Top Ten Healthy And Yummy Breakfast Ideas

October 20, 2011   8 Comments

Snack Girl has a confession to make. She has snuck in lots of breakfast ideas on her "snack" website.

Top Ten Breakfast Snacks

Why? I think that breakfast is one of those opportunities that we miss, especially as Americans (sugary cereal, bacon, deep fried hash browns, etc.) to eat healthy. And, it is considered THE most important meal of the day.

On the contrary, an Italian friend of mine has a shot of espresso and a cigarette for breakfast. hmmm.

Last week, Kelly sent me this request:

I am not really into the normal breakfast foods, and have a really hard time eating well at breakfast. Do you have any suggestions of quick and easy, yet not to bad for me?

First off, stay away from anyone suggesting coffee and a cigarette.

YES, I do have many ideas that I have compiled over the last 2.5 years of writing for this website. They range from INSTANT (greek yogurt and nuts) to more complicated (baked oatmeal).

Hopefully, you will find some ideas here that will help you get a good breakfast habit going.

1. walnutyogurtb.jpg Try This Breakfast Solution: Faster and Healthier Than Cereal

2. turkishbreakfastb Rethink Your Breakfast: Turkish Style

3. breakfastsandwichb The Egg McMuffin Makeover

4. newenergyb A Grab 'N Go Breakfast With ZERO Added Sugar (and you will love it)

5. Healthy Baked Oatmeal **VIDEO**

6. greensmoothieb This Green Smoothie Does NOT Taste Like Grass

7. nobakecookieb What TO Have for Breakfast

8. oatberry This Muffin Can Save Your Life

9. softboiledeggb Why Don't Americans Serve Eggs Like This?

10. Low Calorie Cereal Recipe Low Calorie Cereal Recipe

Please share your favorite breakfast ideas for Kelly (and the rest of us).

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Healthy breakfasts Are the best! So tasty... and they start your whole day off right:)

My go to breakfast:

2 almond milk lattes:

Each- 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (40 cal/cup) heated

mix in 1/4 oz vanilla Terras whey powder, cinnamon, 2 tsp Sharffen Berger unsweetened cocoa powder,NuNaturals nocarb stevia to taste and add strong hot coffee to taste.

It's delicious, filled with antioxidents, has cinnamon to help level blood sugar levels, protein from whey powder, and you can mix all the dry ingerdients the night before.

Great suggestions Lisa. My friend Mika in Germany tweeted a picture of his breakfast and it wasn't much different, but I think he had eggs on his plate. If anything I wish I could at least get my five year to eat breakfast more often. he will eat cereal if I sit and watch him like a hawk, he might bite a waffle once or twice and even drink a cup of chocolate or white milk but new foods to him are like persona non grata to his kid food pyramid. scary, unacceptable and un-eatable.

I'm not a breakfast person either and want something with a lot of bang since it has to get me to the later afteroon. I usually have a grilled chicken breast (I cook a bunch up on the weekend) and a box of Green Giant Teriyaki Veggies. All of this is only 7 pointsplus for Weight Watchers and lasts me many hours. If I find I'm still hungry I will add a banana.

I love those ideas! One of my favorite breakfast ideas is multi gain pancakes (mad with Bobs Red Mill ppancake mix with flaxseed)madeop t with almond breeze an eggwhites instead of milk and whole eggs. I top it with half of a container of Fage nonfat yogurt with honey and frozen strawberries that have been thowe in the microwave with the juice. It's pretty much a healthier strawberry shortcake

I love your blog---so many good ideas. When you put your nutritional calculations, is there a reason that the grams of sugar are not noted? I am hypoglycemic so that is what I watch all the time. Lots of your recipes are good for me.

Miso soup is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Japanese style...

The muffins look wonderful but I am allergic to bananas,any substitutions.

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