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Healthy Baked Oatmeal

Healthy Baked Oatmeal **VIDEO**

Healthy baked oatmeal is always a hit in my house. It is like a muffin (and like a pudding).....

January 16, 2019   50 Comments

How Mary Lost 40 Pounds

How Mary Lost 40 Pounds

Every once in a while I like to put up a story from someone who inspires me and who has done the hard work of getting healthy......

January 14, 2019   27 Comments

How to Declutter

How to Declutter

Do you know how to declutter? Check out that closet up there. Does your closet look like that?.....

January 13, 2019   24 Comments

Healthy Stuffed Acorn Squash

Healthy Stuffed Acorn Squash **VIDEO**

Stuffing squash should be an easy win for the healthy crowd....

January 9, 2019   11 Comments

Healthy Kung Pao Chicken and Meal Planning Tools

Healthy Kung Pao Chicken and Meal Planning Tools

Are you looking for a plan so you don’t fall back into your old habits? Join the club!....

January 7, 2019   4 Comments


Best Vegetable Soup Recipe

This is the best vegetable soup recipe on my whole block! Or maybe in this house?....

January 6, 2019   21 Comments

Low Sugar Tomato Sauce

Low Sugar Tomato Sauce

How hard is it to find a low sugar tomato sauce? Well, I wouldn’t say it is a walk in the park....

January 4, 2019   39 Comments

How to Lose Five Pounds

How to Lose the Five (or More) Pounds from the Holidays

How do you lose the five pounds from the holidays? Here we are - it is January second and it is time to get on it.....

January 2, 2019   21 Comments


Time for Some Changes

It is almost New Year’s Eve. Do you know what you really want?.....

December 30, 2018   61 Comments


Healthy New Year’s Celebration

Here comes New Year’s Eve and it is time to party! You can start your New Year’s resolutions a little early with some wise choices.....

December 26, 2018   4 Comments

Happy Holidays to You!

Happy Holidays to You!

I write this post every year as a virtual holiday card to all my readers. Isn’t it ecologically correct? No tree was harmed for the creation of this card....

December 23, 2018   17 Comments

Easy Chocolate Syrup Recipe

Easy Chocolate Syrup Recipe

This easy chocolate syrup recipe is so simple that you are going to ask yourself why you ever buy packaged chocolate syrup.....

December 19, 2018   9 Comments

What is the Healthiest Coffee Creamer?

What is the Healthiest Coffee Creamer?

What is the healthiest coffee creamer? A reader sent me this question and I had no idea how to answer it......

December 17, 2018   16 Comments

Peppermint Candy Ornaments

Peppermint Candy Ornaments: Simple and Fun

Put the butter down! Time for peppermint candy ornaments....

December 16, 2018   12 Comments

Veggie Christmas Tree

Veggie Christmas Tree

Do you ever wonder how to serve more vegetables at Christmas? This veggie Christmas tree will solve all your problems.....

December 12, 2018   12 Comments

Best Recipes of 2018

Best Recipes of 2018

This year flew by! My daughter started high school and my son started middle school.....

December 10, 2018   2 Comments

Healthy Eggnog Recipe

Healthier Egg Nog Recipe

A healthy eggnog recipe? Can it be done?...

December 9, 2018   18 Comments

Pomander Balls for Christmas

Pomander Balls for Christmas

Pomander balls are your new tradition! Instead of baking cookies (and eating them) play with oranges and cloves.....

December 5, 2018   9 Comments

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