Healthy Beach Snacks

June 10, 2010   4 Comments

Beach season is starting and its time to pack those coolers and avoid the snack bars at the beach. With a little planning, you can cut your calorie intake and keep looking great in your bikini!

Healthy Beach Snacks

Snack bars at the beach feature the notoriously great junk food for all - hot dogs, Potato Chips, Soda, ice cream, hamburgers....

(By the way, I took this photo from my hotel room window this morning......and then I woke up :)

You CAN do better than the dreaded snack bar! It just takes a little motivation and planning. Be aware that sandwiches tend to get soggy at the beach, so it is probably a better idea to pack crackers.

  • water melon Watermelon and cantaloupe Cantaloupe - just cut these lovely melons into chunks, toss them into a plastic container, and you have a refreshing vitamin and water filled snack (for very few calories)
  • grapesb Grapes - freeze these in a bag before you go to the beach and you will keep your cooler cold and keep away from the popsicles at the snack bar
  • cheese and crackers Cheese and Crackers and/or cheese stick Cheese Sticks - bring some whole grain crackers like Triscuits and your favorite cheese (make sure you keep it cold).
  • pretzelb Pretzels - take a little jar of mustard and dip these salty treats for a great snack that will stop you from buying a hot dog (which do you like better? the hot dog or the mustard?)

You can also bring a small jar of peanut butter for dipping your crackers or pretzels. And, don't forget to freeze some plastic water bottles to use to keep your food cold. This way, you can get an ice cold drink!

The best way to plan for snacks at the beach is to keep your snacks in one place - like a small grocery bag - so you can just toss them in the car. Also, a cooler is an essential part of avoiding the snack bar. Below, I have featured a small personal cooler from I found one at the Salvation Army that I loved and used for years.

What do you take to the beach?

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We head to the beach every year. I have learned some tips for good healthy eats. I have been making wraps for myself for lunch. Find the ones with little fat and about 100 calories each. stuff with turkey slices, peperoncini (for spice), lettuce, tomato, onion. add mustard and a bit of low cal dressing. After my family tried one they all want a rap instead of a sandwich. I pack fruit and baked Lays. This is my perfect beach lunch.

These are all fantastic ideas - I also like to make food - food if we're going to be at the beach or park all day, so I grill chicken breast, cut into chunks and slice mango and put it all into a plastic container. By the time we're ready to eat, the chicken is flavored with all the yummy Mango juice! Yum! I like the idea of wraps too! Loving these ideas - getting beach ready right now! :)

I was at the beach just last week, and we had the BEST watermelon! I thought I didn't like watermelon, so I was glad to be corrected. I know that I like cantalope, so now I just need to weave these healthy, yummy treats into my daily diet. Your other suggestions are spot on, too, and a great reminder of little things that I know work for me, but sometimes forget to incorporate. You are on a roll, Snack Girl ;-)

Thanks for the beach snacks! Why not add some veggies too. Crunchy carrot sticks or lightly steamed string beans for taking a break in the shade.

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