Top Ten High Protein Snacks

July 21, 2011   12 Comments

Sometimes we have to change our diets for medical reasons and it isn't easy. For example, during my pregnancy my pals "Ben and Jerry" were getting a wee bit too friendly for my obstetrician.

Healthy High Protein Snacks

Dianne from Indiana wrote to me about her medical dilemma:

Could you feature a few more snacks that have protein in them or are high in protein? Since my gall-bladder surgery, I'm to eat less carbs and more protein for snacking.

Hard for me, since I LOVE carbs. And the only protein ideas I come up with are boring and the same old thing. Cottage cheese, cheese, meat, nuts.

What else? Isn't there something yummy and has some good protein too? Also...easy and quick to make? Or is that too many requests in one?

Sheesh, that IS too many requests in one :)

So, first I had to understand how one defines a high protein snack. I decided that the best measure was whether the grams of protein per serving was more than the grams of carbohydrate per serving.

There are some great snacks that include beans that are both high in protein and carbs, but I skipped those for this list.

The snacks below feature either dairy, meat, or eggs to get their high protein rating - but they also include vegetables or fruit and I hope Dianne finds them more interesting than the ones she is currently eating.

I included 3 packages snacks (7-10) for those of you in a rush.

1.portabellomushroompizzab A 100 Calorie Pizza That Will Rock Your Sox

2. burgerholeb How To Eat Less Red Meat & Still LOVE Your Burger

3. angeledeggsb Satan Would Hate This Recipe

4. Elegant, Easy, and Under 100 Calories

5. melonbiteb Who Else Wants Bacon?

6. poachedeggb You Will LOVE This 81 Calorie Egg Recipe

7. cottagecheesesnackb Mix It Up For A Delicious Snack

8. applegateturkeyb Love Breakfast Sausage but Hate Jimmy Dean? Try This!

9. cheese stick The Benefits of Cheese Sticks

10. rockymtnb You Have Never Had Beef Jerky Like This!

Please share your high protein snack ideas.

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Two of my favorite very high protein snacks ...

1. Quinoa

2. Edamame

Take a look at the recipes and pics ... healthy and amazingly delicious.

Ken Leebow


I'm vegan, so most of those high-protein snacks won't work for me. However, I've got a few more suggestions. Soy is a great source of protein, and you could try it in soymilk, soy nuts, or even soy yogurt. High in protein and really yummy! :) another good source of protein is beans. Add them to things like tacos, chili, soup, etc. I love black bean soup and bean chili. Another thing I LOVE is hummus! It's made of chickpeas, so it's high in protein and very versatile. I eat it with veggies and crackers (maybe the crackers wouldn't work for you,) but you could try a low-carb veggie-hummus wrap? Yum! :) Try thinking up other vegan proteins...maybe they'll get you out of the same old things you've been eating lately. Good luck! :)

If you do eat soy products, may sure to only eat fermented soy such as tempeh and miso.

Fruit actually has more protein than most realize. A mixed fresh fruit cup is really colorful and fun and so tasty! Eggs are good as Lisa mentioned, and an omlet can be made so many ways so you won't get bored.

Careful on the tempeh. I have no food allergies or reactions from food other than tempeh. Because of the way it is fermented some individuals have trouble with it. I can eat all soy products but tempeh unfortunately has made me violently ill on two occasions. Just use caution if trying it for the first time (try a little and see if your body can handle it).

High protein snack are my favorite! Snack Girl, you didn't include any yogurts though. I find they can be creamy like desserts. Also, most ice cream has a little bit of protein in it, because of the milk.

Really almost everything and anything has protein in it. Even some pastas.

I'm Carb-Cycling and always looking for more high protein, low carb meals. I find hard boiled eggs to be your best bet. Versatile, easy to make, and one of the highest protein sources around.

There are only a few fruits where the protein is high enough to match the carbs and they tend to be high calorie so you have to be careful of your portion sizes.

I second the hummus recommendation with low-carb veggies, not crackers. Lots of protein and fiber, fewer carbs, and tasty. It's easily made in a blender or a food processor and one can vary the ingredients at will. I especially like black bean hummus or chickpea hummus with avocado added (one of the higher protein fruits). With celery, broccili, cauliflower, or daikon slices to scoop it up.

Primal Strips makes vegan "jerky" that is yummy. Some are soy based and some are seitan. Seitan is not for those sensitive to wheat. Also there are dried edamame and dried soynuts (which are slightly different from each other) at Trader Joe's.

As for soy, most people with Japanese or Chinese heritage grew up on plenty of tofu (which isn't fermented) daily, plus small quantities of the fermented seasonings soy sauce and miso.

My mom's 85 and never has had cancer. My paternal grandmother lived to 93 without cancer. I don't think highly processed soy isolates should be eaten with abandon but tofu and soy nuts and the like are really healthy and good!

More info on soy:…

If I know its a workout with weights day or I am hiking over 5 miles I eat a 110 cal bagel thin with a little peanutbutter and honey. I love Chobani plain greek yogurt with 2 packs of truvia and a handful of fresh blueberries.

I like nuts such as cashew and almond because they are a good source of protein. I also love natural Asian snacks with beans. Some Asian cuisines have delicious snacks from chickpeas and other beans. You can easily find these recipes online too.

I get some Chiobani *sp? low fat, plain greek yogurt and mix in some chocolate protein powder for my own high protein "chocolate pudding."

Special K Cracker Chips (30 chips only 110 cals!!!) with black beans. I just scoop the black beans like a dip. Sometimes I mix a little salsa with the black beans. It's AWESOME...I am totally addicted.

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