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The Delicious Diet That Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease

How many of you have been to the Mediterranean? If you lived there you might not have to worry about heart disease....

February 26, 2013  17 Comments

Five Easy Changes For 2013

Okay, we are a little over a week into the New Year. Have you spread paint on your kids yet?...

January 8, 2013  25 Comments

Weight Watchers 360°: What’s New in 2013

Weight Watchers has launched a new product for 2013. How is it different?

January 3, 2013  57 Comments


This Year, Get What You REALLY Want!

It is New Year’s Eve. Do you know what you really want?....

December 28, 2012  67 Comments


You Are Stuck In An Airport: What Are You Gonna Eat?

Snack Girl used to travel much more when she was cool. Now that she is boring, she flies maybe once a year....

December 11, 2012  20 Comments

Should You Choose Artificially Low Calorie Food To Help You Lose Weight Or Stick With Healthy?

One of the tenets of losing weight is that you must reduce your calorie intake. Eat less, exercise more....

December 4, 2012  37 Comments

The Healthiest Holidays Ever

This is my photo of Santa at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. What is he so happy about?....

November 27, 2012  15 Comments

Save 1,273 Calories With This Thanksgiving Menu

See that beautiful meal up there? You can save 1,273 calories if you just don’t eat any of it....

November 21, 2012  27 Comments

Don’t Be A Muffin Hater: Celebrate Your Muffin

Daphne of coolmom has made a revolutionary video celebrating the part of our body that we hate to look at....

November 19, 2012  11 Comments

The Easiest To Implement Healthy Food Travel Tip

Okay, let’s say you are like Snack Girl on a recent trip and forgot your snacks. You pull into a place like the one above....

November 14, 2012  26 Comments

Can You Tell The Difference Between These?

Does anyone else run through the grocery store as fast as you can to try to get out of there? My cart is always moving....

November 1, 2012  27 Comments

Should You Avoid Fruit Because It’s Full Of Sugar?

That lady up there isn’t avoiding fruit. She has made a lovely sculpture to express her love....

October 26, 2012  32 Comments

Feel Full on Fewer Calories

When you go on a diet are you starving? Do you look at your three ounces of meat and wonder how you got here?...

October 19, 2012  15 Comments

When Did You Last Talk To This Guy (or Gal) About Your Health?

Hey, if my doctor was this cute, I would schedule TWO physicals a year :)....

October 12, 2012  13 Comments

McDonalds Kale

Why We Need To Talk About Fast Food

Snack Girl is obsessed with McDonald’s. I just can’t stop thinking about this corporation or fast food. Why?...

October 11, 2012  48 Comments

Confused By Food Labels? Here’s A Solution

Last week, Snack Girl complained about hidden ingredients in her food (see: You Need To Be A Detective To Find These Hidden Ingredients). Now, I going to teach you some tricks....

October 9, 2012  27 Comments

Don’t Give Up On Achieving Immense Happiness

I chose a photo of a woman blowing bubbles because I think we can all remember finding great joy in bubbles.

October 5, 2012  17 Comments

You Need To Be A Detective To Find These Hidden Ingredients

Snack Girl is getting old and her eyes are going. Actually, I blame this screen I am sitting in front of for my inability to read labels....

October 2, 2012  37 Comments


Got Five Minutes? You Can Get Fit

Does it sound like I am trying to sell you a bridge? Or maybe Snack Girl has become one of those websites that PROMISES you will lose 5 pounds in 24 hours, if you just buy this potion....

September 25, 2012  17 Comments


Can High Fiber Make a Pop-Tart Healthy?

Lately, Snack Girl has been deluged by requests about toaster pastries and frozen waffles. So, I decided to take a walk down the cereal aisle.

September 21, 2012  17 Comments

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