Winner and BIG Giveaway

December 9, 2009   18 Comments

The WINNER of Snack Girl's reusable bag is Jacqui (via random selection). I asked people to share their green tips - and here is Jacqui's:

Winner and BIG Giveaway

I love using my reusable shopping bags not only at the grocery store but to share stuff to work, to friends houses all over the place. Great way to not use plastic bags and the ones I have hope are cute as well!

One high-quality reusable bag can eliminate as many as 1500 plastic bags from landfills in its lifetime. Way to go, Jacqui! So easy, and so effective.

New SodaStream Giveaway

True confession, I LOVE Soda. I would drink it until the teeth fell out of my head if I didn't know better. During my first pregnancy, I couldn't drink my other favorite drink (beer) so I started drinking bubbly water and I have never stopped.

I have already wrote about replacing Soda with Sparkling Water. I think it is a great way to have bubbles without the calories.

You can get a case of seltzer, club soda, mineral water, whatever you call it at Costco for about $10 depending on the brand. But, the plastic bottles are really not good for the environment (which my husband was fond of pointing out).

So, what to do?

My pal, Carl, showed me his solution. This photo is of my SodaStream that I purchased after seeing Carl's. It is so great - and it costs about 30 cents a liter, doesn't use plastic bottles.

The SodaStream uses tap water that I filter and it tastes great. I can adjust how bubbly I want my water, and I use only what I need. No more leftover half bottles of flat water!

It is a really great product for us bubbly water lovers.

SodaStream gave me one to giveaway to my readers (worth $99.95).

There is one catch. If you continue to use it, you will have to buy refills for the CO2 tank - they cost $30 and will fill 110 liters of water. I use mine for about 3-4 months (but I drink ALOT of the stuff). Exchanging the tanks is super easy and the customer service has been great so far.

Please comment with your favorite way of avoiding soda.

What will I win?
A Fountain Jet Soda Starter kit see here: SodaStream Kit worth $99.95

How do I enter?
There are 3 ways to enter (and you can enter three times!):

  1. Comment in the box below about avoiding soda AND
  2. Tweet this post. Please use the Tweet Button in the Share Box above or go on your profile on Twitter. Make sure that you use @Snack_Girl_ so that I know you tweeted and can count your entry. AND
  3. Become a friend of Snack-Girl on Facebook. Here is our link: Snack-Girl on Facebook Anyone who becomes a friend as of December 9th is entered. (If you are already a friend on FB just comment again and I will enter you again).

Am I eligible to enter?
Anyone with a valid e-mail and a U.S. mailing address is eligible.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The winner will be announced on December 16th. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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I haven't drank soda in 10 years! But my husband used to drink a lot of soda. He replaced it with gatorade. He used to make it up like it says on the canister, but he has gradually kept making it more dilute. If I won this I would probably give it to him or my brother who loves soda.

I'm grateful that growing up i was NOT a big soda drinker, but my mom always had seltzer on hand so i love me some sparkling water!

I never drank a lot of soda growing up and artificial sweeteners give me a belly ache, so it's been easy to stay away. I do indulge in a ginger ale, though, when my boyfriend and I go to our favorite BBQ spot. I agree that plain seltzer is such a treat and a change from just water. What a cool product!

I LOVE soda and wish I could stop drinking it, but I am down to just one a day. I need this so I can kick that one can.

I used to drink one Mountain Dew per day, but when I decided to lose weight in February, I gave it up cold turkey by switching to lemon flavored sparkling water and unsweetened iced tea. I haven't had a soda since and haven't even wanted one. It was more of a habit than an actual desire. I would love to help the environment by making my own carbonated water!

snack girl has given me so many great ideas thank you so much

I'm a fan of bubbly water and soda water - and have you tried those Mash drinks? Its lower in calories than soda, and comes in flavors like Pomegranate blueberry, Blood Orange Mango and its carbonated water! :) Yum

I am a huge soda drinker... I drink diet Coke, at least two cans per day. I have a 20 month old son and I don't want him to have this same bad habit. I think that the soda stream is a great alternative for the whole family, instead of soda have some bubbly water or add your favorite fruit juice for a little extra flavor and a special treat.

I love tonic (as we call it in Boston) but try to limit my intake. I am interested in this machine, but am not interested in tweeting or facebook. Good luck all, hope someone wins and enjoys this gizmo....too many hoops to jump thru

Hey, Disco Dotty - a comment is an entry - you can Tweet and FB if you have the inclination - but if not - you still entered!

Coke is a terrible thing.

i always drink kambucha~ but rest of my fam loves soda!!!

I drink lots of water. I only use diet soda as a special treat.

this would be so great for the rest of my family members who seem to have a bad soda addiction. I don't drink soda

I use a product called True Lemon to help me avoid soda! It actually comes in True Lime and True Orange as well - just add a packet to jazz up regular water!

I rarely drink soda's anymore. I switched from regular soda to diet soda's years ago, and when I learned that diet drinks were not healthy for you, I practically gave those up as well. I only have one when I'm really craving it. I have grown a love for Italian soda's with sugar-free syrups and drink them alot now! However, I still have to buy club soda to make them, so having this little catchy device would be so much more eco-friendly!

i drink tons and tons of water!


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