Healthy Side Dishes for Thanksgiving & Helpful Tips

November 13, 2017   4 Comments

Healthy side dishes for Thanksgiving are completely doable and you can make things easier on yourself.

Healthy Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

First, check if you local Chinese take-out place will be open so if you need a backup – you are ready. My spot is closed so my stress level is high.

I wrote in my newsletter on Saturday about how I plan to make a blueprint for my Thanksgiving day cooking (please [[/subscribe|SUBSCRIBE}} to get my newsletter).

I sat down and wrote the times of day that things would get done and who would cook them. My plan is comprehensive and I am pretty sure my family is going to revolt as I attempt to micromanage the situation – but I feel ready.

People have sent me some of their tips:

  • Don’t forget to run the dishwasher and unload it so you have enough clean dishes for everyone.
  • Buy Simply Mashed Potatoes (because they are the same as making them yourself).
  • Skip the turkey and serve lobster (no gravy or stuffing needed).
  • Send your husband out with your relatives and put on your favorite 80s tunes while you cook up a storm.
  • Use paper plates and plastic forks and cups.
  • Start the day before and make the dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, etc. and then only make the turkey on turkey day!
  • Cook the turkey overnight (I am going to have to look that one up).

Sometimes my family has gone out for Thanksgiving and that can be expensive but also very relaxing. Nothing like having someone else pick up your plate, put it in the dishwasher, and you not having to scrub the pots and pans.

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to eat a lot of vegetables. You don’t have to put marshmallows on all of them, right? You can buy beautiful rainbow carrots, fennel, and Brusssels sprouts and enjoy them for how they taste without a lot of extra flavors or sugar added.

Walk into your favorite supermarket or farmer’s market and envision all the great dishes you can make.

I included some easy desserts for those of you who are trying to avoid pecan pie. You know who you are.

Please add any of your favorite recipes or ideas to the comment section. Let’s share!

Roasted Winter Vegetables Recipe

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Simple Glazed Carrots

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Vegan Creamed Spinach Recipe

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Apple Cranberry Fruit Salad

Get the recipe here: Apple Cranberry Fruit Salad

Easy Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup Recipe

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Slow Cooker Butternut Squash

Get the recipe here: Slow Cooker Butternut Squash

Make Your Own Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Get the recipe here: Make Your Own Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Orange and Fennel Salad


Get the recipe here: Orange and Fennel Salad

Roasted Brussels Sprouts on the Stalk

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A Delicious Meatless Stuffing

Get the recipe here: A Delicious Meatless Stuffing

Roasted Rainbow Carrots Recipe

Get the recipe here: Roasted Rainbow Carrots Recipe

Hasselback Potatoes

Get the recipe here: Healthy Potato Recipe

Easy Desserts

Simple Homemade Apple Pie Filling

Get the recipe here: Simple Homemade Apple Pie Filling

Pumpkin Dip for Apples

Get the recipe here: Pumpkin Dip for Apples

Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding

Get the recipe here: Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding

Pumpkin Angel Food Cake Recipe

Get the recipe here: Pumpkin Angel Food Cake Recipe

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I laughed when I saw the lobster idea. I thought I was being so original when I suggested we have lobster instead of turkey!

Those recipes look great, and I will be trying them (my doc says I need to get serious about sodium, and holy cow, I never realized how much sodium there is in prepared stuff). BUT, I refuse to eat healthy on Turkey Day. Gotta have turkey, gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream.

Second year having pumpkin-pie chia pudding parfaits, this year instead of fatty crumbled pie dough cookies I'll use toasted pecans for plant-based fat, and soy ''Tru Whip''. Will also be making cranberry relish with fresh cranberries, whole navel orange and mejool dates instead of the cooked version. The leftover relish is fantastically refreshing on a spinach salad with added nuts, onions and a honey-mustard dressing, or used up in a morning smoothie. I've even used it on a sandwich of stuffing, sweet potatoes and green beans. :) Of the 5 of us this year there is one pescatarian, one vegan, two flexitarians, and 1 carnivore who luckily will go along with it all. Thankfully, we agree on the value of eating whole plant-based food so there's no grumbling! And it is so GOOD!

great and easy recipes as usual i love simply potatoes especially the sweet potatoes they are even healthy considering they are pre made

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