Top Ten 100 Calorie Snacks

March 12, 2013   5 Comments

100 is a magical number for some people. An entire snack product industry is based on this concept of a 100 calorie snack.

Top Ten 100 Calorie Snacks

I think that for dieters, 100 calorie snacks are great because they are pre-portioned. Hey, you know what you are getting! The problem is that many of the packaged snacks in this category aren't nutritious and they taste....well....yucky.

In fact, I nominated a 100 Calorie snack pack for "Worst Snack of The Year in 2010" see here: The Worst Snack of 2010.


Seriously, does that package up there look appetizing?

If you want to keep your snack around 100 calories (which is a perfectly reasonable idea), you have many options other than this ugly package of junk food.

I have created a list of over 163 under 100 calorie options - And, yes, you have to make these snacks :(

Why make your own?

  • You will save money (those 100 calorie snack packs are not cheap).
  • They will taste good.
  • You will become greener (less packaging).

And, you will honor your body by making a NUTRITIOUS snack.

I chose these 10 because they are my favorite 100 calorie snacks - and they represent a nice variety of foods you could eat:

1. Eating Cookie Dough Just Got Healthier

2. Take Your Raw Veggies To the Next Level

3. carrotbiteb Create A Better Snack With Carrots

4. rootbeerfloatb A Lot Less Float For Your Boat (Awesome 53 Calorie Dessert)

5. Elegant, Easy, and Under 100 Calories

6. No Bake Lemon Balls: Healthy, Fast, & Yummy

7. The Best Brand of Yogurt You Can Buy

8. portabellomushroompizzab A 100 Calorie Pizza That Will Rock Your Sox

9. chocolatepopcornb How To Make Dark Chocolate Last Forever

10. kaleschips2b Kale Chips: Believe The Hype

What is your favorite 100 calorie snack?

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You had me worried for a second. I thought you were going to say those oreo snacks were on your good list. Fortunately I re-read that and we are now on the same page.

Will have to try some of these snacks! yum.

You picked some good wholesome snacks!!! Thank you!

100 calorie package snacks are so full of sugar. You have great ideas to try instead and will be kinder to your body. I hope this opens some eyes that with a little effort you can easily eat something healthy and lose weight in the mean time.

Thank you so much for all of the great recipes. You are helping to make my weight loss journey more fun and successful!

I am a dip girl so I love the different dip ideas!

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