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low-fat beef jerky

If it is good enough for NASA is it good enough for you?

What can I say? This one is tough (ha!), shoe leather tough in fact. I bought this package to review for Snack Girl and I literally can't eat it. This has got to be one of the first that I find myself totally unable to swallow or chew....

March 5, 2009


Pork Rinds - high in protein and (sadly) salt

Pork rinds are (mysteriously) not that bad a snack. George W. Bush, near the beginning of his presidency said that they were his favorite snack, and sales shot up.

March 5, 2009  1 Comment


A few slices of salami go a long way

Why do I recommend salami? Well first of all, the taste is very strong. If you have a few thin slices for a snack, you probably won't be able to eat much more.

March 5, 2009



If you like crackers, Triscuits (or whole wheat baked snack crackers) are for you. They are salty and crunchy and great alternative to the higher fat alternatives such as potato chips or Doritos....

February 2, 2009  7 Comments

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