Top Ten 100 Calorie Snacks

March 22, 2012   11 Comments

100 is a magical number for some people. An entire snack product industry is based on this concept of a 100 calorie snack.

100 Calorie Snacks

I think that for dieters, 100 calorie snacks are great because they are pre-portioned. Hey, you know what you are getting! The problem is that many of the packaged snacks in this category aren't nutritious and they taste....well....yucky.

In fact, I nominated a 100 Calorie snack pack for "Worst Snack of The Year in 2010" see here: The Worst Snack of 2010.


Seriously, does that package up there look appetizing?

If you want to keep your snack around 100 calories (which is a perfectly reasonable idea), you have many options other than this ugly package of junk food.

I have created a list of over 118 100 calorie options - And, yes, you have to make these snacks :(

Why make your own?

  • You will save money (those 100 calorie snack packs are not cheap).
  • They will taste good.
  • You will become greener (less packaging).

And, you will honor your body by making a NUTRITIOUS snack.

I chose these 10 because they are my favorite 100 calorie snacks - and they represent a nice variety of foods you could eat:

1. peanutbutterballsb Wow Your Friends With The World's Simplest Cookie Recipe

2. oatpancakeb Mix Pancakes With Oatmeal And You Get A Super Breakfast

3. carrotbiteb Create A Better Snack With Carrots

4. rootbeerfloatb A Lot Less Float For Your Boat (Awesome 53 Calorie Dessert)

5. Elegant, Easy, and Under 100 Calories

6. brownieballxmasb Give the Gift of A Healthy Snack (Your Friends Won't Even Know Its Healthy!)

7. smoreb Love S'Mores? Try This 52 Calorie Treat

8. portabellomushroompizzab A 100 Calorie Pizza That Will Rock Your Sox

9. chocolatepopcornb How To Make Dark Chocolate Last Forever

10. kaleschips2b Kale Chips: Believe The Hype

What is your favorite 100 calorie snack?

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Fab post! I love making my snacks rather than buying them, it's cheaper and tastes so much better! I'm going to sneak and check out your recipes when I get to work! Have a great day!!

I'm having a problem getting to the 100 calorie snacks link you provided. Is this working for anyone else?

nope, the link isn't working for me either. And now I'm hungry for a chocolate chip cookie!

Try this to access the 100 calorie recipes.

That link in the comments worked! Thank you!

Sorry about that - asleep at the wheel a bit today. I put the correct link into the post. Thank for the heads-up!

i SO appreciate this list!

FYI - Speaking of really low calorie/points healthy snacks: I just discovered Coco Lite Whole Wheat Pop Cakes (think rice cakes that look like tortillas, about 5" in diameter) at my Allentown, PA Wegman's. Two of these are 1 Pts+ or 40 calories. Add my no-sugar-added apple/peach/pumpkin butter at 10 calories per tablespoon and we have a generous, less than 2 Pts+ snack. To one Coco Pop I added 2 tablespoons reconstituted PB2 powdered peanut butter (45 calories, 1 Pts+) and topped with a sliced strawberry for a delectable snack for less than 2 Pts! It's amazing what is out there these days for the dedicated healthy weight watcher :-)

No bake peanut butter cookie balls? Really? Those look amazing. My boyfriend is going to love those. I won't tell him they are less than 100 cal. =)

I would personally avoid these 100 calorie snacks and instead go for a more natural Healthy Snack Idea

I was going through you website and I was truly inspired by the low calorie snacks that you provide on your website. This is especially essential because I know so many people that are asking about low calorie snacks at my weight loss site. Do you mind if I link some snack ideas to your website?

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