Top 10 Ideas for Replacing Potato Chips

July 18, 2013   12 Comments

Everyone has their favorite treat. I happen to love potato chips.

Ideas For Replacing Potato Chips

A reader sent me an e-mail asking for ideas to help her stop eating them. Fortunately, I had thought a lot about this topic.

My first line of defense for overindulging has been to buy Cape Cod 40% Reduced Fat Kettle Cooked Chips. For one serving of 140 calories, you can eat 19 chips. I like the flavor and the crunch (and they taste the same to me as regular chips).

BUT, this reader wanted to move on from potato chips and I hear her. I like to crunch on vegetables whenever possible when eating a snack. Some of the ideas below take a little more work than opening a bag of chips, but it is worth it for your health, right?

1. Sliced cucumbers with salt on the side for sprinkling.

2. Carrot sticks and hummus.

3. kaleschips2b Kale Chips: Believe The Hype

4. Elegant, Easy, and Under 100 Calories

5. Turn Dull Beans Into A Potato Chip Replacement

6. kettlecornb A Whole Grain Snack For Five Cents Per Serving

7. A Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe For The Snack Girl Recipe Swap

8. sugarcauliflowerb Taking Cauliflower To A New Level

9. applechipb Got Apples? Try This Awesome Healthy Snack

10. zucchinifryb Z Fries: The Latest In Nutritious, Delicious, and Low Cal Fries

What do you eat instead of potato chips? Please share.

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Potato chip is not bad for health should you know that it is unhealthy when eaten in excess or as a regular habit. On the other hand, if one ate say 5-7 chips ones a while or for that matter even daily, I do not think it is bad for health.

The problem with most Americans is they make eating potato chips a regular habit and consuming in bags. Even nuts Almond,peanut and any nuts, if you eat in excess one may end with stomach problem and thus have other repercussions on overall health.

Those are some good suggestions. I need them. As I am working to trade out things that are unhealthy to eat with healthy things. I haven't tried kale chips before, but look forward to giving them a try. :)

If someone still can't get away from chips I've found a healthier option. I think they have six different flavors but I've only tried four. The brand is Simply Sprouted Way Better Snacks. My favorite flavor is Simply So Sweet Chili. They taste like spicy nacho Doritos but they are healthier. Some of the ingredients are golden flax, chia seeds, quinoa, radish seeds and broccoli seeds. They are gluten free and have no GMO's. They sound like they would taste like cardboard but they are so good. I've had my friends and family try them and they all agree they are good. Even my brother who rarely eats anything healthy likes them. I found them at Publix for $2.99 a bag and they also sell them at Whole Foods. I am in love with these chips.

potato chips and I have a love /hate relationship, I love them, but, well u know the rest... I've tried the Potato Thins, not bad, will b trying things from ur list, haven't tried kale yet, I will definitely be looking for the Simply Sprouted snacks, I find it hard to get a replacement for potato chips... but will try

I recently tried the kale chips; I had seen them on Dr. Oz several times. I hate to say it, but they were not very good. Luckily, I am not much of a potato chip person. I like crunchy though. I recently found Earth Exotic Harvest vege chips at Whole Foods. They are wonderful!! The bag I bought included blue potatoes, carrot strips, and squash. I used them in my crab dip instead of gluten-filled crackers; delish!!

I've been looking for substitutes lately, too, and what we ventured into was a dehydrator! Zucchini chips and yellow squash chips are DA BOMB! So is dehydrated vidalia onion! I'm growing some beets to try, too!

For store bought, we like the Special K Cracker Chips, though!

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I personally love Kale chips and added kale to my garden this year. However, for those who like the crunch of a more traditional chip-like treat, try Trader Joe's sweet potato chips or Simply Nature sweet potato corn tortilla chips which are great with home made salsa. I also like the Cape Code reduced fat potato chips. Everything in moderation!

I like Special K Cracker Chips. They come in Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Onion, Honey BBQ, Southwest Ranch and Cheddar flavors. You get 27-30 of them in a serving--which is a LOT--and they have a satisfying crunch.

I also like seaweed to satisfy that need for a salty crunch. Costco sells seaweed snacks in a large quantity of small packages with a long shelf life.

I came across this article and had to say just how much I enjoy Kale chips! They are a fantastic and easy way to incorporate this delicious vegetable into your diet, once you start you really cant stop! Between kale chips and home made hummus, eating right is easy and tastes better than anything in the junk food section.


love that cheese best. I like a few of your above suggestions,

especially the cauliflower item.....I fix those with cheese sauce

and they are great! Thank you for your help.DO YOU THINK SUN CHIPS ARE BETER THAN REGULAR POTATO CHIPS?

Stormy Irwin

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