Top Ten Budget Healthy Snacks 2011

August 11, 2011   5 Comments

Are you financially stretched? Honestly, who isn't feeling the pain of our economic downturn?

Top Ten Budget Healthy Snacks

Having your weekly budget slashed is never easy. It can be challenging to get out of the supermarket with a bag of groceries that totals less than $40.

For me, there is one critical point to remember about cutting food costs. I will not stop buying whole food even when times are tough. A cheap bag of cookies is just not going to work!

I believe there are potential long term health care costs of diet that does not include fruits and vegetables. Just like I pay for my car's scheduled maintenance so it will last longer, I pay for fruits and vegetables so I will be here to greet my grandchildren.

Yes, it costs more per calorie than many of the packaged foods in the supermarket - but, I get all those nutrients and I feel better when I eat them.

The list below includes 10 snack recipes that feature less expensive whole food (no wild mushrooms on this list). The last 3 recipes are less expensive in the summer months because those fruits and vegetables are in season and can be bought for a song.

There are so many tricks to eating cheaper. My favorite involves a small extra freezer. I have seen friends buy flats of corn and just cut of the kernels and freeze them for the winter months (so smart). We freeze all the berries - strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries - that we pick and don't eat immediately.

Here is a list of budget snacks that will cost you less than $1 per serving (some much less):

1. homemademicrowavepocornb DIY Microwave Popcorn: Healthy, Yummy, and CHEAP

2. pickledcarrotsb How To Avoid Wasting Carrots

3. angeledeggsb Satan Would Hate This Recipe

4. riceandbeansb What The World Eats (Cheap and Healthy)

5. sweetpotatofriesb Never Eat Fast Food French Fries Again

6. diyyogurtb Save Money, Calories, and the Environment with this Yogurt

7. cauliflowernewb See How Easily You Can Turn Cauliflower Into An Awesome Snack

Less expensive in the summer months:

8. watermeloncucumberb Why Watermelon Makes Us Feel Good

9. chilelimecornb Sweet Corn Is A Stellar Snack

10. greenbeansb Love Chinese Take Out? Try This Trick

I realize that the prices on the produce items can vary quite a bit in different regions of the country. Generally, these items can be found for less - I bought TWO POUNDS of carrots for $1.79 yesterday (for example).

How do you eat healthy on a budget? Please share your tricks.

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Great read! One way that I save money is by actually eating the portion size stated on the box or can. A 1/2c of canned black beans can go a long way!

If you eat the right snacks, like fibrous veggies, peanut butter, nuts, etc. then you'll feel fuller on less and won't NEED to eat more (more money).

I agree with Connie - black beans can go a long way. I make bean soup, salsa and dip. Chick peas are also great - I make a mean hummus which is nutritious, delicious, and pocket-concious!

Great post today. I am trying to start some sort of program (you can tell I'm in the very early stages) to show people on a budget or food stamps how eating local and in season can SAVE you money, make you and your children healthier and make your budget go further. Thanks for the info.

I'm attending college 3/4 time, working full-time, and the extent of my cooking equipment in the trailer I rent? A microwave and a fridge. I stopped trusting the wiring here to handle anything else after I went through 3 toasters in less than a month.

I am on a budget and have to say you make it that much easier to eat healthy in spite of (or because of?) all this.

My fave budget healthy snack is half a sprouted-grain bagel (125 cal & 5g protein, not too shabby) with either a smear of peanut butter (Raley's bulk section, no added anything, just fresh-ground peanuts) or some guacamole. I buy pre-made guac; avocado prices here are awful year-round, and most times even the best-looking avos are half rotten on the inside. Besides, the store here carries a brand of guac that doesn't have a lot of additives, and no preservatives.

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