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McDonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade: Don't Believe The Hype

Snack Girl couldn't help but notice a coupon for a FREE cup of frozen strawberry lemonade from the Golden Arches in her newspaper....

May 24, 2011  67 Comments


This Yogurt Has More Grams of Sugar Per Ounce Than In Coca Cola

Recently, Snack Girl went to the yogurt aisle and tried Yoplait Greek yogurt and wrote this award winning review: Three Reasons To Avoid Yoplait Greek Yogurt ....

April 15, 2011  38 Comments


The Worst Snack of 2010

It was a difficult decision. Snack Girl has made her choice.

December 20, 2010  8 Comments


Check Out This Cookie (Scary)

Snack Girl has a problem she wants to share....

November 18, 2010  31 Comments


Are High Fiber Pop-Tarts a Healthy Choice?

Lately, Snack Girl has been deluged by requests about toaster pastries and frozen waffles. So, I decided to take a walk down the cereal aisle....

September 15, 2010  16 Comments


Is This A Healthy Snack Food?

There is an entire portion of an aisle in your supermarket devoted to "fruit snacks". If you don't have kids, you might have missed it....

August 16, 2010  19 Comments


560 Calories For Your Rapid Consumption From McDonald's

How do you get 560 calories into a 16 ounce drink? That takes the talent of a major global corporation: McDonald's (of course)....

August 9, 2010  33 Comments


You Can De-Ice an Aircraft With This New WORST Drink Winner

When you buy a slushy, ice-cold, blue, sugary drink, you KNOW you aren't making a healthy choice. The famous "Slurpee" machine at the 7-Eleven spews out colorful sludge for hot people....

July 20, 2010  17 Comments


This Blueberry Muffin Has a Dark Secret

This blueberry muffin seems like an innocuous food. But, lurking in its floury depths lies a painful truth....

July 13, 2010  18 Comments


The Worst Snack You Can Drink

The largest market for energy drinks, such as RockStar, RedBull, and Monster is between the ages of 12 and 24 years old. These drinks feature caffeine and sugar.

May 12, 2010  20 Comments


This "Juice" Has HFCS and More Sugar Per Serving Than Soda

The inspiration for Snack-Girl was a bottle of juice. That juice was one that my 3 year old daughter chose from a cooler in a convenience store...

April 12, 2010  17 Comments


A Dangerous Combination, Like Teenagers and Alcohol

The results of this duo are not unprotected sex, but unwanted pounds. This terrifying image will probably haunt you all day long...

March 18, 2010  12 Comments


Candy or Breakfast? Evaluate Your Cereal

The longest aisle in the supermarket is the breakfast cereal aisle. It seems to stretch forever with boxes of so many colors and sizes. How is a person to choose the healthy option?...

March 3, 2010  18 Comments


How to Snack Well (Hint: Avoid SnackWell's)

Are SnackWell's the product of Satan? The cookie's name "Devil's Food cake" promises a treat of sinful proportions. AND, they are going to pull it off without fat, cholesterol or sodium....

February 17, 2010  21 Comments


A Habit That May Be Costing You 500 Calories per Day

Warm milk, sugar, and a little coffee mixed together is a definition of bliss. In the afternoon, when you are flagging at your desk, a visit to Starbucks keeps you going in a dreamlike state so your day goes faster....

January 4, 2010  6 Comments


What is the First Piece of Advice Doctors give Dieters?

If you drink soda, you could lose over 15 pounds by just giving it up. Any doctor will tell that giving up soda cold turkey will lead to a dramatic reduction in your weight....

October 13, 2009  4 Comments


What Everybody Ought to Know about Chips Ahoy

They look so delicious floating in the air. They are the perfect cookie. They have lots of chips, and they are symmetrically round. BUT...

August 27, 2009  2 Comments


Artificial sweetener marketed to kids

Rewarding your child with a treat is a wonderful thing to do. A parent usually assumes that something that has a rabbit on a label is safe for their child....

August 13, 2009  2 Comments


The worst snack in America?

What would it take to be the worst snack in America? There are facts - calories, ingredients, etc. - then there is the more subjective factor: taste....

June 29, 2009  21 Comments


Would you like chemicals with your cupcakes?

The Hostess website claims that there is a person in Florida who eats 4 Hostess cupcakes a day. So, at 680 calories, I hope she is replacing a meal with them (cupcakes for breakfast anyone?)....

March 13, 2009  1 Comment

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