Low Point WW Snacks

March 31, 2019

Today is a shout-out to the Weight Watchers (WW) members who follow Snack Girl.

Low Point WW Snacks

This list is also perfect for those who want healthy snacks and want to stop yourself from eating junk. Snack food is notorious for being the junkiest food in the grocery store (I am looking at you Flaming Hot Cheetos).

Snacks can be healthy with a little effort and as satisfying as meals. The easiest way to keep your snack low in points is to keep it low in sugar or use fresh fruit.

My favorite snack? An apple with a wee bit of peanut butter spread on it. I love the crunch, the combo, and the way I feel after I eat it.

Here is a short list of low point WW snack ideas to keep you on track and healthy:

1 Freestyle SmartPt

  1. Meet the Bloomin’ Apple
  2. Love Cheesecake? Give This A Try
  3. Secret Ingredient Pancakes: Healthy, Delicious, and Light
  4. Meet Mini Mac and Cheese Bites: The Best Way to Enjoy Pasta
  5. Easy Refrigerator Pickles Easy Refrigerator Pickles
  6. Tuna and Bean Salad
  7. miniapplecrispb Healthy Apple Crisp Recipe **VIDEO**
  8. Tuna and Bean Salad
  9. Give Your Popcorn A South Of The Border Spin

2 Freestyle SmartPts

  1. Light Berry No-Bake Mason Jar Dessert
  2. In a Pinch? This Tomato Soup Will Save You
  3. You Must Try This Carrot Salad from LaaLoosh
  4. Make Your Own Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

3 Freestyle Smartpts

  1. The Easiest, Healthiest Dip For the Big Game
  2. A Slice of Yummy Cake for 80 Calories
  3. tunameltb Low Carb Tuna Melt
  4. Frozen Banana Bites (Peanut Butter AND Chocolate)

What is your favorite low point WW healthy snack?

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