Top 5 Soccer Snacks

March 12, 2010   3 Comments

Soccer moms are asked to bring snack to fuel their little athletes. Recently, through Twitter, I received a plea.

Soccer Snack

From MamaBeard:

Help! Son has soccer tourney on Sat. Noon-10 p.m. What are ur 3 fav on-the-go snacks that I can share w/all my soccer mom friends? Thx!!

Wow, an all day tournament! That is fantastic. I used to play a sport called Ultimate, and our tournaments ended at 6 PM or so. (I guess they have lights on the fields).

Okay, I have a few suggestions for snacks to keep these budding soccer stars going. If you have time, you can make:

1. Homemade energy bar Energy Bar Recipe

Otherwise, the usual suspects are great and helpful for a long day of running around:

2. Bananas Banana
3. oranges Orange
4. apples Apples

Just bring a cutting board, a knife, and some Ziplocs and your child can grab a slice on the go.

Energy bars are a tricky subject. I ran all day and never missed them, so I think they are expensive and unnecessary. BUT, if you must bring them, I would stay away from PowerBar and buy:

5. larabarb2 Lara Bar

Please share your Soccer Snack ideas.

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Clif Kids Z Bars are awesome. I don't have kids but they're perfect for my sweet tooth. Only about 10g of sugar per bar and they have about 3g of protien and 3-4g of fiber.

I love Lara bars. They're sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian, so the only kids you might even be leaving out in the cold are those with nut allergies. But they're delicious. My favs are the cherry pie and the banana bread ones. I don't buy them often, because I hate spending the money on a processed bar, but when I know I'm going to be on the run, I'll have some on hand.

Food Should Taste Good chips, puffins cereal, kashi TLC bars also good options. Love Lara bars and my kids like the new minis.

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