Top Healthy Super Bowl Party Snacks

January 28, 2013   5 Comments

While watching the Super Bowl, Americans will consume 11.2 million pounds of potato chips according to the Calorie Control Council. Just think of what a pile of 11.2 million pounds of chips looks like.

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

The Mount Everest of chips! What if that mountain looked like a big hill of roasted broccoli? Wow. The tummies of America would be a lot slimmer if that mountain was broccoli (and Frito Lay would be out of business).

So, let's put Frito Lay out of business during the Super Bowl and make some yummy AND healthy snacks for TV watching consumption. These snacks will take longer to make than opening a bag of chips - but you will enjoy them more.

You will also impress your friends and family with your culinary skills. When your uncle shouts out,"Hand over more of that broccoli!" - you know you will be proud.

There are four main food groups on game day: pizza, wings, dips, and chips. The key is to replace one or two of these bad boys with a healthy option.

1. Pizza: Order your pizza with lots of veggies (avoid the meat lovers) and you have a pretty healthy option. Try these other ideas if you want to make it SUPER healthy:

2. Wings: I have two recipes for updated wings. The first one is very easy. You boil the wings to cook them and then you broil them to make them crispy. You have got to give this a try-.

3. Dips: Obviously, hummus, guacamole, and salsa are healthy choices when it comes to dips. The problem dips are the ones with cheese and sour cream. Stick to crunchy vegetables when you dip and you will consume many fewer calories.

4. Chips: If you love potato chips, they are tough to replace. I like the Cape Cod Reduced Fat chips - I can eat 23 for 120 calories! Try satisfying that salty CRUNCH with roasted vegetables.

How are you going to make the Super Bowl healthier?

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Yummy! Everything sounds good! I love Super Bowl foods! Time to scope out the recipes.

Cut Cauliflower in small florets and dip in egg beaters, then whole wheat bread crumbs, bake until crisp and sprinkle with Frank's hot sauce (as much as to your taste). A lot less calories then chicken wings.

For chips - I've discovered the dehydrator and love apple, pinneapple and bananna chips. I also use unsweetened apple sauce to make fruit roll ups that the kids love. Pizza - I love english muffin pizzas made with chunky salsa, turkey pepperoni and light cheese.

Well, I plan to 'balance'. I am going to serve wings and have lower fat version of dips and make them myself and have plenty of veggies around. I am going to have dessert but serve in small portions.

I actually linked to your healthy Buffalo Wings recipe on my Superbowl recipes page ... it's SO good! I also like to make my own chips by slicing some potatoes and sweet potatoes really thin with a mandoline slicer, adding some olive oil and salt and pepper, and baking at 400 for 20 minutes or so.

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