Cheeseburger watch

Week by week photos of a McDonalds Cheeseburger, kept on a shelf in my office. Will it rot?


The Cheeseburger Experiment Revisited

It has been over 6 months since Snack Girl posted this article: McDonald's Burger Left for Two Weeks and the photo above. A couple of other people have started similar experiments and I wanted to share my thoughts....

October 19, 2010  12 Comments


Stanford University Scientist Comments On Burger Experiment

Last week's post on the rotting cheeseburger has created controversy here on Snack-Girl. If you didn't see it check it out here McDonald's Burger Left for Two Weeks....

April 13, 2010  13 Comments


McDonald's Burger Left for Two Weeks

After 11 days of sitting at room temperature in a Ziploc bag, this is the photo of the 2 burgers. Obviously, the one on the right is the homemade burger and the one on the left is the McDonald's cheeseburger....

April 5, 2010  114 Comments

Tale of Two Burgers: Day 5

What does a 5 day old hamburger look like? What does it smell and feel like after sitting on a shelf at room temperature? Wouldn't it rot? Well, that depends...

March 27, 2010  4 Comments


The Tale of Two Burgers: The Beginning

After much analysis, Snack-Girl has decided to revamp her experiment with the McDonald's Cheeseburger. I doubt McDonald's cares, but I believe I was unfair to the global corporation....

March 23, 2010  14 Comments


Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 35

Here is the big reveal! My of you have been asking me to cut it open....

March 6, 2010  2 Comments


Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 28

Well, a month into this study and no changes. I have read the suggestions and next week, I will cut it open....

February 27, 2010  5 Comments


Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 21

I put in the Tubbie because all the photos are looking the same. The cheeseburger is now like one that you would buy at a novelty store. It is like a rock...

February 20, 2010  10 Comments


Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 14

Two weeks out it looks EXACTLY the same. It does not smell and is showing no signs of mold. I am keeping it high on my bookshelf in case my kids decide they are hungry. Honestly, except for the staleness of the bread nothing would stop you from taking a bite.

February 13, 2010  7 Comments


Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Day 7

The cheeseburger is a bit dried out, but it does not smell. I am very surprised because I thought it would start to smell. Also, there is no sign of mold on the bread. Let's see what it looks like next week!

February 6, 2010


Cheeseburger Watch 2010: Will it Rot?

If you leave a McDonald's cheeseburger at room temperature will look the same 4 years later? This sounds implausible, BUT a friend of mine says she has seen a 4 year old burger....

January 29, 2010  14 Comments

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