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Skinny Strawberry Shortcake

This skinny strawberry shortcake has actual cake. It isn’t actual “shortcake” but it is still great!.....

May 19, 2019   6 Comments

Roasted Summer Squash

Roasted Summer Squash Recipe **VIDEO**

This roasted summer squash recipe is so easy because summer squash, unlike winter squash, doesn’t have to be peeled. It arrives ready to go (which is my type of squash).....

May 6, 2019   28 Comments

Simple Cod Recipes

Simple Cod Recipes

These simple cod recipes will inspire you to eat more fish.....

May 2, 2019   3 Comments

Oven Roasted Shrimp

Oven Roasted Shrimp

Can you cook a delicious meal in five minutes? Oven roasted shrimp will change your mind on the definition of fast food.....

April 29, 2019   9 Comments

No Bake Vegan Brownies

No Bake Vegan Brownies

No bake vegan brownies are for everyone! Vegans, meat eaters, and people who love brownies but want to eat less of them.....

April 24, 2019   13 Comments

Easy Creamy Tomato Soup

Easy Creamy Tomato Soup

Easy creamy tomato soup is one of my personal favorites especially when paired with a salad or grilled cheese sandwich.....

April 22, 2019   6 Comments

WW Turkey Chili

WW Turkey Chili: You Need This Recipe

WW turkey chili is for all of us looking for tasty food that will keep us healthy....

April 16, 2019   5 Comments

Baby Kale Salad

Baby Kale Salad

his baby kale salad is for all the kale haters out there. I know you read this website even though I keep trying to sell you kale.....

April 14, 2019   7 Comments

Lentil Tacos

Lentil Tacos

Lentil tacos are for Taco Tuesday (or anytime really). Turns out you don’t need ground beef!....

April 10, 2019   18 Comments

PB2 Green Smoothie

PB2 Green Smoothie

This PB2 green smoothie is the perfect drink for spring and summer. You gotta love its Kermit like exterior.....

April 7, 2019   9 Comments

Mushroom Lentil Burgers

Mushroom Lentil Burgers

Mushroom lentil burgers are a very healthy replacement for 8 ounce beef burgers....

April 1, 2019   18 Comments

Oven Roasted Cauliflower

Oven roasted cauliflower is a staple for those of use who can tolerate cauliflower. I happen to love cauliflower but many of my readers do not.....

March 25, 2019   3 Comments

Healthy Baked Chicken Breast

Healthy Baked Chicken Breast with Southwest Rub

Healthy baked chicken breast is easy to make but can be really boring to eat. I will say it - I am sick of writing about chicken breast!....

March 17, 2019   4 Comments

Chili With Cocoa Powder

Lighter Chili With Cocoa Powder

What is the key to great tasting chili? (cocoa powder) Many would suggest that you put a lot of meat and sausage to make it delicious….

March 11, 2019   50 Comments

Best Homemade Granola

Best Homemade Granola

The best homemade granola I have ever made was on my stove and super fast.....

March 7, 2019   1 Comment

How to Cook Tilapia from Frozen

How to Cook Tilapia from Frozen

Do you know how to cook tilapia from frozen? Would you want to?....

March 3, 2019   10 Comments

Best Vegetarian Chili

Are you looking for the best vegetarian chili? Of course you are! Who wants to settle for second best?...

February 28, 2019   23 Comments

Slow Cooker Tater Tot Casserole

Slow Cooker Tater Tot Casserole: Vegetarian!

This slow cooker tater tot casserole will satisfy children and adults alike. Tater tots are not the healthiest food when served on their own....

February 26, 2019   6 Comments

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

This strawberry cheese cake smoothie is a dream. I love adding the word “cheesecake” to any recipe I can find....

February 19, 2019   14 Comments

Chickpea Salad Recipe

Chickpea Salad Recipe

This chickpea salad recipe is for winter when it is hard to find fresh vegetables.....

February 13, 2019   20 Comments

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