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Snack Girl's 12 week group challenge.

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The Cheater's Guide to Healthy Yogurt

Is it possible to find a yogurt that tastes great and doesn't inflate your waist? Yes! Does yogurt have to have Sucralose or other artificial sweeteners to be low calorie? No!...

February 28, 2011  38 Comments


The Snack Girl Reveal

Does anyone else remember when Oprah tossed her fat jeans aside on her show to reveal her spankin' new thin self? The audience went nuts!...

October 29, 2010  34 Comments


Snack Girl Disappears

Snack Girl has been on a mission to lose the chub (AKA muffin top). The Snack Girl Challenge began with the simple goal of losing 10 pounds.

September 24, 2010  24 Comments


Women Food And God - Even The Book Title Makes You Think

I promised my Snack Girl readers that I would keep them updated on my Snack Girl Challenge (to lose 10 pounds). Well, I hit a bump this month....

August 27, 2010  9 Comments


Did Snack Girl Lose 10 Pounds?

Three months has gone by since I wrote this post: Snack Girl Challenge. How did I do?...

July 30, 2010  13 Comments


Are You on A See Food Diet?

One of the biggest hurdles to weight loss is that we are surrounded by food....

July 16, 2010  4 Comments


How Do You Define Results? Snack Girl Challenge

As we come to the last few weeks of the Snack Girl challenge to lose 10 pounds, I have been reflecting on that goal....

July 9, 2010  10 Comments


How Annabel Lost 150 Pounds

Today, Annabel from Feed Me I'm Cranky is posting about her weight loss process....

July 2, 2010  7 Comments


Why Do We Quit Getting Healthy?

When we started this challenge, I knew I would be moving in the middle of it. Moving, divorce, losing a job, death - these are all on the Top 10 lists of stressful events in one's life....

June 25, 2010  18 Comments


Challenge is Half Done: How are We Doing?

The Snack Girl Challenge is half way finished. Six weeks down and 6 weeks to go. I am going to lead off with my numbers this week....

June 18, 2010  18 Comments


What is Stopping You From Becoming Healthier?

Everyone has good reasons for why they keep their bad habits. Some would use the word "excuses" rather than reasons....

June 11, 2010  8 Comments


Snack Girl Recharges Her Batteries

Everyone who commented last week made a big impact on my mood. I read and reread your comments - see here: Snack Girl Challenges Emotional Eating and Loses when I was feeling down....

June 4, 2010  14 Comments


Snack Girl Challenges Emotional Eating and Loses

This photo is of a hospital. No, they don't serve yummy snacks here. I was just at a hospital for most of a week visiting my aunt....

May 28, 2010  9 Comments


Snack Girl Works Out

The biggest reason for the Snack Girl Challenge is that Snack Girl is a couch potato. What do I like to do with my spare time? Sit and read...

May 21, 2010  24 Comments


Snack Girl Asks For Help

I had a new friend say to me, "Stop Being An Island". So, I have taken her advice and started asking for help....

May 14, 2010  12 Comments


Snack Girl Weighs In and Sets Goals

There is nothing more fun then stepping on a scale. Woo hoo!...

May 8, 2010  17 Comments


Snack Girl Challenge: Lose Ten Pounds in 3 Months

This is a photo of me with my family about 2 weeks ago. Notice how you get a good shot of the top of me (where is the bottom?).

May 5, 2010  61 Comments

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