The BEST Oscars Party Snacks

February 25, 2011   4 Comments

I know you are all dying to know what Snack Girl is serving at her Oscars party. Well, I promise, it will be a total blast.

The BEST Oscars Party Snacks

Shrimp, champagne, sushi, caviar, roast beef, wild mushrooms, cream puffs, raspberries flown in from Brazil, and those cute little mini-eclairs......zzzzz......

And, then, I woke up.

No, actually, I'm not having an Oscars Party. But, I am having an "Oscars Picnic" in front of the television because I LOVE the Oscars. Those dresses, the speeches, and the warm California sun take me away from it all for a few hours.

My kids just sit there and complain about it "not being a kid's movie". We are taking a break from movies to celebrate, well, movies.

What will I serve? I like to have a combination of packaged snacks and prepared snacks so I can just enjoy the show. What I will not serve are frozen pizza snacks, seven layer dip, or buffalo chicken wings.

But, my picnic WILL be tasty.

I will have packaged hummus and pretzel sticks (for dipping). Then, I will have made some roasted broccoli to munch on.

If I get off my butt RIGHT NOW, I will make some pickled carrots because they are seriously addictive (and will keep me away from the chips my husband loves).

To add some heft to my snacks, I will make turkey sliders, which I like at room temperature. And, my dessert snack will be the kettle corn makeover that my kids love.

So, I will make most of these snacks myself and save some money. It will probably take me around an hour, and I have a lovely array of food to share while I wonder how those actresses walk in those shoes.

Do you want to come over to make it a party? I always make too much :)

Here is a list of the snacks I am serving and a few other suggestions for your Oscars party.

Snack Girl's Oscars Snacks

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guacamoleb Fastest, Easiest, and Tastiest Guacamole
olivesb A Grecian Snack for All Time
kalechipb Kale Chips
sweetpotatofriesb Replace French Fries with This Easy and Healthy Snack
miniminipizzab The Tiniest (and Yummiest) Pizzas on The Planet
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What will you serve at your Oscars party?

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thanks for asking! i'm hosting my first Oscar party this year. i'm making Hungry Girl Pigs in a Blanket, Roasted Tomato Pizza Poppers from Better Homes and Garden mag, your Brownie Bites (going to make one batch regular, and add some mint extract to another!), and cocktail weiners in jam/mustard sauce. and pomegranate punch! my friends are bringing a few things, hopefully they keep it healthy. i might try your roasted broccoli too!

thanks for the invite, I really liked your suggestions. I love to read you. Congratulations

I make baked broccoli all the time at home and love your spin on the dish. Kids really do eat broccoli when you roast it. The crispyness is great and mine love it. Adding some sugar is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

sounds delicious! in the past, we've come up with meals inspired by the best picture nominees. here's my menu plan for this year:…

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