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The Winner of The Food Matters Cookbook

The winner of The Food Matters Cookbook by Mark Bittman is...

November 5, 2010  1 Comment


King Arthur Flour Winner

The winner of the 5 pound bag of White Whole Wheat Flour is...

October 13, 2010  2 Comments


Bake Some Nutritious Treats

Is it possible to change the nutritional profile of a chocolate chip cookie? How about a birthday cake? What if you used whole wheat flour?...

October 6, 2010  73 Comments


Winner of Rocky Mountain Organic Meat!

The winner of the Organic Beef Snack Sampler Pack from Rocky Mountain meats is...

September 29, 2010  1 Comment


Skinny Italian Book Winner!

The winner of Skinny Italian by Teresa Guidice is (via random selection) is...

August 31, 2010


Winner of The Easy Lunch Box

The winner of the Easy Lunch Box is....

August 19, 2010  1 Comment


BPA-Free Lunch Box - a Green Giveaway for Back to School

Kids driving you up a wall? Don't worry they will start school soon and then they get to drive their teachers nuts!...

August 11, 2010  111 Comments


Winner of The Biggest Loser's "Six Weeks To A Healthier You"

The winner of "Six Weeks To A Healthier You" is...

August 11, 2010


Biggest Loser Book Winner

The winner of a signed copy of "6 Weeks To A Healthier You", via random selection is...

July 14, 2010


Giveaway! 6 Weeks To A Healthier You from The Biggest Loser!

Snack Girl is a fan of The Biggest Loser on NBC. This program is a reality TV show with obese people who NEED to lose weight competing against each other for a monetary prize....

July 7, 2010  78 Comments


The Winner of the Skinny Chef Cookbook is....

The Winner of the Skinny Chef Cookbook is....

April 27, 2010  1 Comment


Crab Meat Winner Announcement

The winner of the Phillips crab meat is....

April 5, 2010  1 Comment


Flirty Apron Winner

The winner of the Flirty Apron is....

March 11, 2010  1 Comment


Winner Announcement! Built Lunch Bag

Todays winner of the Built Lunch Bag is...

January 10, 2010  1 Comment


Winner! and RosyUndPosy Snack Bag Giveaway

The WINNER of the Eat More Kale's T-Shirt is...

January 7, 2010  7 Comments


Winner! and Eat More Kale Giveaway

The WINNER of the Its A Ten's snack bag is....

December 31, 2009  14 Comments


Winner! and New Snack Bag Giveaway

The WINNER of the Naturally Adorable's snack bag is....

December 23, 2009  13 Comments


Great Solutions from Snack Girl Readers

There were so many great entries to our snack challenges contest I decided to just use a random number generator to choose the winner....

November 18, 2009  1 Comment


Share a Great Snack to Pack

Isn't this the cutest bag? Would you be motivated to pack a snack if you had something this cute to put it in?....

November 17, 2009  13 Comments

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