Here Comes The Chocolate: Top Ten Ways To Enjoy Without Changing Sizes

February 3, 2014   11 Comments

If someone wants to give me a heart shaped box of chocolates, I will gratefully accept it.

Chocolate Without Guilt

(I think you know who you are.)

I will not toss it in his face screaming something like, “It will take me 10,000 miles on the treadmill to work these off. What were you thinking?” Not me.

But, if you love chocolate, too much of a good thing can lead to a softness around your middle. I did reduce my chocolate consumption and found that I got slimmer. How did I do it?

Instead of eating bars of chocolate, I started drizzling it everywhere and dipping things into it. This way, I get chocolate flavor but not so many of the calories.

Here are 10 ideas that I have found so that I can enjoy chocolate, but eat less of it:

1. Do It Yourself Healthier Reese’s Peanut Butter Bites

2. Greet Spring With A Tasty Little Treat

3. chocolatecoveredfigb Yum! A Caramel Salted Chocolate Makeover

4. Love Chocolate Shakes? Give This Smoothie A Try

5. chocolatedippretzelsb.jpg Here Comes The “Festival of Chocolate”

6. Hit Your Cake Craving With The Microwave

7. strawberrychocolateb The Most Satisfying, Lowest Calorie, & Easiest Chocolate Dessert Ever Created

8. chocolateballb Make This Delicious Brownie And Eat It Every Day Guilt Free

9. chocolatepopcornb How To Make Dark Chocolate Last Forever

10. hotcocoab Vegan, Luxurious, Hot......Chocolate

Please share your tricks for inhaling less chocolate.

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I am a 80 year old woman,live alone. If I am home I want to nibble all the time. I would like to eat the same thing everyday,and I would know what to buy at the grocery store all the time. That way I would not eat nothing else. Can you help ne figure this out?

I love the banana split without ice cream. Put a little chocolate I over the banana add a light whipped cream and a sprinkle of nuts yum! Easy and tasty.

I have added some unsweetened Cocoa Powder to my green smoothies, and it gives them a nice chocolaty taste.

JoAnn - I've learned these things over the past few years regarding food control: if I don't have it in the house I can't eat it; in other words, I'm careful about what I buy. If I buy something that becomes a control problem I dump it down the sink. If you live near a college you might see if they have a nutrition program and try setting up an appointment with a graduate student for an individual consultation. I think your concerns are not unusual; you need a plan. My mother is 90 and I wish she WOULD nibble all day - when I recently gave her a loaf of full-fat homemade banana bread she took it to her assisted-living lunch table and shared it with friends and ended up with one piece for herself! Nice thought but not going to put meat on her bones!

Hi Jo Ann, I recommend Sourdough bread, real cheese (not the processed stuff), eggs, tomatoes, celery, kale and spinach. Cook up a roast or chicken and have a little each day. Protein makes you feel full longer. Slice a sweet potato and bake the slices on low until they are crisp. These are a great snack full of nutrition. Treat yourself to a nice fruit bread or fruit for those sweet cravings and avoid sugary sweets. Hope this helps.

Hey JoAnn, I'm in my 60's, living alone and have a pretty good handle on my weekly meal plan that may help you. Most breakfasts include oatmeal sprinkled with flax, raisins, walnuts, maple syrup, milk; coffee or tea, vitamins.

Variations might be seasonal or frozen berries in lieu of raisins, plain yogurt in lieu of oatmeal. Once weekly I have 1 egg, 1 whole grain toast w/no-sugar jam, and fruit.

For snack if needed, 1c cut-up fruit like 1/2 apple, pear, banana.

For lunch its usually 1 sweet potato, 1c sauteed greens, sm. piece of protein like tofu, bean burger, few scallops, or I skip the protein cause all vegs/fruits have protein. I saute a double or triple batch of chopped green in garlic and freeze in pints.

For dinner its often a hummus, grated carrot, spinach sandwich or bean-type soup from the freezer. Variation might be sandwich of grilled vegs, cheese, organic hotdog, PBJ, big salad or whatever inspires me from Snack Girl!

Night-time snacks might be popcorn, fruit, nuts, dates, prunes, herbal tea. And my eve vitamins.

Lots of water, at least 1-1/2 quarts, keeps me regular. This meal plan is pretty high fiber too. Keeps me full and nibble-free.

If you like meat, and are near a Stop & Shop, they carry Natures Promise flash-frozen chicken pieces, 7.99 for 8 pieces, one is good for a stir-fry with vegs over brown rice for one! quick and easy. I also love brown rice with peas and carrots, tons of fiber and protein-no meat needed.

Hope this helps a little bit! :)

Nice. Hearts day is approaching and receiving a heart shape chocolate could flatter a woman's heart. A lot of thanks for sharing your idea.

Thanks for such a quick responce. What is the best Hummus to buy?

JoAnn-I always try for organic everything if its available and if it's something I use regularly. Tribe makes organic hummus. I'm looking around for Hope hummus which sounds good too.

Nice post, i hope everyone will like your post..

I think the second one is the greatest way to eat chocolate because I love strawberry so much! I have some more interesting ways to use strawberry, follow the link.

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