Healthy Party Snacks for Couch Potatoes

February 3, 2010

Are there magnets in your couch when you watch the Super Bowl? It seems amazing to me how long we sit and watch this spectacle. Snack-Girl will be out doing a 5K (in her mind).

Healthy Party Snacks for Couch Potatoes

Of course, it REALLY isn't a good idea to eat and watch TV at the same time. For the Super Bowl, we can make an exception. Just try to have healthy foods on hand to over consume.

Here is a list of snacks we have featured over the last couple of months. These would all be great additions to the usual panorama of snack eating that accompanies the big game.

shotglassb Veggie Shots
miniminipizzab Mini Mini Pizzas
yogurdipb2 Yogurt Dip
Wasabi Peas: Are They a Healthy Choice?
cheese and crackers Cheese and Crackers
Ants on a Log Ants on a Log
sugarsnappeasb Sugar Snap Peas
edamameb Edamame
pizzawithvegb Pizza With Vegetables
artichokedipb Hot Artichoke Dip
brownieballb No Bake Brownie Balls
wasacheeseb Toasted Tomato and Cheese
olivesb Olives

and one that isn't healthy - but is delicious:
gougereb Cheese Puffs

What will you eat while watching the Super Bowl? Please share.

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