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How to Lose Five Pounds

How to Lose the Five (or More) Pounds from the Holidays

How do you lose the five pounds from the holidays? Here we are - it is January second and it is time to get on it.....

January 2, 2019   21 Comments

Weight Watchers Smart Points Review

The Weight Watcher’s Smart Points Struggle

I am hearing a bunch about Weight Watchers Smart Points and it is definitely a mixed bag....

March 23, 2016   233 Comments

Weight Watchers New Program

Weight Watchers Smart Points: Is it Working for You?

There have been some blips with the roll-out of the new SmartPoints program.....

January 19, 2016   129 Comments

Smart Points vs Points Plus

Smart Points Vs Points Plus

Let's take a look at Smart Points vs Points Plus. What has Weight Watchers changed?...

December 15, 2015   117 Comments

Weight Watchers New for 2016

Weight Watchers New for 2016

Weight Watchers had said that the new program for 2016 was the “biggest change in 50 years.”...

December 5, 2015   75 Comments

Weight Watchers Recipes with Points

Top 10 Weight Watcher's Friendly Recipes

Over the last couple of years, I have had many readers join me who are Weight Watchers members. Snack Girl and Weight Watchers go together because we both emphasize fruits and vegetables.

October 20, 2015   3 Comments


Weight Watchers Snacks

Looking for a go-to list of low points snacks to keep you from eating your hat?...

June 4, 2015   18 Comments

Best Healthy Gluten-Free Snacks

Weight Watchers Friendly Low Points Snacks

Today is a shout-out to the Weight Watchers members who follow Snack Girl....

February 18, 2015   6 Comments

Weight Watchers Butt Ad

Weight Watchers' Portrayal of A Woman’s Butt

I’m no prude but I like to talk about my backside with words such as “bottom” or “tush”....

January 21, 2015   86 Comments

Weight Watchers 2015 Changes

The New Weight Watchers for 2015

Here we go! Time to take a look at the latest diets for the New Year....

January 5, 2015   34 Comments


When Weight Watchers Doesn’t Work

I know many of you are Weight Watchers members and find the program helpful....

October 6, 2014   78 Comments

Weight Watchers Pinterest Board

Where to Find Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes

Many of my readers are following Weight Watchers and, hopefully, seeing results....

August 21, 2014   12 Comments


Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes

Over the last couple of years, I have had many readers join me who are Weight Watchers members. Snack Girl and Weight Watchers go together because we both emphasize fruits and vegetables....

April 17, 2014   8 Comments

How to Get The Perfect Body

How To Get The Perfect Body

Look at that woman up there! She has a flat belly, glossy hair, and legs that go for miles....

January 28, 2014   14 Comments

Weight Watchers' Simply Filling

Weight Watchers’ Simply Filling: Will it Work for You?

After posting last week about Weight Watchers, I got a few questions about “Simply Filling”....

January 13, 2014   89 Comments

Weight Watchers 2014

Feeling Fat? Is Weight Watchers the Solution?

This is the time of year we all do it. We all say, “This year I will lose the weight.”...

January 6, 2014   81 Comments

How Did You Lose Fifteen Pounds?

Lost 15 or 20 Pounds? How Did You Do It?

Snack Girl has been featuring readers who have lost weight to inspire and teach those among us who want to do the same....

November 25, 2013   64 Comments

Weight Watchers Friendly Recipes

Weight Watchers and Snack Girl: How Can I Help?

Snack Girl is aware that this website has become a resource for Weight Watchers members....

September 10, 2013   60 Comments

How Penny Lost 201 Pounds

How Penny Lost 201 Pounds

Above is a photo of Penny in 2005 at the Grand Canyon....

June 3, 2013   25 Comments


The Book You Need To Read If You Want To Lose Weight

Snack Girl has read only a few books in her life that have made a lasting impact on what she eats....

March 21, 2013   27 Comments

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