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March 19, 2010   4 Comments

Spring break is about to start around the country and it is time to figure out what you are going to do with your kids. If you are like me, you don't have an expensive vacation planned.

Spring Break Snacks

Instead, we will be looking at each other and wondering what to do. Now is the time to maximize why you have kids. "Quit your swingin' and get workin'!"

What about making some snacks? There are a few really good reasons to take some time for cooking with your kids.

  1. Teach them how to cook early, so you can hand over the apron strings when they hit the right age.
  2. Cooking is fun and it will keep them quiet for an hour (it is cheap too!)
  3. You can make a whole bunch of healthy snacks for the end of the school year. This way, you will be prepared when they come home after school demanding cupcakes.

Here are three suggestions for your freezer. All three of these snacks will keep for at least 3 months and provide your kids with a yummy snack.

pancakeb.jpg Overnight Pancakes
Homemade energy bar Energy Bar Recipe
buttermilkbananabreadb.jpg Buttermilk Banana Bread

Homemade cereal is fun to have around the house for munching, and a blast to make. It will keep for 3 months in your cupboard, but you should keep a lid on the portion size. A small bag of this is enough to satisfy anyone's appetite.

homemadegranolab DIY Cereal

Finally, you can make no bake cookies! An older child needs absolutely no help making these because there is no hot oven involved. Just mix it up, mash it on a plate, and wait about 3 hours.

nobakecookieb No Bake Nut Butter Oatmeal Cookie

I have included, below, 3 links to the books of Mollie Katzen. She is an amazing cookbook author and these books are SO much fun. "Honest Pretzels" is the most recent and it is for children ages 8 and up to make their own food. I own all three of these books and my children are inspired by them. They also keep us busy when is is raining.

Do you make snacks with your kids Please share!

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My kids LOVE to make smoothies. Yogurt, berries, bananas, juice. It's a great after school snack, or also they will pick them as breakfast or lunch on warm summer days.

They have been chefs from about age 2. It's a great family activity or something they can do on their own for the most part, that makes them feel proud, and with good reason. They're quite good at it now!

YES! Snack Girl better get on it and write about Smoothies - they are in the Katzen books and we make them too.

Love this idea... My son is almost 2, he loves to see what I'm doing in the kitchen already. I have him bring a chair over so he can see. But I look forward to letting him help more. I used to do lots of cooking with my mom and grandma and it was educational and great fun. The measuring was the educational part they'd make me figure out how much we needed if we are doubling the recipe or whatever. A great way to keep those math skills sharp on a break from school:-)

Our spring project is composting. We have started with coffee cans in the kitchen, then moving it outdoors soon.

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