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Light Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

Light Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

This light Instant Pot chicken and rice is a keeper. Who doesn’t love chicken and rice?....

September 17, 2018   13 Comments

A Low Fat Diet Could Kill You

A Low Fat Diet Could Kill You

I usually don’t create such alarmist titles but I want to get my point across. Are you paying attention now?

September 16, 2018   13 Comments

Cottage Cheese Waffle Recipe

Cottage Cheese Waffle Recipe

This cottage cheese waffle recipe is made with a blender and I love how easy it is.....

September 12, 2018   22 Comments


One Mile Swim in Maine: The Lobsterman Triathlon

I will do just about anything for lobster including swim in the ocean for a mile.....

September 10, 2018   16 Comments

How to Drink More Water

How to Drink More Water

How do you drink more water? I know there are some water haters out there.....

September 9, 2018   14 Comments

Healthy Apple Recipes

Healthy Apple Recipes

Healthy apple recipes are so simple to create. The apple is such a perfect fruit – sweet, crunchy, and it bakes well.....

September 5, 2018   1 Comment

Mason Jar Soup

Mason Jar Soup

Mason jar soup is the soup you want for the start of fall. It is easy, portable, and people will be jealous of your ingenuity....

September 3, 2018   6 Comments

snack girl 49

Snack Girl Turns 49

Yes, today is my birthday and I really am 49. Can you still be a girl at 49?....

September 2, 2018   112 Comments

Chi Running

Chi Running: Can Running be Effortless?

Chi running makes a big promise to its followers. You can run effortlessly!....

August 29, 2018   3 Comments

Light Broccoli Slaw Recipe

Light Broccoli Slaw Recipe

This light broccoli slaw recipe is perfect for fall. We are moving from slaw season to broccoli season so it will help you make the transition.

August 27, 2018   12 Comments

How To Read a Food Label: Shortcuts

How To Read a Food Label: Shortcuts

Do you know how to read a food label? I know it is tricky because I spend way too much time staring at them in the grocery store.

August 25, 2018   14 Comments

Chicken Fajita Recipe: Slow Cooker

Chicken Fajita Recipe: Slow Cooker

This chicken fajita recipe is made in the slow cooker. I know it would be more fun if it was sizzling in a pan but I don’t always have time for that.....

August 22, 2018   16 Comments

Easy Fast Breakfast Ideas

Easy Fast Breakfast Ideas

Easy and fast breakfast ideas are a specialty of mine because I am usually running around with my hair on fire in the morning.....

August 21, 2018

White Bean Quesadilla

Time to Make a Plan: Slender Kitchen

How was your summer? Was it filled with barbecues and a lack of restraint?....

August 19, 2018   7 Comments

Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe

Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe: No Cook

This is the fresh tomato sauce recipe for now! Those tomatoes are literally rolling into stores and farmers markets and this is the time of year that they taste the best.....

August 16, 2018   5 Comments

Athena in Triathlon

Become a Goddess: The Athena Division

You see this woman in the photo? She is a Goddess.....

August 14, 2018   23 Comments

How to Make Burger Sliders

How to Make Burger Sliders

How do you make burger sliders? They are easy! But the better question is why would you make them?....

August 12, 2018   2 Comments

Chobani Greek Yogurt Review

Chobani Greek Yogurt, YQ, and Coconut Yogurt Review

Chobani Greek Yogurt and YQ by Yoplait have something big in common. The companies know that regular yogurt is packed with too much sugar.....

August 8, 2018   20 Comments

A Beginning Triathlete Has Been Born

A Beginner Triathlete Has Been Born

It is a little hard to believe since I have been writing about this for over a year – but on Sunday, August 5th, I completed a sprint triathlon....

August 6, 2018   86 Comments

Easy Refrigerator Pickles

Easy Refrigerator Pickles

These easy refrigerator pickles should live in your fridge. Bored with the same old food – add pickles!....

August 5, 2018   13 Comments

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