Healthy Game Day Snacks (Upgrade Your Pizza, Dip, Wings, and Chips)

January 18, 2012   4 Comments

While watching the Super Bowl, Americans will consume 11.2 million pounds of potato chips according to the Calorie Control Council. Just think of what a pile of 11.2 million pounds of chips looks like.

Healthy Game Day Snacks 2012

The Mount Everest of chips! What if that mountain looked like a big hill of roasted broccoli? Wow. The tummies of America would be a lot slimmer if that mountain was broccoli (and Frito Lay would be out of business).

So, let's put Frito Lay out of business during the NFL playoffs and make some yummy AND healthy snacks for TV watching consumption. These snacks will take longer to make than opening a bag of chips - but you will enjoy them more.

You will also impress your friends and family with your culinary skills. When your uncle shouts out - "Hand over more of that broccoli!" - you know you will be proud.

There are four main food groups on game day: pizza, wings, dips, and chips. The key is to replace one or two of these bad boys with a healthy option.

1. Pizza: Order your pizza with lots of veggies (avoid the meat lovers) and you have a pretty healthy option. Try these other ideas if you want to make it SUPER healthy:

2. Wings: I have one recipe for a an updated "wings" - buffalowingsb Hot "Wings" From The Skinny Chef

3. Dips: Obviously, hummus, guacamole, and salsa are healthy choices when it comes to dips. The problem dips are the ones with cheese and sour cream. Stick to crunchy vegetables when you dip and you will consume many fewer calories.

4. Chips: If you love potato chips, they are tough to replace. I like the Cape Cod Reduced Fat chips - I can eat 23 for 120 calories! Try satisfying that salty CRUNCH with roasted vegetables.

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And ... don't super-size it! Recently, I was at a kids party and this establishment super-sizes the slices.

OMG, take a peek ...

This was in Atlanta GA ... just one of the many contributing factors that lead to GA being #2 in childhood obesity.

Don't forget Kale chips! Yum!

Like Cristina says - "Don't forget the Kale chips"! Have any of you tried collard greens as chips? They're pretty amazing too!

One of the things I'm planning on serving to the "girls only" Super Bowl party at our house is frozen grapes and frozen pineapple chunks with greek yoghurt fruit dip....all the guys are planning on watching it at a local pub so us girls have the man cave all to ourselves! :)

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