is that no matter what, eating healthy is a better way to lose weight than eating processed crap.

6) Adding exercise will make the weight come off faster and make you feel better.

7) The slower the weight comes off the longer it will stay off.

I am looking forward to getting back to goal soon and being able to add some more carbs when I am maintaining.

This is NOT a diet it is a way of life, a healthy life.

Please don't give up, you are too important and think about where you would be if you were not doing WW.

Good luck :)

When Weight Watchers first switched to the point plus program I was very upset and thought this was a marketing ploy to get me to buy new calculators, cook books and food books. I had many old cookbooks that had the old points system and in fact I had just bought one a month before they switched. I did not want to change programs but I finally relented and tried the new point plus system. I was surprised when I felt better on the points plus system and actually began to lose more weight. I always felt like I was proteins starved on the old points system and could not get enough protein into satisfy me. I would end up filling my hunger with snacks because they were lower points than eating meat. Since using the points plus program, I no longer feel I am penalized for eating proteins. For me, I feel fuller, more satisfied and don't eat as much if I can have a good-sized portion of a low-fat meat. I have cut back on my carbs and processed foods and I feel better. Maybe there different body types that need a different protein intake but I know I'm losing more weight and I feel much bette on the points plus system. Hope this helps someone.

I have been frustrated w/ the new PP program because of the unpredictability of weigh loss each week. I can't figure out what I did different on weeks I lose then on weeks I don't. I track EVERYTHING & workout 4 times a week. I thought I liked the old program better BUT think this program has helped w/ my plateau. On the old points program I couldn't get below 152 lbs no matter what I did. After months of the scale not bunging I took a year off & gained 5 lbs. Since starting the new program I am at 145 lbs & not as hunrgy as on the old program. Like many of you I have a distrust for the new program yet I know it's effective cause it's got me through my plateau. Weight loss is a long process that takes perserverence. If WW isn't working for you try another program. There is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to weight loss (& life for that matter). Just PLEASE don't give up the fight to make yourself healthy & happy! You deserve to feel great about yourself!

I posted a couple of weeks ago and have kept going on the WW PP program. I have still only lost a total of 2 lbs on my 6th week.

I understand what people are saying about "this isn't a diet, but rather a healthy way of eating." I agree that learning to eat healthy and evaluate the food that goes into your body is important. However, I joined WW and am paying them $13 a week to LOSE WEIGHT. I did not join to "learn a healthy way to eat." I already know how to eat healthy. I don't overdo it on the fruits either. I balance everything with proteins etc.

Bottom line, people join Weight Watchers to lose weight and they are not addressing this issue. I have seen MANY forums with people saying the same thing. No matter how many pep talks I get, losing only 2 lbs in 6 weeks is DEPRESSING. I was on WW in college and on that program I would have lost at least 10 lbs by now.

I am a 62 year old male in my 5th. year with ww. I have lost and kept off 80 lbs. I love my ww lifestyle and do believe it's a journey, not a destination, but it's time for the powers that be take notice that to lifetimers "We ain't losin' ANY weight." All of the comments above have been what I've been asking LT's at our meeting.....Newbies are losing lots of weight..because they have lots to lose and any kind of portion control will help them. Lifetimers.....we are maintaining but just barely and many have said If I lose this status I will try something else. Our leader(and I love this guy) says "Weight Watchers has spent millions and millions of dollars on this new program." Okay but I coulda saved 'em some money by telling them...."Don't do it, the old program works just fine!" We really can't bring it up during the meeting because we don't want the newbies to be discouraged. It does seem as though P+ is a way to get more money out of lifetimers(and I was at the first available meeting to get all the new stuff) and it pains me to say that because WW has been so instumental in my life the last few years, but so many can't be so wrong... and one other point, I think what JHud has done is fantastic but anyone could have done it with a leader and a trainer by their side daily. Not to mention the fee she was paid......It would have been better to show her 3 years from now as having kept it off. Still it's a great accomplishment and I applaud her. People are so confused because of being given more points and trying to do a combo of both programs which will not work. I have been back on flex program totally for 2 weeks and am anxious to see what I weigh May One. Keep the faith kids!!!!

Steve, I would probably consider myself a "newbie" even though I'd done the program 20 years ago. My daughter started it with me and she has only lost 4 lbs in 6 weeks. I also don't like the fact that they didn't have calculators available for weeks at a time and you had to join the monthly pass program to get the tools online. They sure don't make it easy for everyone to get the tools unless you pay them more. I don't have tools for the old program so I can't go back to that one.

As for Jennifer Hudson....Yes, if I could afford a personal trainer and personal chef, I can tell you this...I wouldn't need WW.

Has anyone tried another program that works better?

Kelly, WW is the best out there. It's not easy to do and any program you try your head has to be in or it won't work. The major deal is, if you have a bad day, don't make it a bad week. Get up dust yourself off and get back on the program the next day. 4 lbs. in 6 weeks ain't all that bad. Hang in there.


Go to MY FITNESS PAL. I went back to the old program because I was gaining instead of loosing. I am a lifetime member of WW. This new plan does not work for me. My Fitness Pal is great. It will give you everything you need. You can even put in a recipe and it will total the calories for whatever amount of servings you need. IT IS FREE which is also great. Check it out I love it. I went back to Momentum and I have lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. I also use the My Fitness Pal too. Hope this helps.


It's great to see so many opinions on here. I'm back to WW after having a baby, and the new PP is working for me. I'll definately keep all your posts in mind though as I get closer to my goal.

I started at 189- currently 173, and want to be at 145.

I joined Weight Watchers Points Plus in February. I am a 5'7" female and my "normal weight range" is 128-160. I weighed 144 and wanted to get to the lower 128. This week I reached my goal!!! I must admit that the first week I didn't lose a thing and I was very discouraged. After that I still was only losing maybe .6 of a pound per week. I wasn't using all of my points each day and couldn't understand. So I began using all my 29 points per day and added fiber and oils. I also ate fruits and vegetables each day (although I didn't go wild). I think this was the key for me. I know that everyone is different and one diet may be good for one person, while not for another. I think if you have tried it and it doesn't work for you then maybe you should consider moving on. But it worked for me, my husband, co-workers, and friends. It has made me more conscious about what I put in my families tummies as well. My kids are eating healthier and enjoying it. I'm glad that I joined Weight Watchers Points Plus before reading all of the commments on this site because I probably wouldn't have even given it a try. If you are thinking of joining, I say give it a try. You can always cancel if it doesn't work for you. Have a good day!

You know I was searching the web for recipes and clicked on this site. I love the new WW Points Plus. I loved the old program as well but this is so much better. I have been lifetime since 1998 . I lost 64 pounds,and I don't know who you had as a leader but it certainly did matter what those points consisted of. Its always been about healthy eating. What then are the good Health Guidelines which were gone over every Getting Started Session and now Program Knowledge Session..If you took your tracker in to show your leader and you only ate 24 points in donuts and they said nothing I find that very hard to believe. Anyone who only heard that it doesn't matter what you eat as long as you stay in that point range wasn't listening. Think about it it doesn't even make sense. Who in their right mind would think for themselves that this was OK. Or do these people even think. I can't believe what I am even reading. You have a program that does not push pills does not lie to you and say the weight you have gained is coming off tomorrow . One of the only programs out there that encourages healthy eating.. You want results you work for it.... Want to eat your points up in donuts its plain to see you are not ready for any program. But don't blame WW. I agree with the last person who commented thinking of joining give it a try you can always cancel if it doesn't work for you. You have nothing to lose but weight. Everyone else keep on losing and have a Great Day!

I joined WW-at-work. I have been on the program for 2 weeks and lost 3 lbs. Not a lot of weight but it's in the right direction. I love this program. I am making healthier choices. I started exercising. I really feel that this is a great program for making lifestyle changes. It reminds us that we are always making choices and every choice has an outcome.

I am so glad I happened upon this website. I have been so frustrated with the new Points Plus program. I am a lifetime member who has been teetering right at my goal weight with the new plan. I have tried using some, most and all the activity points and weekly points and no matter which route I take, I haven't been able to lose much. Both of the older programs worked really well for me. I do feel better knowing I am not alone. I will work on tweaking the PointsPlus to make it work for me. Thanks.

Actually Sherry, I've found that A LOT of us who are having problems on the new plan ARE the healthier eaters. We're the ones who are at, or close to goal weight and are finding the last pounds hard to lose anyway. The support that the leaders are getting for those of us struggling is scant to nil. They're told to tell us to just keep trying. I eat probably ten servings of fruit & veggies, counting a point for each serving after the first five/six. I haven't eaten a donut for probably eight or more years anyway. I'm still a WW follower, but I don't spray rainbows of it, I tell people to follow their heart and keep trying and that every diet/lifestyle change doesn't work for every body. I'm getting a little tired of all the people who keep telling me that I need to "rock the program, so it can rock me" when there is STILL no exercise plan and no guidance for what it can do for you.

Thanks for your comments Jennifer Starman!

Have to agree. I've always eaten in a "healthy" manner. And am so close to goal! I'm back on the old program after a setback with PP. Things are going well now but I keep wondering if I'm the only one and maybe I didn't get it a fair try but I knew in my heart that something wasn't write for me.

I agree that the PP plan is more complicated, but I really like it. I'm 5'6" @ 144, and I lifetime member. It's taken me a few months to make it work the best for me, but even when I wasn't losing weight, I felt good. This is what I've found to make the PP work for me:

1. Limit my fruits to 2 per day.
2. Don't use my 49 weekly points.
3. Don't go by the scale alone.

If I dig into my 49 weekly points, then I don't lose. It's just the way it is for me (it's the way it was on the old plan, too). Those 49 points are just there in case I figure something wrong or forget to track something. Plus, I have a 2-yr old, and I've been known to pop one of her gummies on occasion.

In regards to the scale - I know you've heard this before, but figure out a way to track other successes. I didn't lose a pound on the PP plan for several months, but I went down a jean's size. I think the emphasis on protein may increase my muscle mass when I work out (compared to my largely carb diet before). Whatever the reason, I have the narrowest waist I've ever had, even though I'm about the same on the scale.

I see any weight loss program as just a framework to help me be more in control and manage my eating and exercise. And, WW is the program that I can most live with. I'm a snacker, I like carbs, I like desserts. I can do all these things with WW.

My mom is doing the PP just on her own, and lost 20 lbs in 2 months. For her, it was tracking and realizing what some of her foods were costing her.

Everyone's body is different. Just look at the next 5 ladies that you walk by. Use WW to your advantage, and if you can't make it work for you, try something else. Don't get discouraged! You can get control over your health!

Best!!!! -Rachel

I too am a Lifetime member and I have posted on this site many times. Leslee I tried the new program for 5 weeks or so and did nothing but gained wieght. I think I gave it enough time. I went back to the old plan and I have been loosing.

It is awfully funny that we can all loose on the old plan but not on the new when you have a little amount of weight to loose.

I feel that again we are paying WW for this PP plan why do we have to TWEEK it. We didn't have to do that with the old plans. Everyone lost on the old plan without a problem or having to tweek the plan. I just think it is crazy to have to try to figure out how to fix the PP plan so you are loosing on it. Isn't that what we are paying WW for.....

I loved WW and always stood behind them but this new plan is not working for those that only have a small amount of weight to loose and they don't seem to be giving any help to the people that are not loosing on it.

I am back to Momentum and also use MY FITNESS PAL.

It is working for me now.

I have tried WW in the past and I was always too hungry and quit. I stumbled onto the new websight called pointsplus and I LOVE IT. I love fruits and veggies and stay away from processed foods. I have dropped 22 lbs and 2 dress sizes in 11 weeks. It has been very easy for me to use. I actually have energy for my circuit training workouts and runs. I love your websight, which I also stumbled onto.

Hey guys,

I have been doing the WW PP system and I really feel like it is not working for me. I am currently in the 29 pt range and feel like I am forcing myself to eat all the points. I used the old Flex system and loved it. Does anyone have an old paper calculator I could have? I feel like this new program could very well work for others but that it may just not be right for me

I found "religion" when I went for my annual physical in early april, and weighed in at 283#. Problem is, I'm not 14 feet tall. I have to lose 85 of those pounds and my doctor said WW is the ONLY successful program. I started it that day and it's way too easy. I enjoy charting my daily points and, so far, haven't used the whole 40 daily points I'm allowed at this time. I'm very comfortable around 30, and like so many have said, it's about being aware of what you're eating. Fruits and veggies are great snack options for me and I an tell by the way my clothes fit the program is working.

I also feel like the new WW points plus is not working for me. I lost 15 pounds on the old system and loved every minute of it. I have been on this system and have not lost a pound. Why can't I choose between the old system and the new as an online member. I hate the new system :(

I have been keeping up with these comments, and have to say I think the reason PP has been easy for me is that you do have to tweak it and see what works. I workout every morning but do not use flex points or activity earned points because I am in lose mode. I also feel very satisfied on 22-24 points per day because I eat Powerfoods and 2-3 servings of fruit per day. I dont eat fast food, processed foods and I fill up on veggies. I put veggies in every dish I can fit them into. I am sure thats why I have been able to lose 22 pounds in 11 weeks. I wish everyone luck with it.

Yes, everyone that is losing weight has tweaked the plan. The problem is that you are probably undernourished while you are at it. 29 points is supposed to be the MINIMUM point you eat, not 22 or 24 or 28. THAT is why you are losing weight, not because you are following the plan - because when you under eat, you ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE POINTS PLUS plan. I am finally slowly (6 months - about 3 pounds) losing, but it takes 45 minutes or more a day of hard exercise plus eating my bare minimum of points - counting fruit and veggies after 5 servings to get anywhere. I'm actually working towards eating from the mayo clinic food pyramid - it seems way healthier than the original.

This is what I have finally figured out...FOR ME, why did I think this new plan would work, when I had to work so hard on the old plan to lose the weight...I agree with many of you that if you don't have that much to lose, the new plan just allows way too many points...All I know is, I have been trying all winter to lose SIX pounds...I'm going back to the old plan...I have a small goal to lose 3 pounds in 2 weeks for a trip to NYC...I will post again and let you know how I did...

Hi Patti...I've got 6 lbs left to go too! Was up to 10 with the new PP! Went back to the old plan and I'm back on track! Just going to step on my treadmill now! Have a great trip...know you can do it!


I am doing the points plus on my own. I have lost 20lbs. I had done the old points years ago also on my own. This really works. Your mind gets reprogrammed to think eat healthier to have less points used. It has great results if you are determined and have the will power to desire success. Exercise is essential. I have by no means the genetics of a slim person in my family we are short and latin with the passion for sweets and bread/pastas. So it can be done, Don't give up. 10 more lbs to go. I'm even now less than my pre-marriage weight from 8 years ago. Yeah!!!

I lost over 50lbs using the old point system. I have maintain my weight over 2 yrs using the old system. I won't be trying the new pointsplus system since I can't see any value in it. With the old plan you ate fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meats etc. Not sure why people are saying the new plans pushes fresh instead of processed. If you used processed foods it was your choice and not WW. Maybe the meetings I went to was more into fresh items than processed

This is my second go around with Weight Watchers. With the old plan, I was always feeling deprived and starving. Now, I find that I eat much more fruit and vegetables. I dont feel like I have to forgo a midmorning banana! I've been on Points Plus for just over a month, and have dropped 7lbs. I know it doesnt seem like much, but prior to WW, I was unable to shed anything. Every week seemed to just have the scale creeping higher.

I'm sticking with this plan. I love being able to eat a peach or apple 20 min before a meal to take the edge off and help me eat healthier. I dont have to worry about it "stealing points".

I am at my goal weight. In order to keep this weight I count points and write down all the food I eat everyday. I am happy doing this. Since I have been at my goal weight for many years, I don't think I will start using the points plus system unless I have to go back to WW to lose again. I know the foods that are healthier, but do like to have the choice without the guilt. With the old system, I do not feel guilty if I eat a lowfat cookie, cereal bar or ice cream. I certainly do keep these to the minimum. I do believe that the old points was more realistic, since we all do want a guilt free treat once in a while.

I joined WW a couple of weeks ago and lost 1.4lbs at my first weigh-in last week on the new plan. On the old WW plan, I was able to lose 30lbs in 3 months, but the way things are going, I don't think I'm going to have as much success this time around. On the old plan, I was able to cheat and still lose 2-3lbs. But I've been following the new plan faithfully and am not losing at the rate I was on the old plan. I eat only 1-2 pieces of fruit a day, lots of veggies, lean chicken and some WW treats, but no chips or chocolates, etc.. My daily point allotment is 39 which I think is alot. I'm not even using my extra weekly points. I'm going to give the new plan a few more weeks and then I'm digging out the old plan stuff. On the other hand, my friend lost 8lbs at her first weigh-in even though she ate more fruit and dipped into her weekly points (and she's older than I am). I'm frustrated, but willing to give the new plan a few more weeks. If there isn't an increase in the amount of weight I'm losing, I'm going back to the old plan or using the parameters from

I too have had not much success with PP Program. I have lost 2.5lbs in a month then gained it all back. I have stayed on the program and have been working out. The main issue seems to be with those of us that are lifetime and just need to loose under 10lbs to get back to goal. I am going back on the old system today and am even going to make a copy of my old slider so i can have it in the future. For those of us who do not have alot of weight to lose I think it's just to many points. And we I did try to "tweek" it thats when I lost the weight. I'm over PP. Back to the old!

WW says the change in the program was to help members eat better. It may be, but I also think it is a money maker. They should not have fixed something that was not broken. So what if someone eats too many snacks once in a while. I do but then make up my mind to eat less snacks. I like having the choice. We all need a treat sometimes. If I eat a low fat snack I dont look for a big piece of cake that has tons of fat in it. I know you can eat lowfat snacks on the points plus program but since the points have been raised one is made to feel like a degenerate for eating it.

I commented above on April 24 about the feedback I've been getting from all my "lifetime" friends on PP and the overwhelming consensus is..............if you got a lot to lose you're going to lose alot. If you are at or near goal you will see-saw up-down, gain 2 lose 2. It took me from February 7th 2007 to January 5th 2008 to lose 80 pounds on the flex program, man it was simple and easy<---(those of you that have done it know it's not easy but it's easier to lose it than to keep it off!). It is May '11 and I have kept it off. I started with 35 points a day but thought that too much so I dropped to 30 and as long as I stayed within points the wgt. fell off...So I am maintaining at 204 and 26 points a day. Suddenly I had 37 points a day, and 49 weekly points, fruit was free and the "calorie" was no longer important....26points approx = 1300 cal. November of '10 Points Plus was rolled out to much ballyhoo and fanfare. "We have a new calculator that calories no longer figure in. We are calculating Fiber/Carbs/Protein/Fat" Took me 6 months to figure out I had gotten 11 points a day added and an extra 14 points weekly. Thats 91 extra points a week, that's almost 4 days worth of points on my 26 a day normal usage. MORE IMPORTANTLY my head which had been so into the game now had new rules to learn......Initially LTers lost up to 6 lbs. in the first few months slowly it has crept back on. The new ones were dropping scads of wgt. as they well shud........and I have lost 2 gained 2 for 6 months. Tried to go back on flex but(in all fairness we were told mixing both programs would not work but hey if we tweak it a little we can get it to work for us.....maybe.....right......wrong. I really don't think WW cares about the lifetimer, yes the leaders say "Look around the room and find a lifetimer and ask them how they have lost and kept it off." We sit in a row of 5 people called the biggest losers. The 5 of us under flex have lost 375 lbs. None of us have lost under the new PP. I'm so glad that movement plays a big part of my life. I'm glad new folks are losing, but WW needs a sepeate meeting for lifetimers or the meeting rooms will have alot more empty seats for the new "paying" members to sit in. I Still live it, love it and know I can't ever go away from it but luckily we kept all the old stuff. Wishing you newbies the best, keep yer head in it and you'll be amazed at the results......Lifetimers get thy heads back into it with some learned tricks( with a lil tweak here and there) Lifetimers experiencing success at PP we salute you and keep on keepin' on! For now at least it's flex for me.

Hooray for WW. they're really finally getting "on the ball" with a more healthful and realistic food plan. Although I only lost 1.4lbs my first week back, I feel better. I still get extra points for the week if I want to go out or have something indecent and I get more points than I ever had before plus all my fruits and veggies are now zero points so I can eat the whole darn banana. Yippee!!!. Let's get honest here. If you want to "cheat" as so many folks put it, then you're gonna cheat no matter what the point system. It's a lifetime program. WW is finally "getting it" and my life is now less complicated.

After today's meeting and being down 2.2 lbs(flex for a week) I have realized that I haven't been totally fair in my comments about PP.....A girl sitting by me today on her second week told me she had lost 6.4lbs. the first week, as many of us had when we joined..........We would have been as excited as the new ones had we joined now instead of 5 years ago. WW has shown us LTers how to do it so the focus should be on the new folks. Besides we all tweak or do things that work for us. I am happy to the the scale moving downward agaiun.

I started WW and the new PP plan Feb. 1, 2011. I have now lost a total of 18 lbs and feel great. I have done WW before many years ago but I never lasted long as I got discouraged. This time I went in with a new attitude that I was changing my eating habits for my health and not necessarily just for the weight, although that is a plus. It hasn't been fast but it has been steady and it is a plan I can stick with. Have about 20 more lbs to lose and I am confident that I will reach that goal as I don't feel deprived or hungry.

My husband I and have been doing the Weight Watchers Program since January 11, 2011. We LOVE the iPhone app for calculating points. He has lost 55lbs, and I have lost 25lbs - being the lightest I have ever been in my adult life. The scale don't lie, and neither do they. It's easy. It works. You just have to DO it.

I love this site and yes, I am currently following the new WW Points Plus system and am happy to report positive results. And a bit YES to adding Points Plus values on your snacks and recipes! Would be much appreciated!! Thanks.

UPDATE: It's week 3 and I still seem to be struggling.

As I mentioned in my first post, I lost 1.4lbs in my first week. I did better in my second week, losing 3.4lbs. BUT...I had my 3rd weigh-in today and I'm UP 0.4lbs. I know it's not alot, but it's very discouraging when I'm doing the right things and not having alot of luck.

Being someone who has ALOT to lose (current weight = 263.6lbs), I guess I was expecting to lose quite a bit based on the posts I've read (ie: the more you need to lose the easier it will be).

I think a large part of my struggle is my daily points. I generally eat low point foods...fruit, salad, chicken, etc.. and I'm having a hard time using my 39 daily points. I find myself rooting around the house looking for food to eat to reach my daily point value! I don't ever dip into my extra weekly points.

It's either stick with the PointsPlus Plan and reduce my daily point value OR go back to the old WW plan.

Total weight loss over 3 weeks = 4.8lbs. On the old plan, I'd be down 8lbs by now.

I honestly feel like crying :-(

Well, it's something like week 8 or 9 for me. I've lost a total of 20 pounds as of monday. Of all those weeks, I had one where I didn't lose or gain. And then I had one where I had gained back 2.5. The week I gained, I knew it was coming. I have pretty much cut out eating out for lunch and on the weekends. But that week, I ate catered lunches at work 3 days in a row. And altough I did my best to "point" what I ate.. and I know it was at least half of what I would have eaten before.. it's just not a good way to do meals for me. Too many unknowns. How the food was cooked.. with what.. So the next week I went back to making everything myself and counting and measturing every single thing I put in my mouth. I dropped that 2.5 and an extra pound. Also, I adjust my target points every monday. I stay 2 points below what they say I should eat and I try very hard to not use those "extra" allowable splurge points.

I think the plan is fine. But I also think that everyones bodies are so different. There can't really be one no fault way that will work for everyone. All I know is.. don't give up. My friend is doing this too and she went 4 weeks not losing anything. And a few times she gained back a pound or two. But now she's hit the 25 pound mark because she didn't let it discourage her to the point of giving in.

Keep your heads up people. :)

I lost 28 lbs. on the old system and felt it was easy. I could, for example, eat a baked potato with almost no point value to fill myself when hungry.

I had a bad year and got off weight watchers and regained my old weight plus some. Now I have rejoined under the points plus system and everything has changed. I find it hard to get full unless I eat only fresh fruit most of which I don't care for. It's only been a week--but so far, I prefer the old system. Don't care for Points Plus.

I was an online member from 2/24/2010-2/23/2011. Had attended meetings in the 90's and I am just not a meeting person, so the online approach is best for me.

Started with the Momentum Plan and did not find the transition to PointsPlus difficult. Lost over 30 pounds, [mainly under Momentum but also saw results on PointsPlus]. However, I had reached the 'point' where I just couldn't stand even thinking the word 'points' anymore.

At first I found tracking fun and challenging but a year later, after jumping off the wagon and getting back on repeatedly, I knew I was done and cancelled my membership. But I did keep my PointsPlus calculator and all my info, figuring I may revisit the plan.

I know, I know, 'Being fat is hard, being thin is hard, choose your hard.' And, 'It works if you work it.' I get it. And I would not hesitate to recommend the plan to others because it emphasizes balanced eating, no special foods are required and no foods are 'banned'.

I may give the Simply Filling Technique a shot. While I would still need to count points for anything consumed off the Power Foods list, overall there would be far less tracking involved so that might be the approach for me--at this 'point', anyway.

Good luck, everybody!

I was an online member from 2/24/2010-2/23/2011. Had attended meetings in the 90's and I am just not a meeting person, so the online approach is best for me.

Started with the Momentum Plan and did not find the transition to PointsPlus difficult. Lost over 30 pounds, [mainly under Momentum but also saw results on PointsPlus]. However, I had reached the 'point' where I just couldn't stand even thinking the word 'points' anymore.

At first I found tracking fun and challenging but a year later, after jumping off the wagon and getting back on repeatedly, I knew I was done and cancelled my membership. But I did keep my PointsPlus calculator and all my info, figuring I may revisit the plan.

I know, I know, 'Being fat is hard, being thin is hard, choose your hard.' And, 'It works if you work it.' I get it. And I would not hesitate to recommend the plan to others because it emphasizes balanced eating, no special foods are required and no foods are 'banned'.

Before I cancelled, I did consider--more than once--the Simply Filling technique. While at that time I did not think I would follow it, I've just revisited that plan information and now think I may give it a shot. While I would still need to count points for anything consumed off the Power Foods list, overall there would be far less tracking involved so that might be the approach for me at this time.

Best of luck, everyone.

These comments about WW PP being ineffective to the point of complete sabotage are very disheartening as I just paid for a 3 month membership to WW 2 weeks ago. I have yet to lose any weight and it occurred to me that I sure have been slamming the veggies/fruit at the end of the day when I'm "out of points"...which then lead me to wonder is this going to work at all? Is this working for others? So I googled it and I stumbled upon this website. I read through most of the comments on this post and as a result I joined MYFITNESSPAL to start analyzing and cross referencing a bit more critically, afterall, the LAST THING I want is to pay a monthy fee to GAIN weight. I need this to work, so I will be proactive and do both sites simultaneously as I watch the scale. I will report anything I discover...and hopefully that will be that WW PP is effective...or maybe MyFitnessPal is the free way and the better way? I am just so happy I found this post BEFORE I put all my blind faith into WW PP. Good Luck everyone, it's not easy! Food is just too darn good.

I did WW a few years ago and successfully lost 30 pounds. I signed up for WW again this past December, and faithfully followed the program for 4 months. I lost 3 pounds. I was very disapointed. I cancelled my WW membership and now using MyFitnessPal. It works so much better.

Good luck everyone, regardless of what you use!

Hi, I lost about 31-33 lbs. 3 times with WW since 1998 (each after pregnancy). I have been Lifetime since '98. I also made a major lifestyle change in '04 after 9 years of NO EXERCISE WHATSOEVER, I joined a gym and within 6 months became a spin instructor (no one was more shocked than I). I am exercising about 2 hours a day, 6 days a week.

So . . . . about a year ago I had a sudden 10 lb weight gain in a month (I was still under the max allowed for my height and only 2 lbs. above my stated goal, but still that was 10 lbs. over where I wanted to be and above where I have stayed for the last several years). I was horrified and went back to strict points counting (at home, no meetings), but if I lost a pound I'd gain it right back the next day. so frustrating. This has been going on for a whole year, and I decided I can't take it any more (summer clothes too tight and I refuse to buy bigger ones) so I decided to go back to meetings and check out the new PP plan.

It is REALLY working for me. In the first week I lost 2.4 lbs, and now in my second week (it's been 4 days) I am down another 1.2 so far. I feel that there is so much to eat now that fruits are free. I am really aware now of carbs and am less likely to have a bagel now that it is 8 points instead of 6. In the past, if I had 2 points left at the end of the day, I used to choose a 2 point bar or similar snack. Now I will choose some fruit AND a lowfat vanilla yogurt. I have also changed my outlook about breakfast; I never ate it before bc I wanted to save my points until the end of the day. Now I am likely to make a 6 point breakfast sandwich (toast, egg white, laughing cow light cheese, onion, tomato, spinach--YUM). then at the end of the day I am eating fewer points (for example tonight's 3 point dinner was grilled tilapia with lemon and basil butter, and a huge serving of steamed broccoli and sliced mango, strawberries and blueberries.) dessert: 2 point yogurt.

I do not use ANY of the exercise points that I earn, but I did use ALL 49 extra points at a wedding the 2nd day I was on plan.

Anyway, this is really working for me after a whole year of failure on the old plan. I wish you all the best and just wanted to add my 2 cents because this plan IS working for me (a person with 10 lbs. to lose).

A final suggestion for those who are at a plateau. google "The Wendie Plan" take on WW (remember that??) and try out the concept with the new PP plan. see if it works--I like to follow it --weigh Friday, eat my big points day on Sat, and then have the remaining days up/down and by Friday I have lost.

best of luck!

Hello again--sorry about my earlier post going in twice. Today I started the Simply Filling Technique--have all the info from earlier this year when still a paying member and doing Points Plus, so decided to give it a shot. Obviously can't report yet on weight loss, but I am really liking it so far. Will check back in later, but for now really enjoying not having to think about 'points' all the time. Good luck to all of us, whatever plan we choose.

shasta do not be discouraged. Weigh and measure everything, eat powerfoods, drink a minimum of 80 ounces water per day. The weight watcher recipes are awesome. Also find some activity you enjoy and do it at least 6 days per week. I have tried the old WW in the past and could not stick to it, not enough food. I have lost 25 lbs in 15 weeks and gone from a size 10 to a 4. I think exercise and water are imperative to keeping our bodies functioning at an optimum level. However I also know we are all different and what works for one will not work for another. The big thing is being committed and getting your mind into it. Good Luck

Weighed in on Monday and reached 10% of total body weight lost. Took 16 weeks but I am feeling great and actually walked a 5K on Sunday with the Weight Watchers Walk-it Challange. Not a big excercise person but I did it and that really boosts my confidence. Still have quite a ways to go but I am happy with the Points Plus program and it is working for me.

Rhonda, that's wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS !!!

I too am a lifetime member. I, unfortunately, threw all my old WW information including the tracker . Does anyone know where I could get this info. for the old plan. I am not losing very much on the Points Plus and would like to go back to the old plan. I only need to lose about 7 lbs. and in reading these comments everyone in that bracket seems to have the same problem. I am getting very discouraged also. I was so glad I came across this site by accident. The leader cannot give me any explanation for this so I was so happy to see there are a lot of others in the same "boat" I am in.

just found your chat. Glad I did. We spend our winters getting away from the northern cold by heading south. In the past, this has been 5 months of pure hedonism for me. My body has reflected that. The last time I was on WW was 2003 when I lost 40 lbs. Loved the program. But that wasn't the first time I'd been on WW. That was back in 1970. (Remember the tuna?) Lost 100 lbs that time. I've gained and lost so many "people" I've lost track. It's easy for me to go off the wagon.

So this time when we got back north I decided it's back to WW. I was aghast at the new program. The old points system was sooooooo very easy.

I've been on the new program (this is my fifth week) and lost 2 lbs, gained 3 lbs, steadied and finally got down 5 lbs.

I like going to the meetings 'cause we just moved to this small town and it's a good way to meet people, but other than that, not so sure that I would like to head back to the old points plan.

I'm with Lillian...would love to find a resource for the old points program.

I never did WW under the old program. Just started this program about 3 weeks ago and find it as easy to use as anything else. Previously, in order to eat healthier - and help teach my daughter to eat healthy - we followed the guidelines at the USDA's Pyramid website. It gave good info but did not provide very good guidelines. WW PointsPlus does take a bit of time to track food, but that needs to be done anyway, "diet" or no diet. I have the little calculator, and my only complaint is that I cannot save my favorite foods but have to re-enter them each time, remembering their points. My husband suggested I get a tiny spiral notebook to keep in my pocket or purse to write down my favorite foods, and so far that works. I now have a phone with internet access so I can access WW-online, and that's *fantastic*!

Hi Paula - thanks for responding to my e-mail. I am a lifetime member and have always used the old points but with the new points plus program I am not losing as I did with the old program. I, too, have the calculator. I will give it a few more weeks and then see where I go from there. I wish I would have kept the old paperwork from the old points program but unfortunately I threw it away and WW says they cannot get me this. Thanks again for your response and I wish you and your daughter good luck on the weight loss journey. Thanks again

I took the advice of (I can't remember who) but went to

it's great. it tracks my foods, keeps a running tally of what I've consumed, etc.

I'm going to go back to the old points system by just assigning one point for every 50 calories I consume. I know how to eat pretty healthy so there's no trouble in getting a handle on the whole portion control idea. You remember... the deck of cards, your thumb, a post-it note...all that stuff. I think I'll still go to the meetings though. At least for a little while.

I lost 25 pounds on the old system, then the new system came in my last 2 months on the program and I lost 0 so I stopped. I have been slowly putting on weight again and now am on the new system again for about 1 month. I have lost nothing! Plus I am not as satisfied with the food that I am eating. I used to have a english muffin for 1 point, not it is 3, that satisfied me. Now I try to substitute with fruit and cottage cheese and I am hungry within an hour. I am nervous because ww was the only diet that ever worked and now it doesnt look like it does anymore.

Amy - go back to the old WW program! I'm on it again - 5 lbs left. New one didn't work for me either. So disappointed!


Hi Marguerite - thanks for the reply. I will do the 50 calories for 1 point. Over all these years as a lifetime I did not even realize this. This was very helpful as I did not keep the old paperwork. Thanks again. You have been very helpful.

Like one of the posters mentioned that if you have to TWEAK the new PP plan then you are not using the PP plan.

I just don't get it. We pay WW for this plan and you all have to tweak it to loose weight. YOU ARE NOT ON THE PLAN IF YOU ARE TWEAKING THE PLAN.......What is wrong with this picture?

I went back to Momentum and I am loosing. I am a Lifetime Member and never ever had a problem with this plan but PP does not work if you have only a little to loose.

Why are you paying WW if you are tweaking the plan to make it work? I just don't get it. You are paying WW to figure a plan out that works not one that you have to Tweak to make work.

Mickey...totally agree with you! What's the point of that?

BTW - Does anyone know what the difference is between the Momentum program and the Turnaround program?



I find my WW ladies to be nasty. I thought 29 points was 29 points. I work full time, go to school full time and have 2 children, I dont have time to scientifically figure out carb ratio's, isnt that why we have the points system? Arent you supposed to lose weight if you stay within your points? Isnt that what they are selling you? I dont think its right that someone who weighs 40-50 pounds more than me has the same amount of points. I'm definitely eating too much.

I swear I believe the scientists did not take into consideration the facts that lifetimers and new folks have two different agendas. When one has many pounds to lose the plan(any plan) but let's say PP...People will lose large weight with their starting points. Lifetimers are supposed to be maintaining and NOT losing, but we all want to continue to lose. If a woman was using 18-20 points a day, then given 29 as a starting point with 49 extra weekly points instead of 35 there is no way with the extra points a woman is going to lose OR maintain unless she's running marathons every day. I am aware the points values of all foods have increased on the PPlus plan. However that is not holding to be true because of the volume of unhappy folks. A man the same applies to I was using 26 points and on the PP I went up to 37 a day. I'm back to using 26 and losing again. Folks are eating way to much fruit(it really is not free and it is still included in the 5 fruits and veg a day) and the new program is so much harder to wrap your head around. Lots of former LTers have dropped out because PP simply was not working. I for one would encourage WW scientists to to think about retooling or something. Everybody thought this PP was the greatest thing since sliced bread until someone said "Bread, who eats bread?" j/k. keep the faith y'all.

Oh yeah.............
50 calories = 1 points
3500 calories = 1 lb.
just fyi

So now I have to put a buffer of 5 points per day in and not use the additional points. It doesnt add up.

Hi - I agree with you that the PP program does not work if you have only a little to lose. I am also a lifetime and this plan does not work for me because I have only 5 or 6 lbs. to lose. I wish I didn't throw all my paperwork on the old plan away. I will try to work around this by using the suggestion of one of the members that 50 calories equals 1 point on the old plan. I'm glad I am not paying for these meetings because I am at goal weight but I would still like to lose 5 more lbs. Thanks for everyones help.

Many thanks to all who have shared - I thought the reason I wasn't losing on PP was because I was eating in my sleep! I lost 18 lbs on Momentum a couple of years ago, fairly painlessly. Have been on PP for 6 weeks - no loss the first 2 weeks, 1/2 lb week 3, gained the 1/2 pound back in week 4, gained an extra pound week 5. This is insane. Would love to go back to old program, but I did it all online, never had a calculator, and no longer have access to the old values. So happy for Jennifer Hudson, but WW just lost another customer.

I started WW a couple weeks ago. I need to lose some weight, and my husband **really** needs to lose some weight. Of course he's lost a lot already (when it comes to weight loss, I hate men), but after following the Points Plus plan religiously -- you guessed it -- I gained.

Whatever diet you decide to follow, the bottom line is if you want to lose weight you have to use up more calories than you're taking in. I feel that 29 points is, for me, ridiculous if there are no points in things like fruit. I spoke to my leader about lowering my daily point count, but she said there was no way I could lose weight if I didn't eat all those points. I knew that if I gained weight two weeks in a row that I be discouraged and depressed (and fatter!), so I called WW customer service. The rep showed me the Simply Filling plan, which really isn't talked about at meetings. It's a lot easier, and makes a lot more sense to me. Has anyone else tried it? I think I'm going to switch over.

Hi - regarding the simply filling plan, my leader also mentioned this to me. I tried it for a week and still did not lose a pound. I only have five pounds left to lose but I just think, as I mentioned earlier, in one of my comments, this PP is not for people who only have a few pounds to lose, at least in my case. I think I may just back to counting calories and website said I should be eating 1200 calories per day so I may just do this as I threw all my old WW paperwork away. Good luck in your weight loss. The simply filling may work for you so give it a try. Good Luck. I feel a lot of these leaders, including mine, just do not know what to say to people who have these complaints about their weight loss!

I don't get whats not working for people. I have been very successful using PP. I started at 149 and 16 weeks later I weigh 123. This is my goal weight. I eat tons of veggies and powerfoods. The one thing I also do is 60-90 minutes of intense workouts 6 days a week. Guess it depends on the person. The old WW was not enough food for far PP has been a godsend....

So... you're saying that PP works great IF you build in 24-36 Activity Points each week?? Most of us would lose weight on any diet - or no diet at all - if we followed your regimen. Sorry, I'm still not impressed.

If I had the time or the inclination to intensely work out 60-90 minutes six days a week I could eat whatever I pleased!

The bottom line for me is I need WW because it's something that works for my husband and is something he can easily stick with. The Points Plus system is simply too much food for me, and if the Simply Filling plan doesn't do any better I'll just take the weight off the good ol' fashioned way and count calories until I lose the weight I want; giving lip service to WW so my husband will stay on it.

There doesn't seem to be a One Size Fits All way to diet, and the reactions on this thread are a great demonstration of that. I'm excited for anyone who finds a way to lose weight and keep it off, as long as it's a healthy path that teaches good eating patterns and helps them understand that food is basically just fuel. What ever floats your boat -- or rather, whatever allows your boat to float!

It seems like there are definitely two-three camps of WW people. I think that WW should have a brief quiz when you join to determine what kind of eater you are (Carb vs. veggie vs protein) and provide some kind of adjustment for the new system based on the results (maybe it is a combo of new and old programs). If you truly don't like to eat fruits and veggies you will not all of a sudden embrace the new plan, you will just fill up on other things for your points, perhaps defeating the new PP program. I have been on WW several times with varying success. I'm now on the new PP program and feel like it's working, but it's only been 2 weeks. You have to find what works for you and your lifestyle right now, not what worked 10 or 20 years ago - things change! I agree with what many of you have said already - this is a lifestyle, not a temporary change, it's a new belief system. THAT'S the key to being successful. Breaking old habits isn't easy, but it is possible. Good luck to all of us. Di

What does breaking old habits have to do with the new PP. WW Momentum worked and you were still eating healthy. It was a way of life not a diet. It showed you how to eat and you still lost weight. So I guess I don't understand what is so wrong with the old way. It worked, you ate healthy you lost weight. Isn't that the goal everyone wants to achieve. PP is not any more healthier then the Momentum plan. If your going to eat carbs it doesn't matter what plan you are on, your going to eat them. If you only have a small amount of weight to loose PP DOES NOT WORK FOR US. New plan old plan it should still work without TWEAKING it. The old plan worked with 99% of the people if you ate your total points and kept track of them. This new plan just does not work if you have a small amount of weight to loose. Congrats to the people that are loosing on it but there are so many many more that are not unless of course they TWEAK the plan which drives me crazy that you are paying for something you have to redo. Think about it, why are you paying for a plan that you have to try to make work. You might as well just use MyFitnessPal and pay nothing. What is the difference. I just think it is crazy that the people that think PP works are the ones that are TWEAKING the plan to make it work........Then it should be called Weight Watchers Tweaking Plan......Make it work for you......Just Sayin.....

(Please excuse me if this is a duplicate entry. My computer is acting up today.)

Here's something I found interesting. When I got weighed at the meeting and found I had actually gained wait I was kind of (kind of?) stunned. The WW person checking me in said that's normal for the first week. I said that I can't think of a single diet where you don't lose weight the first week; usually more pounds than you would any other week. She said the new plan was not set up for that; that a very small loss or gain is now expected. I just looked at her and asked who would sign up for this if they knew that. No answer.

Again -- my husband has to lose around 75 lbs (on the far side of 75), so I'll stick with this, but I think WW is going to find there is going to be a dip in their profits. For the first time I can remember WW was not named the top diet plan by Consumer Reports. (Jenny Craig was; WW was second because many people had problems with JC's packaged food.) I want to lose weight at a reasonable pace - an average of 2 lbs a week sounds fair - but to be on track to lose one pound a month, which seems to be the average from my informal survey is...what the hell is that? I am totally mystified by this. Maybe the people here are right -- that if you only have a relatively small amount to lose P+ is not going to cut it.

Mickey that is hilarious...."the weight watcher tweakers". Somewhere I found online that PP recommends earning 6 activity points per day, thats what I try to do and sometimes a few more. Thats probably why the old program didn't work for me. Ima fitness freak and 18 points was not enough.

Diane you bring up a really great point. I used to do Jillian Michaels but the eating was too restrictive (I thought). But she broke people up into 3 groups of metabolizers. You ate either more fat, protein or carbs based on a survey you took. everyone have a great weekend, keep on moving and make clean eating choices.

signed Maggie the WW Tweaker

@ Maggie


I am so glad that other people are having issues with PP. I have lost over 40 lbs on the old ww and have been maintaining since then (2007). Just to get that "extra Kick" everyone promoted PP as I thought I could use the program to get me into that perfect goal I always wanted. I was MORTIFIED when I stepped on the scale after many years of keeping track of points to notice I'd gained. I did some research and people said to give it a few weeks to let your body's been 7 and I've only gained. Now I am frustrated and depressed because summer is here and instead of making progress or improvement I am now in the worst weight I've been in years. I am so upset. I will start the old points again and hope that my summer won't be full of cover-ups and "I'm afraid of burning" to hide my weight gain.

Also, I saw a post in here that the old ww didn't work for someone because of being highly athletic. I have participated in competitive sports for over 10 years and even with weight watchers I never had an issue. There are activity points...

I too am done with Points Plus. I am also done with paying Weight Watchers. Sad thing is I really need the meetings. I find they keep me on track. I called WW before I cancelled to ask if they were going to make any changes. They absolutely deny that anyone is having any trouble on Points Plus. They make it sound like I'm not following the program. I have done Weight Watchers, Diet Workshop, etc. I used to be a fitness instructor before and injury and weight gain. I KNOW I was doing the program correctly. It does not work for everyone and I have a lot of weight to lose. What I got from WW was a "cheerleader" employee who just reiterated the company line. Oh, and guess what ya'll....Jennifer Hudson lost ALL her weight on MOMENTUM! She did not lose it on Points Plus. She's doing maintenance on PP but lost the weight on the OLD program....that tells you something, now doesn't it!

Hi Greg - Don't get discouraged. I am a lifetime member in my "senior years". I, too, have not been able to lose weight on the new points plus program. My leader is not very good and really does not know how to answer this question when she is approached with it. She wants to see my journal which I gladly showed her and cannot see what I am doing wrong. The program does not work for everyone and I wish I could go back to the old points but I do not have the material any longer. I think, being I do not have much to lose, I will start just counting calories . Good luck to you.

Hi all,

I posted a week or so ago that I had just started PP (I'm lifetime, at goal, but wanted to lose a bit--you know how it is), and that I lost 2.4 in the first week so I was pleased. However, during the next week I gained .4, and half-way into the 3rd week, I was up another .4.

So . . . I've just started counting the fruit, as in the old plan and I am losing again; down 1 lb. this week.

I started tracking calories on and compare that to PP just out of curiosity. Interesting to note: yesterday, I needed to eat 1500-something calories to account for my exercise +1200. I figured the points according to PP including fruit, and it would have been 31. Then I figured the points calling the fruit free, and it was only 23 points.

I have decided to continue in this method with myfitnesspal counting calories, or in the event I am away from the computer, I will use the old plan values for fruit and use the PP calculator for other items.

so, in other words, tweaking.

On WW I never used the exercise points, as I have been a regular exerciser and fitness instructor for 7 years, so I earn more than 50/week, however I did use the extra 49 weekly points, usually all on a Saturday night so I could eat out. That would, of course, result in a higher scale reading on Sunday mornings, and gradually hoping to catch up by Fri weigh-in.

Using MFP, they emphasize that you should eat the calories you earned by exercise each day on top of your base (mine is 1200), but there are no "extra weekly points". This makes sense to me, to eat your points when you earn them, not on days you don't. Anyway, so I'm going to not eat so much on Saturday (or any particular) night; try to keep it more even, but eat the exercise calories I earn each day. I've dropped a pound this week, so we'll see if it continues.

I have been contemplating beginning the PP program but there seems to be so much contoversy that may I'll just try to find my old material and work from that.

Just to be fair, here are my results this week. Points Plus works for some people, but not me. On the other hand, Simply Filling, the other WW program, has turned out to be just right. I've lost weight, am eating great, and pretty much have exactly what I was looking for. A girlfriend asked me if I would recommend her joining, and I said it's worth trying out. First Points Plus, if that doesn't work try Simply Filling, if that doesn't work save your money and just count calories. One size does not fit all.

Well, my 6 week membership is up and I've decided not to renew. In that 6 weeks, I only managed to lose 6lbs...losing and gaining and losing and gaining. While it's true that the scale went down, I would have lost double that amount on the old plan. So now I'm at a I go back to the old plan or do I try something completely different.

Please don't hear me say that PP is a crap program. It just didn't seem to work for me. For those of you who are having success with the PP, stick with it and best of luck on your journey!

I lost weight years ago on Weight Watchers, but on the Core Plan (focus on low carb, higher protein and whole grains). I was hungry on the traditional points program. This new program incorporates all the things I didn't like about the traditional points; FREE fruits and vegetables, protein and fat vs. carbs, and more points per day. I'm not hungry and I'm making better food choices. Yes, you need a calculator instead of a slide to figure points; but that's because their new formula is more complicated, not because they're trying to sell more materials.

Karen-while I agree Points Plus works for SOME people, it does not work for the majority as the traditional points system did. I disagree that they're not trying to sell materials. I have officially ended my relationship with WW. I have called and they don't seem to really care that they're new program is not working for a lot of members. Look at these boards and other boards on the net. There are a lot of unsatisfied people. I believe this was soley a money game. There is no longer a "test" to find out how many points you get. You either have to go to a meeting and weigh in or do the online program. You have to buy a calculator when that was included in the past. Your scale is no longer good if you use it to calculate points-you need to get a new one to calculate pp-and there's no trade in because they decided to change to program. You must buy everything new. WW got greedy. They came up with a 1/2 cocked program that only works for a small amount of their members. What will it take for them to admit there is a problem. I hope that they get what's coming after being so greedy.

Greg, you've said what many, many lifetimers are saying. The focus is on the heavier peeps and it should be, HOWEVER the lifetimers no longersr provide money to the leaders or the meeting rooms. Nobody who's been around awhile buys the food???? they sell. It was a wonderful program when you could actually understand it. I don't know any leaders that don't tweak it and the motivation seems to be missing. It's a "good luck, see ya next week" kinda deal now. But whatever phase you're (I'm looking out at alla'ya'll) keep on keepin' on. Whether you're down .2 or just even "Praise the Lord. If you've gained, remember it's only a number and you'll weigh different tomorrow. If you eat today, you get another chance tomorrow. Our leader has a great saying "All is forgiven move on." That about does it for today... This is "Still Slim Steve" sayin' "If ya bite it write it!"

I used to be very overweight (5'1" 180lbs). I took off most of the weight on my own - 45lbs. I then tried another plan. The problem is it was a diet. I made my goal of 115 only to quickly gain it back. I was strict but it was not a liveable lifestyle. It eliminated a lot of fruit, all bread and pasta and dairy from my diet. I could not live that way. What I like about WW is that a lot of the fruits I like are freebies and it encourages you to eat all in moderation. I have $1 to spend on food today. If I want that bagel it is going to cost me 35cents.....I had better use the remaining 65 wisely. I work out often. After 3 weeks I have lost 5 lbs. I am down to 127 and have...10 to go. I can live with this as a lifestyle.

On week 18 or 19 of WW points plus and just weighed in. I am down 25 lbs. This is a plan I can continue with. I have been on WW many times before and the PP plan is the easiest for me to follow. Not every diet works for every person and I wish all that are trying to lose the best of luck in finding what's right for you.

Im a lifetime member who did well on the points system and now has about 13 lbs to lose. Sounds like PP is not for me.

Sorry to be picky, but when did loose and lose become the same word? If we lose, our clothes get loose, right?

I have read most of the comments on this sight. I have never been over-weight, but like most other women I am feeling the effects of a slowing metabolism as I age via a very tricky fluctuating 10-15 pounds. I am feeling it at 40 and I am sure it becomes a lot more of a struggle as the years progress. there have been many good points made here, and feeling as if you are not progressing with a healthy eating plan is frustrating. As much as people would like to think that there is "one way" to loose weight, there really is not. losing weight and being healthy is a science. How healthy you are depends on how much you wish to understand, educate yourself, and how much time you wish to spend on your health as an individual.I applaud weight watchers for encouraging whole grains, lean meats, water, fruits and veggies, and they achieve this encouragement through the distribution of point values. I have tried both programs. I am not a scientist but my opinion of this program is that is much more of a lifetime healthy eating plan than a "diet" which implies a fast and large weight loss. Sorry to break this to everyone but a really fast weight loss is not good for a persons metabolism in the long run. It puts your body in crisis mode and MOST people tend to gain it back as soon as the cravings get the better of them and at some point your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto fat. A slower, more nutrition and health based program is what you need for a lifetime of health. I recommend that istead of weighing yourself, you measure yourself instead. Your body/muscle composition may change as you add more lean meat to you diet as opposed to high glycemic carbs and other non-nutritive foods. I have been on the new points system for 2 months.I have slowly lost 2 inches all around during these 2 months. I was successful on the old system, but had gained the weight because I didn't stick with it. I think It's imporatnt to listen to your body. If you find yourself hungry often, eat more frequently and make sure you are not eating too many"empty calorie" point foods instead of whole grain, high fiber and high protein foods. If you think 29 points is too many and after a couple of months you are not loosing, decrease your points, If you are exercising a lot, you probably need the extra points to feed your muscles properly. If you are not, you probably do not need as many extra points.I have found different ways to tweak this program and I am hoping to eat this way for the rest of my life.Before you get discouraged with the new points system, see if you can modify it to suit your needs.


I could not have said it better myself. This is a lifestyle change. I am now at my goal weight after 17 weeks, lost 26 of the post menopausal weight I gained. I can eat this way forever. I always workout and earn at least 6 points 5 days per week.....and I eat healthy powerfood (grains) options. This is not a diet but a lifestyle change. I also have found that eating certain foods are better for me than others (fullness, etc). I have also found that depending on what foods i eat I can function at a high level of energy with less points.....

I just started WW 3 weeks ago.I have lost 6 lbs using the PP+. What is the difference between the old way and new way? I know fruits and vegis (most) are considered 0 points. Are the remaining foods (proteins, grains etc) more points to even it out?

I found this website and read all the many comments about the new plan vs. old. On the new plan, I lost 7.6# the first week and then nothing after that. Mostly my fault? - you bet! But it was annoying to be paying the $$ so I joined myfitnesspal for free online. I also have returned to the first WW plan that was extremely successful for me - the 2004 Turnaround/Core plan. I am a lifer, trying to get back to my goal. I miss the meetings but can't say I'll go back as our WW center has eliminated several of the great leaders and have drastically cut their meeting time options. Yes, I can walk into Walmart now 7 days a week to weigh in but the meetings are at weird times. Why pay for the monthly pass when I can weigh myself at home? We'll see how it all goes. PS: I've been a WW member since 1978, hit lifetime status twice, been through all the program changes....

Hi Diane - Read your comment and agree with you. I am a lifetime and have been thru the old program numerous times with good results. I cannot say I have the same good results with this program so I have gone back to the old program also. I am so glad I found all my old paperwork. Good luck in your weight loss.

I just sat down at my computer in tears and I am thankful to see that others are struggling with the PointsPlus program, as well.

I joined Weight Watchers clear back in 1995, when I lost 58 lbs on the original points system. After getting married and comfortable, my weight began to creep back up. I rejoined Weight Watchers under the Turn Around plan and lost 25 lbs. I earned my Life Time membership.

Then, after a winter eating extravaganza, I went back in February. I was only 9 lbs over my goal of 135 and I started using the new plan. Here it is, MONTHS later, and still have 8 of those 9 lbs to lose. I have gone up and down a pound or two over the 18 weeks, but nothing significant and it hasn't stayed off. I track EVERYTHING. Yes, I do use most of my weekly allowance, but isn't that why it's there? I am so frustrated.

I would LOVE to return to the old points plan -- it worked -- but, idiotically, I threw out all of my old stuff when I got the new books. Does anyone know where I could get old books? Obviously, I can no longer get them through Weight Watchers... If anyone still has there old materials... Thanks!

Chiming in again....

Points Plus was definitely not for me, but the never mentioned Simply Filling plan has been simply great. I don't know why they keep this such a secret -- the only one who has ever mentioned it in a meeting is me. I think pushing Points Plus on people when a WW-sanctioned alternative is so easily available is a real disservice to its members.

That being said, my husband is having great success on Points Plus, so for some people it's great; not me, but evidently it is a valid choice. Before you get discouraged, though, look into Simply Filling. I'm eating the way I'm comfortable and getting the results I want (an average of 2 lbs a week).


I have a Turnaround book from 2006 when they started using the calculations to determine how many points you have (included your age in the factoring) I also have a few handouts from that timeframe. I also have the pocket guide from the Momentum plan that came afterwards. I might even have a dining out companion book - would have to look. I went back through my "stash" of WW materials from years past and even found when we had "winning points" and also way back when we used exchanges :) I'm very comfortable with the Turn Around plan when they had points but also CORE (or simply filling as they call it now). Let me know if interested..........

To look up the points, if you have a smart phone there are still apps out there that figure WW the old way.


Thanks so much, but I did a search on ebay and found all of the old Momentum books.

On WW old point system I don't think there was one person who didn't loose on it if you stuck to the plan. You always lost at least 3 to 4 pounds on the first week, more if you had alot to loose. Then usually 1.5 to 2 pounds every week after.

The people that are saying they are loosing on the new PP+ plan are tweaking the program so they are not really loosing on the PP+ plan but a plan that they had to tweak to loose weight. They are paying WW for something that they are tweaking to loose the weight. As another person said on here it is all about the money to WW. They had a great program before and now they changed it so people loose less weight and have to stay longer on the program. Wake up people the new program is just not working for 75% of the people maybe more. We sure won't know because WW will never say.

I too use My Fitness Pal and the old points program. I will not give WW another cent. Like a idiot I bought the new scale and calculator. Thankfully I did not throw my old materials away.

Fixing something that is not broke was a big big mistake for WW. Let see how long it is before they decide to change back. They really have to be loosing a ton of money. BIB BIG MISTAKE WW.........

Hi Mickey - I agree with you 100%. I am a lifetime who has gone back to the old program. Thank God I found all my old paperwork which I thought I threw out. The leader I have is very nice but does not know how to answer peoeple when someone tells her the program is not working for them. She always asks to see their tracker which is nonsense. When I first started up again with WW and started the points plus program and was not having good luck on it I called WW. I have been for the past two weeks talking to a representative from back East. I told her the last time I spoke with her that I went back on the old program. They do not want to hear this and she tells me to try to stick it out on the new program. Told her I would not do that as I am having much better luck on the old program. I know this may not be for everyone but it is working for me and from what you say for you too. Good Luck to everyone on their weight loss.

Lillian or Mickey - I have been trying to find out the difference between the old and the new and no one has commented. I am new to WW -have only been involved in the new PP+ system. I would love to know the difference. I am doing ok with the new but I am doing it in my own way (I do not use all of my points)....


The new: you are allowed more points per day, more weekly points and fruit has zero points

The old (Momentum): you took a "quiz" and it told you the number of points to start with. As you lost weight, your points went down until you reached 18 per day. Your weekly points were 35: fruits counted!

I got to goal under the Turnaround system in 2004, where if you weighed over 200 - 224, you got 26 points per day, 175 - 200, 24 pts per day, etc. It was my most successful time losing with WW and I've been a member since 1978 when we had to eat fish 5x per week and liver 1x per week!!

My SIL has been a leader for over 25 years and she is not seeing the losses with her members like on the Turnaround or the Momentum plan after that. That is why so many of us old WW members are frustrated with Points Plus - the losses are just not there for us.

Debra (June 26th post)

I agree with you about Simply Filling. When I can stick to that plan, it is a very successful way to lose. I started on the CORE plan when it was introduced in 2004 and loved it. It's just been "tweaked" a little since then and works great - but I've only had one leader since 2004 that followed it 100% of the time so they just don't promote it at the meetings

Thanks Diane. It makes sense. I saw somewhere online where they are trying to encourage "slow" weight loss instead of fast. I did the 6 week body makeover. Lost 20lbs in 6 weeks and took off 30 total. The problem was the maintenance. It was more of a diet than a lifestyle. For 6 weeks I had no bread, pasta, dairy. I could do it for 6 weeks but long term it does not work. I like the idea of giving me $1 for food for the day and saying if I really want that bagel it is going to cost me 40cents - now you have 60 left for the rest of the day....

HI there. I'm a newcomer to WW so I have no experience with the old plan. I'm a chef and have been working with food and nutrition for a long time. After 6 weeks using PP I had not lost an ounce. I made an appt. with a nutritionist to evaluate the plan. It turns out that PP was simply allowing me to eat too many calories regardless of whether they were proteins, fats, or carbs.We played with the numbers and readjusted my points to 24 and assigned points to fruits. She also told me that WW never considers the calories one is consuming before beginning the plan. Since I was not overeating by that much, we cut my calories to 1200. She told me to keep in mind that it's really about the calories and points are just fun to play with. Good luck to all of you who are struggling.


with the old plan, "points" were figured by computing calories, fat, fiber and it averaged out around 50 calories = 1 pt (give or take)

So, if you take 50 calories x 24 pts, that's 1200 without dipping into any weekly points or eating back exercise points.

Diane, Thanks so much! I can now see why the old plan was so successful, esp. for those of us that have a little less to lose.I'll check back to let you know if I am successful.

I think everyone needs to stop debating ont he new PP program about whether it works or not. It works for some and for others it doesn't. And debating the fact won't change it, switch to the old program, find a new program, or tough it out...But nothings gonna happen if we all sit infront of a computer and type long posts about a weightloss program...heck go exercise or something...Everyone is different and it's all gonna work different for everyone...good luck all God Bless and Have fun this summer


Most blogs are informational. I did not know anything about the old WW so I was looking for information to know what the difference was - I was curious. Sites like this are for information and encouragement - not to make people feel bad. I can read an occasional post and manage to work in 6 workouts a week, hold a full time job and manage a household.

I am a newcomer to WW PointsPlus. I don't need to loose a lot of weight but the plan hasn't seemed to work for me. The best part of the plan is that I've weaned myself from most white flour and white sugar. I've never consumed much alcohol. I had already given up red meat. On PointsPlus I'm eating increased amounts of fruits and vegetables. I've concentrated on some good habits while trying this program. I've stay within my allotted 29 points. I exercise almost daily alternating between 1 hour deep water exercise and a more strenuous 1.5 hour walk mostly uphill walk--sometimes doing both on same day. I've lost .8 of a pound over 3 weeks on the diet. The only cause for my lack of weight loss appears to be the amount of fruit allowed. I believe WW made a mistake giving fruit no points. I get the reason most vegetables might be point-free but you won't loose weight eating unlimited amounts of fruit. The DASH Diet seems the best there is and following it doesn't require monthly membership. Sad to have invest 3-months membership though.

Hi Pam - I will try to answer your question to the best of my knowledge. As you know from my comments I am a lifetime. On the old program I was allowed 25 points plus 35 extra per week to either use for a special occasion or when I was going out to eat or use additionally every day in addition to the 25. Fruits and vegetables were counted whereas on the Points Plus they are free. I think, for myself, this is why I did not do well on the Points Plus. On the old program a lot of the foods, especially ones I liked, were a point or two lower. I am back to the old program and doing much better. On the old program we had to use what they called a Pointsfinder to calculate the points of food. It was a slider that we put in the fiber grams, calories and total fat grams to calculate the points of each food. I am so glad I found all my old material.This is not to say the new program is not working for people, it just is not working for me. I hope this helps you and good luck to you in the weight loss journey.

For those of you that could not get success with Points Plus.. you are not alone. Many of us have formed a group over on Facebook and it's called WW Momentum. Put that in the search button and find some support.


Thanks. Your response is great. So far the plan is working for me. I am using the "freebies" in moderation. I have developed a grazing habit over the years that has greatly helped. I will have a protein bar in the a.m., then a banana a couple of hours later. Have a light lunch then a light afternoon snack.. Dinner is moderate then a very light snack around 8:30.

First off, I will say that I am both glad and sad by seeing people in the same boat that I am. I am in the WW Momentum Facebook group and on the SparkPeople Old Plan group. I am one with more to lose. I lost 30lbs on Momentum, then lost 5lbs on PP initially until I started taking advantage of the "Free fruit" for a snack instead of the old-go-tos of the Momentum plan. The 5lbs I lost I gained back. I did not "tweak" the program, putting my full faith and trust into the program longer than most did. I gained 5lb more. Enough was enough. After 6 months on PP - exercising 6x a week (5 cardio w/3 strength training days), being OP (within Dailies, GHGs, etc)- I started triple tracking daily: PP/Points/Calories. To my suprise I was eating more calories on PP and the "Zero" foods were a main culprit.

For example, on the old plan, a serving of something healthy like broccoli was "Zero Points." However, when you considered WW Math, it adds up. Let's say I had 2 1/2 cups of the green stuff- on the old system it would have been 2pts and on the new, it is ZERO. Also, a banana could be 2-3pts on the old system, and the whole thing is ZERO on PP. If you plug the nutrition information of a regular-sized banana into a PP calculator, you will find that it could be 5PPs. So those were just some things I observed on the new vs. old plan.

That all being said, I think different plans work for different bodies and no two plans are perfect. However, after those 6 months of rockin' with and trusting PP, I am back to Momentum. I know it works for me and that's what matters. If PP or Momentum or counting calories or flailing your arms at the full moon help get you closer to your goal, more power to you.

PP does not work for everyone! First of all 29 points is far to many for someone who is middle aged and is only 5 feet tall with 24 pounds to lose. Everyone is different, you can't give everyone the same amount of points and expect good results... We're all different. I am now following the Momentum/Flex program "Because it works". It works for everyone! Secondly, WW assumes that PP is to encourage people to make healthier choices, which I already do and always have. I don't eat fast food, I rarely eat packaged food, and eat 8 servings of veggies per day. I am a clean eater. So that is incorrect that people on PP make healthier choices. Thirdly, it's obvious that the PP plan was a money making venture on the part of WW from the beginning. If a company doesn't make changes from time to time, the company's profits become stagnate. That's just the way it is. That's why they insisted that everyone throw away their prior materials and buy all new calculators, books, materials, etools, etc. Even if they just joined and bought Momentum materials a month earlier. That's why they would not allow members to follow whichever plan they were more successful on (like they did when they offered Flex and Core together). In fact, WW made sure that people cannot follow along without becoming members by not publishing the formula for determining one's points. You have to go to a meeting for that. In the past people could follow along at home and determine their own points and follow in the book. Which is what I have had to do now that PP does not work for me. Further, people are losing weight at a much slower pace on PP than on Momentum. That way it takes longer to get to goal and WW makes more money still. Lastly, if anyone is on Flex or Momentum, you are welcome to join our FB group called "WW Momentum Program" for support. There's a whole community of us there that were simply more successful on the old plan. Everyone is really nice and supportive too. I hope WW realizes that thousands of people are unsuccessful on PP and will eventually allow members to choose which plan works best for them.

Hi - I am SO GLAD I joined this site. I have

learned a lot about dieting and was really glad to hear of this new site WW momentum program. Everyone is so right when they say each person is different and one plan may not work for them as it might for another person. It is a life long struggle for me to keep the weight off. I do fine and once I reach my goal I simply cannot stick to it for long and go back to my old ways. I am really going to try hard not to do this time time. I am an older person and as we all know it is not easy to lose as we get older. Good luck to everyone.

Hi Pam - I am glad I helped you. It was a little confusing what I was trying to tell you about the old It just works for me rather than the PP program. You sound like you do a really good job with your food intake. Good luck.

I started WW 6 months before they changed the system and I lost weight. Then when the new system came out, I struggled to lose. I already ate clean, and enough servings of fruits/veggies. I was disappointed after 4 months of no change, with the new system. I have learned from Dietitian friends, not all calories are the same. What worked for me was counting the fruits/veggies. I couldn't even eat all the pts. I left cancelled my membership after that. I went back to tracking everything with Sparkpeople & participating in a boot camp. I have now lost 15 pounds and do not miss the new program. Some friends have lost on the new & some have not. Everyone's body is different though. I still love the recipes and receiving my WW magazine.

Every summer forever.. I have been using my weight watchers skills to lose just the couple pounds I put on over the winter and now that they have changed things I can't even use my points scale..I don't think I should have to pay to relearn all this and get a new scale calculator.. its not fair I paid to learn all this years ago why should I have to pay again.. like some other people think it is away for them to regain some money they are not getting from those of us who knew how it all worked..yes I can still do it from memory and I do have my old points scale its just that now I have to eat the same things often because I can't calculate anything new or things that I have forgotten the regular points for like Lean cuisines

I just bought the new WW magazine and am amazed that every picture of successful weight loss people has a comment that they lost the weight on a prior WW program! Doesn't say much for the new points plus program to me. I'm going back to the old program - I lost more weight there! Glad a kept my old "sliding calculator" and book....I paid for all the new stuff and I'm just putting it away....I'm sure a new program is just around the corner with even more stuff to buy!

What needs to be right around the corner is WW return to Momentum or Flex or whatever you want to call it. I hope everyone that has returned to momentum canels their WW membership so the point will get through to those in charge at WW.

Char, I noticed that also with the magazine. Of course, I'm sure alot of those picture/articles were produced earlier this year before the new program was in full swing due to production deadlines. We'll see. I went through all my old WW program literature and am returning to Flex/Core from 2004. I downloaded an app for my phone that I can use to help track and will also enter my food intake into myfitnesspal.

Thanks for this article! I'm excited to look around the rest of your site! I am a (original points plan) lifetime WW member (did it in 2004) - but i've gained/lost/gained/lost since then. I also learned the low-carb way of life, which I LOVE - but with my busy schedule, it isn't all that feasible to constantly prepare everything all the time...and as much as I love low-carb, I will admit I gained back 35 pounds from eating I am going back to WW on saturday, but I've been trying to understand the new points plus system and follow it for the last couple of days (I AM down 4 pounds!) but I really like how it IS about healthier choices and not just trying to figure out how to pack the most junk food in for 24 points (believe me, I did it back then - yes, I lost weight, but i was not healthy). Looking back I really hated it when I realized that I'd rather have a skinny cow for 2 points than a healthy banana. It may be a bit of a challenge for me - as I totally believe in full-fat items and for ME low-fat does NOT work...but I am excited to get back to meetings and have that needed motivation!

I'm new to this site and a little lost. I keep clicking on the different links for WW point value foods and get taken to recipes, no list... can someone help?

Thank you in advance, I'm thinking of starting WW, so I was trying to look at the articles of different point values.

Hi Melissa, you probably won't find many lists here - this is a blog that one woman maintains. She's not paid by WW at all, as far as I know. Your best bet is to go to the actual Weight Watchers site. But in order to get much info out of it, you have to pay to join. Yet another thing that irritated me about being a real life member. They tell you to go online, but neglect to mention that if you aren't an fancy cell phone/handheld computer user, you can't download any of the information without paying another $17CAD a month (last I checked, that's about what I would have paid).

Yep, it sucks, but that's part of how WW is so rich, you pay for everything.

Great article. This helped me understand why ww changed their point system

I just wanted to put in my input. I too believe the program is for those of us that are 100 or more lbs overweight. Smaller people will have trouble losing weight without tweaking the program. I was 309.2 when I started weight watchers point plus 5 weeks ago, I am now 292.2. Ive managed to lose over 17lbs so far in a few weeks. Its been GREAT for me... but this doesnt come without sacrifice, Ive been doing a TON of excercise.

So dissapointed with the points plus program. I was on weight watchers and lost 40 pounds, and then the switch came. I only had seven pounds to lose when they switched to points plus and I was happy to go along with it. Ive been religiously following the program for months and IVE GAINED WEIGHT! Soooooo frustrating after I came so far. Thank goodness I didnt toss out my old books or calculator, I went back to the old problem and thank God, Im starting to lose again!!! :D Super freaked out about when the time comes that my old calculator goes kaput. Hopefully weight watchers will work out the obvious kinks that their new program has. Sorry weight watchers, denial on your part just is not working for me!

So glad to find this site -- I knew I wasn't crazy! I re-joined WW a month ago. I successfully lost 15 lbs on the old plan and had about 10 more to go. I kept the weight off until recently when I had a gain of several lbs. Have stayed religiously on Points Plus -- on or under points every day and have not used ANY weekly points. I always ate healthy foods --just too much. I am so very frustrated not to be losing weight. Others in my group are, however, and from what I've read on this site, many others are. But clearly there are many many of us who cannot lose on this plan. It is very easy to stay on it BUT there just aren't the results that are needed to stay motivated. Old plan was harder, in my opinion, and I was sometimes hungry, but gosh darn it, I lost weight! They also don't seem to push the drinking water part on the plan anymore -- that was a huge help. I agree WW needs to find a way to address the lack of success many of us are having!

I posted this one time before the POINTS PLUS does not work. I think it is keeping people from make lifetime and going to meetings for free. I totally disagree with the program. Everything you have to pay for just sitting in a meeting and getting nothing but other people advice. I am going back to the ww momentum it really works with you.

I've been pretty clear here about how I feel about the Points Plus program so I won't go into that, but please -- if you feel it's not working for you please let WW know. Maybe if enough of us speak up and not just drop out or 'tweak' they'll rethink this.

why does the points listed on the weight watchers scancalc differ from the points on the generic food table?

Hello again I've said goodbye to WW PP for good! The plan clearly is not for everyone. A friend recommended that I check out SparkPeople. What a great suggestion. The site is completely free to users. All nutrition tracking is based on calories and other nutritional components such as Fat, Carbs, etc. There are nutrition plans for both type1 and type 2 diabetics. There are TONS of helpful articles that are referenced and often written by PhD's and research based universities.The support network is great and the message boards are easy to use. Best of all I have lost 2 lbs. my first week as compared to .5 lbs. for 12 on WW. If WW has got you frustrated check out SparkPeople ( ) then call or write WW and let them know you switched and why. Good luck to all of you.

My fitness pal is suppose to be really good. I started ww Points plus in February and now have lost 30 lbs, and just bought a size 2 pants. It has really worked for me. but I had a friend who had the same amount to lose and she did Fitness Pal and loves it.

I am on maintenance now and was reading an article on the websight that said if you have trouble losing weight or if you start to gain you will have to reduce your points and find what works for you, so maybe they are starting to realize that one target is not right for all.

Thanks for the tip on Sparkspeople. I am always looking for healthy articles to read on nutrition.

Obviously, I can only speak for myself, but I'm so happy with Weight Watchers Points Plus. On the original plan, I quit when my allowance dropped to 18 pts. a day. I felt deprived...all day, every day. To fit things like non-fat dairy products, fruit, or other foods that I felt were reasonable options, I felt I had to "game" the system by eating processed, gimmicky foods. Sugar-free jello and other items that I ate in mass quantity to not feel I wanted to chew my arm off...It didn't feel like a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. I think the PP plan encourages healthy, "real" food. I dreaded weight loss toward the end because I didn't want to lose yet another point in my allowance. I'm sure other people have other experiences, but I think WW PP is much better now than their traditional plan (FYI, never tried the Core).

That said, my leader has encouraged us to not think that fruits should be eaten in unlimited quantities. For those who've struggled with loss on the PP plan, many of the people in our meeting have decided to allow themselves 3 fruits a day at zero points. After that, we record one point per serving in our tracker. That little tweak has almost immediately helped about 8-10 people in our meeting.

I agree with your suggestion re tweaking the plan. Reporting back in after complaining about my non weight loss on PP above and after reading other postings. I decided to count each fruit 1 point and try to limit it a bit. Since I'm often replacing other less healthy food with the fruit, I haven't strictly limited myself to 3 per se, just try to keep it a bit lower than before. Oh, and I reduced my daily points to 24 instead of 29. Seem to be doing a bit better -- still slow going, but that's a function of being a middle aged female ;-).

This has been mentioned before I think but the sad part of all of this is that people have to "tweak" to get the success they were getting on the old plans

Hi Diane - I totally agree with you. I am back on the old plan and am doing better. I have only a few pounds to lose and have found it very difficult to lose anything on the points plus. That is why I went back to the old plan. The last time I went to a meeting there was hardly anyone at it. I know in the summer months there are always less people but if there were three people there it was a lot. One of the lecturers said something to the small group. She knows how I feel about the points plus as I have told her so I didn't want to add fire to the coals by saying anything but I feel it is definitely a sign that people are not too thrilled with the new points plus program. I hear a lot of people, especially lifetimers, complaining about it. Good luck to everyone.

If you've read the thread you might recognize me as a non-believer. Well....things change. My husband is on PointsPlus, and I'm doing Simply Filling. After reading the science involved in this -- Jane Brody did an article on the new guidelines for nutrition and reviewed these new plans -- I agree this is the way to go. We're both losing weight. Guys lose differently so he has massively pulled ahead of me, but I'm losing steadily. I'm not "tweaking" the program -- I'm using common sense about my body from years of dieting. For example, maybe some people can have all the fruit they want in one day, but I can't -- two is fine, three is okay if I really want it. It was a big disappointment not to lose a significant amount the first week -- or the second -- but the loss is steady and I'm fine with that. I am only trying to lose 25 pounds, so my results are going to be different than someone who has to lose a more significant amount,'s working. Plus I have more energy, my hair is getting thicker again, and my skin really has changed. One thing: I bought a WW pedometer to track myself. It doesn't start counting points until you have reached what movement you should normally walk, which is key. Seeing that has spurred me on to walking more, and because I have more energy I signed up for an exercise class. It's all good. I think the leader has a great deal to do with it. My first leader talked a lot about food, which only made me crave things. I switched, and my current leader is dynamic . She asks the group about their achievements, what they're learning, etc., and the whole group is losing more and is motivated to stick with it. The goal is to lose between 1/2 lb to 2 lbs weekly on average. Amazingly, everyone in the group who's been on it a while found that was true. They lost, gained, plateaued, but the average was one pound a week. I can live with that. It's not fast, but it's constant, healthy, and I'm able to stick with it easily. I'm a believer! If it's not for you, though -- I hear you.


I am with you. This is the first time I have tried WW. I have tried other plans. I have been able to get down from 180 (I am 5ft tall) to 141 with what I have learned (and kept it off). The last 20-25 - oye. I do eat 3 servings of fruit a day. I am looking at WW as a lifestyle. Diets do not work. I want to make changes I can keep for a lifetime. I am down (in 2 months) from 133 to 121.5. I do not feel deprived. That to me is what it is about. I know I can keep this up!

it is not sad to tweak, it is listening to your body. If you are not hungry you dont eat. I have now lost 30 lbs and wearing a size 2, I dont eat processed foods. PP encourages you to eat healthy powerfoods and earn at leat 6 activity points per day. Also encourages the health checks which now has me drinking 120 ounces water today. Just had my yearly physical and my cholesterol was down 30 points. My Physician was very pleased with the outcome.

It is sad to tweak. To me, a truly healthy program would teach you how to eat properly even off the program. Sorry, but I believe this new program was created to help the people that were already cheating themselves through "Fiber One" bars and such. Those of us who didn't mind spending 2 points on a banana now find we have to eat MORE than we were eating before. Those of us who weren't treating this as rebellious teens treat directives from mommy and daddy now find many of the foods we already ate are now free, which means we have to tweak our plans. This tweaking was not necessary before and to me, if I'm paying weight watchers for anything, it's to do the tweaking ahead of time for me! As for activity points? If I have to exercise for an hour + a day, then I could just quit Weight Watchers and hire a personal trainer.

I have rejoined weight watchers after being away for about 1 year. I have regained all the weight I lost and then some =( I must say I am so disappointed by all the negative comments about weight watchers. It has been a tremnedous help to me and alot of others and I really don't think the program is meant to have people lose the weight quickly. I think you just have to stick to it. It can be very discouraging for someone that is overweight and needs to lose alot of weight (I have 80 lbs to lose) and people who have 10 lbs to lose are complaining about the program. We should be trying to encourage eachother.


I so agree with you. I have reached my goal and then some. I needed some help getting back on track with a healthy lifestyle. Thats what PP is. Its not a diet to go off of, and regain what you originally lost. The negative comments are so discouraging to those who read them and haven't tried the program yet. If I read them I doubt I would have joined. The new PP has been a lifesaver for me. It took me 6 months to lose 30, but it has gotten me into a lifestyle change I needed.

So if you are new here and haven't tried weight watchers or the old program did not work for you (like me), give PP a chance. but study it and apply the recommendations to your life.

incorporate working out into your life, find something fun that you enjoy. Check off the health checks, drink your water and then some, eat powerfoods ( not processed ) and the weight will slowly melt off of you....the slow healthy way.

Yes!!! But alot of us are gaining on the new program! Where we weren't on the old one. We all agree it's a lifestyle not a what lifestyle program has it's members gaining weight when we follow it to the letter, exercising etc. If you read the comments most of us eat non-processed foods, limit fruit etc.

Mainly-the complaint is based on how inconsistent the results are compared to the old program.

Great if it's working for you and I encourage everone that is seeing results to keep up the awesome work. But weight watchers need to address those if us (and there are many) that are gainig or not loosig at all. It's discouraging to us lifetimers who know and have success with the old system.

Good luck everyone!

Every commercial we see now and all the restaraunts have put out healthy eating menus and we are all concerned about the calorie.........all of us but WW. Suddenly it has disappeared from the calulators and our "program" is no longer based on it. Newbies ARE having success at it and us lifetimers have suddenly started using PP as a whipping post and excuse magnet for why we can't maintain OR better yet lose. We as LT memebers should never have bought into being given extra daily points AND extra weekly points when we were already having difficulty "maintaining" or "keeping the weight off." I found great success at using the "Momentum Plan" because it was the flavor of the month when I joined. I was able to "lose" 80 lbs. from early Feb. of '07 until Jan. of '08. What's even better I have managed to keep it off. Leaders are basically putting the same warning out there about good/healthy choices vs. bad/unwise choices.

If the momentum plan works for you, go back to it.

If PP works for you then use it.

WHAT WE ALL HAVE IN COMMON is that we as a group visit a meeting room once a week(or should). We share a bond that many of us don't share with those close to us..........we seem to have difficulty with weight......We tend to "motivate within"....Case in point.....Last week a girl(woman) I have sat next to for about four months made her 10%. When we celebrated she was anxious to be acknowledged for it and she said in a loud "confident" voice "I achieved my 10% today and feel better than ever!" I said, (aside) to her "you did it!" and shook her hand. She looked at me and said "Thank you, once I stared eating healthier and noticed the scale beginning to start dropping and my head got into it and I started moving more, it seemed like the time flew by."

I held up my hand and told the leader and group, I have been sitting beside ****** four months now and at first she was skeptical and would shake her head at different things and now here we are celebrating significant wgt. loss and she hit on the formula to what makes the whole thing work." The leader asked what was the biggest factor in helping her, and she said without hesitation. "Coming here every week, knowing that I'm going to see my new friends (pointing some out by name) and I know they support me no matter what." The room almost took on an aura and it was like we all were having one of Oprah's "AHA" moments...................There it was

1. Healthier eating
2. Scale dropping
3. Head in it
4. Movement
5. Motivation and support

We all have the ability to do this and we all know what works for us.

We also know that of all the programs WW is the best over the long run.

We also know we are never done. It is a journey not a destination!

I'm the one putting "junk" in my the end it's on me.

I apologize for the length of this msg.

Stay strong and do whatever and seek out those who motivate you and "let's get after it!"


Everything you stated is dead on. Could not have said it better myself. The goal is for all of us to take accountability for our lifestyle and the choices we make. Congrats on the 10%.

One poster put that it is not bad to TWEAK it is knowing your body. Well that is fine but my question is then WHY are you paying WW to loose weight by TWEAKING the program. Shouldn't WW be figuring out what it takes to have everyone loose weight without us TWEAKING the program. Isn't that what we are supposedly paying them to do? If you are TWEAKING the program to fit your body you might as well just go into the meetings hand over your money and leave because WW sure isn't making the program for you to loose weight you are. This is what is really upsetting to me about the PP program those that are loosing are TWEAKING. If the program is so great then why do you have to TWEAK it? Just sayin.....

WW is not to be confused with a private nutritionist who can tailor a program specifically for one person or even one target group. A woman in her 60s, for example, is not going to metabolize food the same was as a woman in her 20s, and it's up to them to gauge that (with the help of a group leader or her doctor). WW is giving the basics of up-to-date nutritional information, adding in support groups who share their personal experience on how they're processing their journey. This is not a one-size-fits-all diet anymore. You have to -- throughout your life -- make choices based on what you've learned about good eating habits and what your body requires, and that is the entire thrust of PointsPlus and Simply Filling: nutrition education plus personal responsibility. If it's not for you, then it's not for you. It's not their fault, it's not your fault; it's just how it is.

I would totally agree with you Debra, were it not for the fact that Momentum works for everyone who follows the plan. No ifs, ands, or tweaks. I have the metabolism of a slug, and it still works. Anyone who pays dues to WW while following the Momentum plan, or PP + tweaks, is only perpetuating a lie.

well one things for sure, there are certainly a lot of opinions on this topic of the new PP. Which is a good thing, can you imagine if the world all thought one way. So I say find what works for ya friends and stick to it.

I am so happy I found this thread. I am a WW Lifetime member and an ex-leader. I stopped WW in 2000 when I met my husband. Of course the weight came back. I joined went back to WW 3 weeks ago and it has not worked for me. I was blaming myself and the hysterectomy I had in Feb. I'm going back to the old plan and will keep you posted. This morning I weighed 192.5 (up 3 lbs in 3 weeks. I am 5'9" and I am 49 years old). Thank you Mickey for your input.

Hello..I have only been on this pp for 1 week and Im having the same problem..same weight..I get so sad I have at least 20 lbs to lose and every1 on it said it takes time..which Im happy 2 have it do so, but If I go up and down everyday..its light Im fighting a never ending battle.....Ty D

I'm doing the new WW and losing weight, 25 pounds so far. But what I can't figure out is how to lose the belly fat. If someone knows a trick or two, I'd really appreciate hearing about it.

You know I am so up in arms on what to do. I am almost 5'10 and weigh 192.2#. I lost 36# 3 years ago on the flex plan. Loved it!! I was losing 3-6# a week, found it very easy to follow. Twice in the last year I have tried the PP and have had the same result as many others.....hardly any weight loss, or sometimes a gain. Very discouraged with this now that this is my third week and my second try with basically no results. Seriously thinking of trying to find my old materials :(. Good luck to all!! here is what has "finally" worked for me on the new PP. I had to modify the program after months of no movement and even some gain.

For those interested in modifying (although I agree we shouldn't HAVE to)....I dropped my points from 29 to 25 and I count each fruit as 1 point. It's been 4 weeks and I am dropping 1 to 1.5 pounds per week (the same rate on the old points program)

I am 5'2 with 18 pounds to go! Good luck everone

@Sabine, Thanks!!

So did u keep your 49 extra points a week or change it to 35 like on flex? Also u only counted points for fruit, used PP info for all other food items?


Leslie... I kept my extra points to 45 but don't often use them all. I'm usually around the 35-40 mark.

All my points are now calculated with the new PP. I just modified the daily allotment to 25 and count each fruit as 1 point. I've been seeing a consistent drop again and it's encouraged me to keep going! Just wanted to put that out there for those on the fence or struggling. It's an option if you don't have your old points material.

Good luck! I wish you all success.

I think the points plus was designed so WW could claim they have a new & better program, thus attracting more members & luring former members back. However, there is nothing to stop anyone from using the first points program. If it worked in the past it will work in the present!

I started doing Mometum and switched to the Points Plus. I only had 7 to 10 lbs to lose. I lost 5 before points plus. My weight stalled on Points Plus and I have been gaining for the past month and am up 3.5 of the 5 lbs. I wonder if the plan should be stricter for people that are close to their goal. I track religiously, excercise and eat less than half of my flex points each week. I did feel like I needed more food on the old plan, but feel like maybe I need less on this one. I never feel stuffed, but do feel that since I have a daily points value of 29, I should get to eat them. I wonder if others have experienced the same.

I came here after a search titled "too many points ww". What a relief to read all these stories! I thought I was going crazy.

I lost 125 pounds on Flex four years ago, losing 10-17 pounds per month. I lost focus, quit, and gained back about 40 pounds, had a baby and gained 50 more, for a total 90 pound gain. (OUCH!)

I reluctantly went back to ww in April, and after excellent tracking for 14 weeks, I began to watch my losses get smaller and smaller. When it took 4 weeks to lose 3.2 pounds, I'd finally had it.

Many here have said that it doesn't work unless you have a lot to lose. Well, I still have 135 pounds to lose, and it's not working for me either. I rarely have more than 2 fruits a day and don't eat their other "0 point foods" like sugar free popsicles, jell-o, soups, etc. My daily points allotment is 40, and it's clearly too much. I'd find myself with 8-10 points leftover after a day of healthy eating and then end up eating something that wasn't healthy, just in the name of getting in all the points.

My leader has towed the ww line with me and offered no practical help. "If you want to lose fast, you are wasting your time and money at WW, and you won't keep it off," she said. So I'm tweaking. I still need the accountability of weighing in face-to-face, and I'll continue going to the meetings until I don't OR until January when they change the program again. ;)

Thanks everyone, for your useful input!

Lori -- I'm repeating what I said earlier on this thread, but call WW Customer Service and ask them about their Simply Filling plan. I found Points Plus just didn't work for me, but after a couple weeks of trial and error, I've found this to be perfect for me.

Most leaders know about it, but for some reason are very secretive about it; probably because they're doing Points Plus so that's where they're focused. Simply Filling is still current information, but I think it used to be called Flex or something. It's WW's best kept secret, as far as I'm concerned, but without it I'd have been out the door months ago.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone. I am going to get my old material out and go back to the old Weight Watcher plan.

@Millie, I know where you are coming from! I tried the PP twice with no substantial change. I started back on the flex program this past saturday that I had much success with 2 times in the past 4 years. I truly believe in flex!!!! Good luck to all!!

I think I will try the simply filling before going back to the old plan. I think they used to call it "core" on the old program. They speak so little about it at my meetings other than to sight it as filling foods that I forgot about it. Thank you for the link to the page!!!

Yes I too think you shouldn't have fixed that, which was not broken. I lost a lot of weight on the old points program..and yet I have lost very little on the new plus program. So ..I stop using ww.

I looked up the simply filling program because I had never been successfull on the old weight watchers and had never heard about it. This is what I have done for 7 months, except i counted the points plus. I get full on 24-26 points per day with earning 8-10 points per day. No wonder I have met my goal weight. I only eat from the powerfoods list. Anyway i stay online because i love the recipes articles and the blogs. Its a great community.

I was at the meeting last saturday and they talked about staying away from processed foods. well at the end of the meeting the leader pulled out the W.W. products to sell. one member said," isn't that processed food?" talk about awkward the leader didn't know what to say. So my question is why does W.W. talk about staying with whole foods but, promote their on processed goods?

Hi rebecka - Just read your comment. I am a lifetime and have always gone back to WW when I am up more than 4 pounds. I have done this Yo Yo

dieting forever, which, I know is not the way to go. I have always loved WW up until now. I did the points plus but went back to momentum as the points plus was not for me. The meetings I attend are put on by a leader who does the same as you said. She is always trying to sell, sell their products which have a lot of additives in them. I have become very unhappy with WW and as a result do not attend the meetings. A lot of the people have complained about the PP program to her but she really does not care either way. I have tried another meeting with a different leader but she says the same thing so most of us get no where. I am trying to do this on my own with momentum.

I wish all of you good luck.

I just don't understand why WW does not get it. They listen to everyone saying PP is not working and people are not loosing but they will not do a thing. They have to be loosing a ton of money from tons of people dropping out. Why won't they acknowledge this? I know someone from WW is reading this blog and reporting it to the Big Wigs at WW. So why don't they do something about it instead of not saying a word and making the leaders act like it is the most fantastic thing going when they know it is not working. I'll tell you why....It is all about the money. WW got to greedy. They thought they would come up with a plan that would take people longer to loose and they would make more money on those people because they would have to stay on the plan longer. So more money at the weekly meetings and online access. Well, I think it is backfiring on them as I see on many other blogs that people are dropping out of the program in droves.

Use MY FITNESS PAL and loose weight and save your money. WW has done nothing to help us with this new program. I use to love WW and told everyone about it now I tell them to save their money and use MY FITNESS PAL. It just really upsets me that they continue on with this mess of a program....JUST SAYIN...

Ladies I struggled 2 times the last year on PP trying to get back to ideal weight. Not including starting it on August 1st, only to gain weight!! I found this blog, started back on momentum a week ago today and lost 5.2# this week!! A true testament that momentum works!!! I have 12 more pounds to be at my ideal weight, I love momentum!! Good luck!!

This week WW talked about plateaus and informed the group about the number of ways members could be skewing the results. BLTs (bites, licks and tastes, misjudging portion size, over estimating exercise. They also spoke about the "plan snob," which are people that thing they know all about the plan and are losing sight of what the plan entails or are blending old and new programs. I think this is an attempt to address the "issues;" however, I know that I do not even come close to using my lex points and don't swap exercises points. There was also a blurb in the book about meeting with your leader to see if your points plus number is still accurate. I did not do that since there were lots of new people and my weight has not gone down much (if at all) since points plus. I did lose a pound using my fitness pal this week!

I am down another lb this week from doing points plus. September first will be 7 months of adherring to the new program....I love it. I can do this as a way of life.....its not a a quick fix diet.

Why when I calculate wine points on my own do they come up so much less then what the book says??

I personally like the program, even though I just started it. The old program limited the fruits and some veggies. This doesn't and limits the carbs more, which the old one did too. I see more points added to the ice cream, which is fine because I usually need points added at the end of day. I hope this program is as effective as the old one. I'm only in it 4 days and haven't lost a pound yet. I'm patient though.

I too am struggling with the PP program. I lost 52 lbs 4 years ago and had gained 10 over the last 2 years whrn I had a shoulder injury. I went back to WW to lose. I too tracked faithfully, made healthy choices and steppedup my activity to 3 miles per day, 5 days per week, on a cardio program on a treadmill and 3 pilates classes a week. I am now up 15 pounds...I have GAINED 5 pounds!! And, no it is not muscle because mu clothes are tighter. I am so discouraged and get attitude at meeting when I express displeasure. I have been to to cut back fruit, cut abck points and increase activity. I have done all 3 and continue to gain.

Hi Sue - I, too, am very discouraged. I am a lifetime member and have been forever, it seems.I am 74 years old and have always loved the WW's program and have always gone back when I was up more than five pounds. This time when I went and had to buy the calculator, etc. because the program changed I figured well a new program. I am sure it will be fine. WRONG. I had the same problems you are having. I stopped going to the meetings and am still struggling with about 2-3 lbs. I know this is not very much for some people but my weight has shifted so much over the years and because of age, that my clothes have gotten tight. I spoke to a representative of WW back east but got the same old story as my leader told me. No one wants to hear it. They all think this is a wonderful program. Maybe for a lot of people it is but not for some.

I wish you the best of luck. It is very discouraging for a lot of us. I counted on WW's when I needed them. I have gone back to the momentum program and I am sure it will work for me but I miss the support from the leaders at the meetings.

Good Luck again.

I thought the old program was fine. whole fruits and vegetables could have been encouraged without revamping the whole program. I believe the new program is definitely a way to make more money. You can't even figure the points for free. Unfortunately ww has become big business and have more in mind than simply helping people lose weight. I quit paying my money to them after the new program came out. I didn't see any need to change from the old one where I could figure out any point, any where just by looking at the nutrition label.

The previous fast and flexible weight watchers program made sense. They gave you the tools to use in the grocery store and in restaurants. The new points plus program IS LOUSY. VERY RESTRICTIVE IN COMPARISON TO FAST AND FLEXIBLE. They expect you to eat a weight watchers meal everyday to be able to know how many carbs, fat, fiber and protein grams you are eating. There is NO WAY you can live a normal lifestyle on this program because they do not encourage you to eat out because you will not know the values to plug into the calculator. What a disappointment! The new people don't know how much easier the fast and flexible program was in comparison.

At last Friday's meeting our leader indicated changes were coming. Also said they would not pertain to the points plus values.........Everyone I've talked to everywhere is just about done with PP, so the changes have come to late maybe. I've always said folks with a lot to lose will lose alot no matter what program the do. WW "was" the best to follow because of the simplicity of the plan itself. I made lifetime 2007 and since the new PP rolled out November 28th of 2010 I've gained 8lbs. Those would say "well that's your fault" and I accept the responsiblity of it. Have gone back to the old plan and somehow, intrest is waning......with that will come weight gain so going to try a different leader before gaining back the 80 I've lost<-----joking. But it angers me that a simple plan suddenly and still makes no sense.

I'm so sad to see that there are individuals who can't appreciate the new program. I was not a member of the previous program but even with that being said, I know that Weight Watchers made the right choice. I see that a lot of individuals are complaining about the time it takes to calculate that points, for those individuals I'd simply like to say: How bad do you want it? I honestly don't mind giving up an average of five minutes per day to calculate my points. In fact, I find it enjoyable. The new programs was in fact designed to get us all off of processed food, and that's exactly what is happening. (With me anyway) The accusation of it being a marketing ploy is outrageous. Weight Watcher brings more money than we realize... they don't need any more. Weight watchers is dedicated to our health...obviously. If they weren't I'm sure the membership would've waned A LOT because we all arent' complete idiots. I have lost five pounds in ONE WEEK...something I was never able to do before. Ever. The proof is in the pudding (banana obviously) with all of the success stories. I am sorry to hear that individuals are struggling but I know that this program works.

Quick question about the new pp program. I was a lifetime member of the old system, and had a baby a year ago, but need help losing the rest of the weight. Question is this: When I put my information into the calculator for losing weight it gave me a pp value of 29. I then tried it to see what it would be if I just wanted to maintain my current weight, and it said 29 as well...this can't possibly be right??? Is my calculator flawed?

Nope -- that's correct. Most women get 29 points. You have to need to lose a lot of weight before you get more. That's the baseline number.

Good luck! I was skeptical about Points Plus in the beginning (as you can see from my comments above), but I stuck to it and sure enough -- IT WORKS!!!


I guess I understand that maybe 29 is a baseline number of points for losing weight, but I just don't get how you can have 29 points for losing and 29 for maintaining. If I wanted to lose it would seem that I should have to have less than the number of points required to maintain my current weight. Is this confusing? I don't know how else to reword it.

For maintaining they add points to the 29 in increments, to see what works best. They start you with an additional 4 points, then add point by point until it's determined what's right for you.

I have been on PP now for about 10 wks, and have lost 17 lbs. It was so slow at first. I lost only 1/2 lb. each of the first 2 wks, and that was so discouraging, because I was following the program to the letter. Now my weight losses seem to average 1 1/2 to 2 lbs per week, and last week I dropped 3 lbs, even though I did dip into those Plus points a bit. I have 100 to lose, but I plan to stick with this, because it is working right now. Of course, I worry that it might stop working. I have a terrible track record when it comes to losing weight. But right now I am encouraged.

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