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Introducing the Banana Bite

I am always looking for a way to have a little fun with my snack....

September 10, 2015  8 Comments


The ONLY Chocolate Chip Cookie You Should Ever Eat

Snack Girl has a secret. With over 27 inches of snow outside her window, she can't look a vegetable in the eye....

February 2, 2011  29 Comments

Half Soda

Cut Your Soda Consumption By Half In One Easy Step

After posting Shawn's Story, I have been hearing from people who want to quit soda - both diet and regular. Not everyone can be strong like Shawn and kick it by going cold turkey....

May 17, 2010  10 Comments


How Shawn Stopped Drinking 10 Cans of Dr. Pepper per Day

Ten cans of Dr. Pepper is a whopping 1500 calories and the equivalent of drinking 24 ounces of coffee in caffeine. Shawn used to drink this almost EVERY day....

April 27, 2010  9 Comments


How To Find Great Fruit and Veggies

Are you tired of buying expensive fruit that tastes crappy? What can you do to ensure that the fresh food you buy is really delicious?...

March 31, 2010  9 Comments


One Sweet Reason To Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners make it possible to eat or drink something and have it taste sweet without the calories. They serve a purpose for diabetics and dieters. Snack-Girl has been asked many times which one she recommends....

March 24, 2010  10 Comments


What Would You Do if THIS Was In Your Fridge?

So, today, I am feeling really good that I don't have a pastry chef on staff here at the mansion. I had been thinking about hiring one but after hearing about Obama's cholesterol level, I think I will hold off....

March 10, 2010  8 Comments

Half Donut

A 130 Calorie Donut

Can you reduce a donut by half its calories and retain something that tastes good?....

February 26, 2010  13 Comments


Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

The inclination to grab for food when you are stressed is completely understandable. Food calms you down and makes you feel good....

January 13, 2010  7 Comments


A Little of This Can Help You Feel A Lot Better

Our society is constantly reminding us to exercise. Why is it so hard to get off our butts?...

January 6, 2010  1 Comment


Why Wait for the New Year? Party Healthier Now

Why not start on your New Year's resolutions early this year? How about New Year's Eve? If you are holding a party this year, there is no reason to wait until January 1st, 2010 to start eating healthy....

December 29, 2009  2 Comments


Would you Like To Add Some Heroin To Your Order?

Am I being a radical by suggesting that french fries equate to heroin? Has Snack-Girl turned into a anti-junk food psycho?...

December 15, 2009  4 Comments


Homeless People Don't Need Vegetables

A couple days before Thanksgiving, I called our local "Survival Center" to find out how I could help. I was ready to roast a turkey, clean up, or help serve....

December 11, 2009  8 Comments


What Does Santa Want?

Our relatives, children, and friends are making lists right now for holiday gift giving. But, what about Santa?....

December 10, 2009  2 Comments

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How to Survive Holiday Parties

Worried about gaining weight this holiday season? Our simple survival kit will save you...

December 1, 2009  2 Comments


Great Solutions from Snack Girl Readers

There were so many great entries to our snack challenges contest I decided to just use a random number generator to choose the winner....

November 18, 2009  1 Comment


How to Identify Bad Habits

What is a habit? A habit is an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically. Okay, we are not studying for our SAT's here - but we need to start on the same page about what we are addressing.....

November 11, 2009  2 Comments


How to Eat More Vegetables

There can be no doubt that eating vegetables is good for you. Scientific study after study proclaim their health benefits....

November 4, 2009  2 Comments

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